Five ‘Fakest’ Fake News Spread by Indian Media
Organiser   02-May-2018


In a race to break stories and winning the TRP slab, day by day Media is losing its credibility. The media houses are watching the competition round the clock, and there’s a big price to pay for it all. Here are some major incidents that created a sensation around the country which later turned out to be ‘Fake’.

     Here are the five biggest fake news disseminated by the Indian Media


Fake News


A Muslim boy lynched by mob in train because the boy  was carrying beef, #NotInMyName campaign was run

Fight started over seat. The court says, “There is neither any evidence of any preplanning to cause incident deliberately or to create disharmony”

            A Dalit was killed for owning a horse in Gujarat


           Police investigation revealed that he was killed over personal rivalry  and not for owning a horse


            Semen-filled balloons being thrown on Girls


            Forensic Science Laboratory report states that no semen could be detected on the exhibit which was submitted  balloons being thrown at students of LSR College on the eve of Holi

           RSS wants to abolish Reservation

         RSS Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat never said anything about scrapping but advocated effective implementation of the Reservation policy

         BJP will abolish SC/ST Atrocities Act

         The Supreme Court issued directions to check misuse of SC/ST Act

Narad Jayanti reminds the media persons of the values, ethics and objectivity in dissemination of information. But some time these values, ethics and objectivity are under serious question. Fake news is the latest trend that has not only put a question mark on the credibility of the media, but also put journalists in the dock. Not just the news has become opinionated, the irresponsible circulation of unverified news, deliberate rumour-mongering and spreading fake narrative is creating divisions within the society and even taking lives.


On the occasion of Narad Jayanti, while paying tribute to the first Rishi who exemplified journalistic skills, Organiser chooses to deliberate on the issue of fake news and media accountability through the pen of stalwarts in the industry.

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