#ChengannurBypoll Biplab Deb campaigns for BJP in Kerala, Visits Sreejith’s family
Organiser   25-May-2018
Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb visited Kerala to campaign for the Chengannur bye-poll, met the family of custodial death victim Sreejith and announced a solatium of Rs 5 lakhs for the bereaved family


Tripura’s youthful CM Biplab Kumar Deb shook the state of Kerala on May 24 with his powerful attack on CPM and their CM of Kerala. Tripura CM is in Kerala for two purposes: Election campaign for BJP in Chengannur where senior BJP leader Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai is pitted in a triangular contest caused by the sudden demise of the sitting MLA belonging to CPM and then a visit to the bereaved family of Sreejith killed in police custody near Kochi last month. First in the morning, Biplab visited late Renjith’s house in Varappuzha near Kochi. Organiser had reported the custodial death of Sreejith last month. The death had created ruckus in the state since Sreejith was innocent and was taken into custody by ‘mistake’. Now, Sub Inspector and some policemen are arrested in this connection. SP of Ernakulam Rural District has already been transferred. 
Biplab consoled the bereaved family including the mother of Sreejith, his widow, child and brother. Tripura CM announced a solatium of Rs 5 lakhs to the family of the deceased as a solidarity of his government as well as the 37 lakhs of people of Tripura. Even though his state is tiny his people possess a huge heart, he said on the occasion.
Bilav told the media persons that the grave fate of CPM in Tripura is in store for that party in Kerala. He denounced the state CM Pinarayi Vijayan for not visiting the bereaved family of Sreejith at least once. CPM claims to be the party of the poor and the downtrodden. But, CPM never takes care of such societies. Pinarayi views politics even in death. He never consoles the bereaved families if they do not belong to his party. He should shed his arrogance and visit Sreejith’s family. In Tripura, a poor backward girl was raped. He led lot of agitations for ensuring justice to the girl’s family. But, his predecessor and CPM leader Manik Sarkar did not bother to visit the house and rest is the history. Pinarayi will bring the same fate to CPM in Kerala. His work is politically motivated. He addressed Pinarayi: “You are the CM of the state, not of CPM”.
Bilav said that he government is ready to extend further helps to Sreejith’s family if it is necessary. Later on he tweetted that his government has announced Rs 5 lakhs to the family of Sreejith and the people of Tripura strand firmly with them in the moment of sorrow. 
Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb predicts Tripura fate for Kerala CM  
After consoling the family of Sreejith near Kochi, Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb left for Chengannur to campaign for Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai who is engaged in a triangular contest in Chengannur assembly by-poll. His first programme was the release of the Development Document (election manifesto) of Adv. Pillai. It was a well-attended gathering.
Then Tripura CM addressed a mammoth election meeting in Mannar. It was attended by more than 5,000 people. He said, when a girl of backward community was raped and killed, the then CPM CM of the state Manik Sarkar did not bother to visit her bereaved family. BJP conducted dynamic agitations in this connection. Here, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan does not visit Sreejith’s home. He hoped, Pinarayi would realise the realities and do his duty by paying a visit to the bereaved family. He reminisced the election campaign in Tripura. When he led the campaign people wondered what this “boy” would do. People even did not come out of the house when they went for door-to-door campaign. They remained indoor behind the closed doors. But, they visited the houses for more than three years continuously. Then the children started to wave from the windows. But, BJP made wonders and came out with flying colours when the election results came out. BJP workers knew that the people were scared to come out, thanks to the attacks of CPM goons. Similarly, the people of Kerala would discard CPM and embrace BJP. Chengannur would be a beginning of it.
Biplab ridiculed Congress and CPM for fighting each other in Kerala where as they are hand-in-glove when they reach Bengalooru. Both parties do not have any sort of ideological commitment. Their sole aim is to oust BJP; they do not have anything else in common.
Father of Anu, one of the three ABVP workers drowned by the CPM-SFI goons in 1996 in Dewaswom College, Parumala near Mannar, was honoured on the dais by Biplab. In this connection, he told that the martyrdom of those ABVP workers would not go futile. The state would throw away the CPM and its goons soon.
The next programme was a cololuful road show led by Biplab Kumar, Adv. Sreedharan Pillai and Kummanm Rajasekaran. It was a tremendous show due to its participation. Thousands of two wheelers participated in it. Thousands of people gathered on either sides of the roads to have a glimpse of the road show and the charismatic leaders.
After the road show Biplab addressed another large public meeting in Cheriyanadu, Chengannnur. Several thousands congregated there to hear the BJP leaders.