Readers’ Forum - Congress Plays Politics on Ambedkar
Organiser   08-May-2018
Refer editorial “Safeguarding Ambedkar’s Legacy”, and a few more articles, relating to Dr Ambedkar in Organiser dt. 15-4-2018. All anti-Hindu political parties, are raising hue and cry on atrocities on Dalits and backward classes, to divide Hindus, and are appeasing Muslims as vote-bank. This is very dangerous game being played. Dr BR Ambedkar was opposed to this type of anti-national forces, led by Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru at that time. He had hatred for Gandhi and Congress. On page-404 of his book “Pakistan or the Partition of India”, he says that “Hindus are in the grip of Congress, and Congress is in the grip of Mr Gandhi. It cannot be said, that Mr. Gandhi has given the Congress the right lead”. He felt bad for the support, which Hindus were giving to the Congress and Mr. Gandhi. Gandhi’s name appears 80 times in his book, but he never pre-fixed Mahatma with it. This shows, that he did not consider Mr Gandhi fit to be called a Mahatma. On page-146, he blames Gandhi saying “He (i.e. Mr Gandhi) has never called the Muslims to account even when they have been guilty of gross crimes against Hindus”.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula