“Every US Citizen Needs to have Gun”
Organiser   08-May-2018
Regarding the article titled “Jack and Jill, Bite the Bullet", on the US gun culture carried in Organiser dated April 8, 2018. People in the USA keep arms not to kill others, but to protect their families. You may not be aware of the fact that we have a huge crime problem in the US. Can you imagine keeping our borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh open and expect to see no guns coming in? We have a similar situation here in the US where people freely come in and from the south, which include some criminal elements. We also have a huge problem of refugees and there are some bad elements there too. There is a lot of unemployment in major cities and adds to crime. Sometimes it takes a while for the police to reach in emergencies due to the distance In such a situation legal gun owners have a right to protect their children. The shootings that happened in the school in Florida was due to the lack of action of the school district and also the law enforcement. There were clear signs that the shooter is about to do that in Florida. Good person having a gun is the only way to protect from a bad person with a gun. I believe people with mental illness should be treated properly in a timely manner which is one of the reasons of mass shootings in US. Even if you take the guns away we are seeing other ways to kill people by running cars or vans over them, We therefore need to remove evil and not guns. Any reasonable gun control discussion should be made after making the country very safe and not when there is a lot of crime and open borders. Finally any attack on Gun rights will be an attack all other rights here.
Madhusudan Bharadwaj, US resident