Jihadis Gaining Stronghold
Organiser   08-May-2018
This refers to Sri T Satisan"s article," Jihadis hold Kerala under siege" published on Organiser of 29.04.2018.This article makes a sad reading. The jihadis want some alibis to start riots which according to Anwar Shaikh (1928-2006) , a British Islamic scholar of repute, is a violent protest against real or percieved injustice. They justify their violence against kafirs.
The fact that the jihadi mobs stormed into a police station shows their contempt for the government responsible for maintaining law and order.The irony is that the SDPI secretary, Ajmal Ismail said that the hartal launched by the youth through social media and it was a success. This proves the involvement of SDPI Hence the government of Kerala and and the the distressed people should sue it for compensation and stringent punishment to those destroying property-both public and private.
SC Panda, Bhubaneswar