Of Lies and Break-up Designs
Organiser   02-May-2018
For Prime Minister Narendra Modi it has been an assortment of attacks right from the day one, while some voices went to the extent of dismembering the country
Anugula Rakesh Reddy

An operation to project India as a bad place under Prime Minister Narendra Modi started soon after he was sworn in as the Prime Minister. Break India Forces (BIF) became active like never before. They tried everything in their kitty to show Modi in a poor light. In the process, they even went to the extent of defaming India. They started it with the propaganda of intolerance. Some in electronic media did everything in their power to help further this cause. Their reports had to have the name of a minority religion or a caste, if and only if the victim doesn’t belong to the so-called majority community.
But the same media pretended to be objective when the perpetrator was from a minority community and the religion was never mentioned in the headlines. If this sounds unbelievable, look at the treatment media gave to the Kathua rape case which happened four months back and compares it to the rapes in Assam which happened in the last couple of weeks. Haven’t heard about any rape cases in Assam? That’s precisely the point. Needless to say, all rape cases should be condemned with the same vigour.
Something some TV channels never understand. The opportunity that the Break India Forces (BIF) were waiting for, to pounce on PM Modi, presented itself in the form of the Dadri incident. This incident added fuel to the project of BIF—Defame India. A few so-called intellectuals returned their awards to oppose the so-called intolerance that prevailed. Unfortunately, for the “award wapasi” gang, it didn"t dent PM Modi’s image. They tried the same trick again when the news about Rohit Vemula broke. Didn’t work again. Tried yet again through ‘Tukde Tukde gang’. None of these incidents impacted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity. BJP went on to win one state elections after another.
Multi-Frontal Attack
When nothing worked, BIF now opened a multi-frontal attack on India. One front is to divide Hindus by according minority status to Lingayats. Two days after Lingayats were accorded the minority status, Kodavas have submitted a request to Karnataka State Minority Department demanding ‘minority status’ for themselves. After managing to divide Indians into religions for its political gains, the Congress party is now busy dividing a religion. It’s hardly surprising to see these moves from a party that brought in the evil 93rd amendment and then tried to pass the Communal Violence Bill, both intended to target the majority community.

Thorns on Foreign Lands
India has demanded legal action against those behind the desecration of the Indian flag at Parliament Square here during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UK visit. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the matter had been taken up with the UK government and had been regretted at the highest level.
“We are deeply anguished with the incident involving our National Flag at Parliament Square. The matter was taken up promptly and strongly with the UK side, and it has been regretted at highest level,” Ministry of Exernal Affair spokesperson Raveesh Kumar told reporters on Thursday. “We expect action, including legal action, against the people involved in the incident and also against people responsible for instigating the incident,” he said.

Another front opened by the BIF is to turn South India against North India in the name of central government’s bias against southern states. This gave birth to a farce— Dravida Nadu. It’s ironical that the proposal of Dravida Nadu is often heard from a few political parties of the state of Tamil Nadu. These very political parties instigate people against the neighbouring states and enter into legal battles with them—Kerala, over Mullaperiyar dam and Karnataka, over Kaveri water. And they still call for Dravida Nadu comprising all south states! In the context of fighting for Dravida Nadu, recently, DMK working President M K Stalin said: “If this happens, it is welcome and it will happen I believe.” Even actor-turned-politician Mr Kamal Haasan, a recent entrant in politics, called for the unity of South Indians under Dravidian identity.
However, the same actor couldn’t stand the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor from Karnataka, but, make no mistake, he wants unity of South Indians. A unity where you can’t be appointed for any post in Tamil Nadu if you are not from the state. ‘Clarity of thought’ and ‘consistency in opinions’—two phrases leftists never understood and therefore, lived by.
Dravida Nadu
While this being the case in TN, we have Murali Mohan, TDP MP from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, who supports the cause. The list of the supporters to Dravida Nadu doesn’t stop here. Deputy CM of AP KE Krishna Murthy is the latest entry in the list. Andhrabhoomi reports that he opined against bias of the central government against South India and reported to have spoken about the inevitability of Southern states fighting for a separate country.
The News Minute wrote an article furthering the cause of Dravida Nadu. It broadly talks about two
concerns mainly
• We only get back a low % percentage of funds compared to what South contributes
• Why does the central want to spend the funds in the North while it earns so much from the South?
One would wonder if the government of Tamil Nadu spends the money earned from Chennai on other parts of the state or does it stick to its own logic of spending funds only on those places from where the funds are earned? Similarly, does Karnataka spend the money earned in Bangalore in Bangalore only? We also have politicians from AP as well who toe this line of argument. Niti Aayog drafted a list of 115 backward districts and allocated special funds to develop these districts. It might be of interest to the proponents of “North stealing money from South” propaganda to know that the list has districts from all the five Southern states , while there are none listed from Haryana or Delhi.
So, going by the logic of the propagandists, Haryana, Delhi etc. should now complain that their funds are being transferred to the southern states. If this happens, how will the propagandists answer their concern? It is surprising to see southern state governments often harp that their states are rich on one hand, while they keep asking for special packages for their respective states for development on the other.
(The writer is Economist and Director, Center for Leadership and Governance)