VHP to fight TTD irregularities
Organiser   24-May-2018

“ VHP will fight for the cause of Tirumala and all Hindu Temples ”

- R Shashidhara, Spokesperson, VHP Telangana



The unceremonious removal of Chief Archaka Shri Ramana Deekshitulu has stirred the hornets nest in the two Telugu states and many other places in the country. The VHP which has been steadfastly pursuing the cause of relinquishing government control of Hindu temples, has taken the bull by the horn after the recent unsavory episodes in Tirumala.


Apart from large scale protests, the VHP has approached the governor of Andhra and Telangana to intervene and protect the and piety of Tirumala and Tirupati and desist the TTD and Andhra government from its anti-Tirumala and anti-Hindu moves. In a 3-page letter addressed to the Honorable Governor, VHP - Telangana appraised him of the ways Chandrababu Naidu led government has been hurting the Hindu sentiments with respect to Tirupati. The letter highlights the recent demolition of the 1000 pillar Mantapam despite stiff opposition, demolition of over 45 Hindu temples of historical significance, appointment of persons inimical to the interests of Tirumala and Hindu causes in the TTD, continuation of scam tainted officials in the board, failure of the state government to remove non-Hindu staff working in the TTD, widespread allegations of corruption and misappropriation of gold dollars among many other incriminating charges.

The VHP has appealed to the governor the TTD board and the government be stopped from meddling into the dharmic affairs and rituals of the temples in its fold. It has demanded that Dharmica Parishad be established which will take care of the temples and also accord the special autonomous spiritual centre status to Tirumala-Tirupati. The letter was signed by VHP General Secretary Shri. M Gal Reddy, Working President Shri. Surendra Reddy and President Shri. M Rama Raju.

Talking to Organiser exclusively over phone, spokesperson of VHP Telangana Shri. R Shashidhara informed that the VHP is determined to fight for the cause of Tirupati and other Hindu temples which have become political rehabilitation centres today. He said that though the VHP is also raising the issue of vengeful action against Shri. Ramana Deekshitulu and other archakas, the organization is also raising the allegations of corruption and appropriation in the TTD and making the public aware of it.





“ The administration of Hindu temples in both Telugu states have been filled with politically linked people who have no concern for the welfare of the Temples. Not establishing the Dharmica Parishad to take of the temples despite the recommendation of the High Court exposes their intention of considering Hindu temples only as money making machines ” , he said.

“Islamic university at Tirupati which was earlier sanctioned but quashed by the High Court has still not been demolished. 7 floors of the Islamic university still stands at the location. Why is the TTD not acting on the orders of the High Court? ”, he questions.


“Kitchen dedicated to prepare ‘Naivedya ’ (offerings) to Lord Venkateshwara which existed for more than a thousand years was dug without proper discussion or official sanction in December 2017 in the name of upgradation. We suspect that the kitchen was dug to unearth ornaments which were believed to be interred while constructing the kitchen. Moreover, since the Kitchen was not functional for many months, the ‘naivedya ’ for the Lord was being prepared elsewhere which is completely against the sanctity and the tradition of the Srivari temple. ”, he rues.


When asked about their next steps, R Shashidhara said, “Apart from fighting for the cause of Tirumala-Tirupathi, we are also resolutely fighting against the misappropriation of temple land and properties in the two states. Out of the 40,000+ temples, 36800 temples are under the control of the state ’s endowment department. But about 27,000 temples are not getting a single rupee from the government which duly collects all the hundi money and other revenues from Hindu temples. Other than monetary issues, temple lands have been given away randomly. Vishakapatnam central jail is on temple land. Bus stands in several cities are built on temple lands. Moreover, no compensations have been given to these temples for the lands taken away from them. This is the state of Hindu temples in the state ”, he informs.


R Shashidhara concluded by saying that the VHP is also fighting against the allegations raised by Ramana Deekshitulu in his press conference before his removal.