Mizoram is Christian State: PRISM Urges to Drive Out New Governor!
Organiser   31-May-2018

The irony is the organised religious institution like Church is questioning the secular credentials of the newly appointed Governor of Mizoram Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan

Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan swearing-in as Governor of Mizoram
Veteran RSS pracharak and former BJP Kerala unit president Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan sworn in as the governor of Mizoram on Tuesday. Close on the heels of his swearing-in ceremony, radical Christians outfits like Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) and People"s Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram (PRISM), came out with strong objections against the appointment of the new governor and spewed venom against the saintly figure Kummanam Rajasekharan, fondly known as Kummanam, who enjoys respect and recognition in Kerala, cutting across religious lines.
Protesting against his appointment, the PRISM hoisted black flags at its office in the capital city, Aizawl soon after his swearing-in ceremony. Ironically, the PRISM argued that Kummanam is "anti-secular" so he should be driven out of Mizoram, a "Christian state"!
“We all know that Mr Kummanam Rajasekharan was newly sworn in as the Governor of our state. He is well-known for his anti-secularism that goes against the Indian Constitution. He has been a hardcore member of RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Aikya Vedi; well known as being against Christian missionaries and Christians in general. He was the general convener of Nilakkal Action Council and was directly instrumental in the Nilakkal Hindu-Christian conflict of 1983,” PRISM said in a statement issued by its president Vanlalruata and general secretary Lalrinzuala Chawngthu.
“Ours is a Christian state and he is an RSS activist who is actively involved in various Hindu organisations. He is like a politician and we have Assembly election this year. We have no doubt that his appointment is an election tactic of the BJP. He is a threat for us as we will contest the election. If he is there, the BJP will surely use him in its favour. We have seen how the BJP used Governors across the Northeast post-election,” PRISM president Vanlalruata told The New Indian Express.
The GCIC said the Christians were feeling disturbed as a “hardcore Hindutva fundamentalist” had been appointed as the Governor of a state where 87 per cent of the people were Christians.