#Shocking Revelation: CPM Kills Own Comrades!!!
Organiser   30-Apr-2018

Family members of two slain CPM workers, Sujith, a Dalit Hindu from Kannur and Raveendran Pillai from Kollam, reveal that both were killed by their own party comrades! If one goes back to the history of the Communist movement in Kerala and the political history of the state more skeletons will come out from the CPM’s cupboards

 Raveendran Pillai and wife Bindu

Two rude reports from two districts of Kerala are of the murders of CPM workers: Sujith from Kannur and Raveendran Pillai from Kollam. Shockingly, both are killed by their own party comrades, allege their family members.
Sujith (37) belonged to scheduled caste (SC) community. He was an artist and a well known CPM worker. He lived in a SC colony near Thalasserry, Kannur district. Sujith was killed during the night of February 4, 2018. His mother Kamalakshi Amma and the office bearers of ‘peoples’ action committee’ alleged in a press conference that the dead body was taken to the Thalasserry hospital facilitating the destruction of the evidences; it was done sans conducting proper inquest. Orchestrated propaganda was executed that Sujith had died of cardiac arrest before reaching the hospital. Kamalakshi Amma and the action committee men alleged, post mortem reports from the Pariyaram Medical College suggested that Sujith was choked to death by tightening a noose around his neck. They continued that CPM area secretary was behind the murder, because, he had some grudge against Sujith. They added, even though Sujith was an active party worker, district secretary E.P. Jayarajan, a prominent leader in the district, came to salute the deceased only just before taking the body for cremation. Now, the case has been registered only for unnatural death, that too without considering the post mortem report. They allege, the investigation team led by the Kannur DyS of Police has not taken the case seriously. Therefore, Kamalakshi and action committee members are going to march to the office of the Kannur DS of Police on May 30, 2018.
Meanwhile Bindu, the widow of Raveendran Pillai, the murdered local committee member of CPM and the panchayat councilor in Anchal, Kollam district, has alleged that her husband was killed by his party comrades themselves. She says that the local party leadership conspired the murder. She said, herself and the family members were scared to disclose this earlier because there were threats to kill her children. She added that party hides the matter because they knew that some party men would be in trouble if truth comes out. She told a news channel that she was sure, nothing would have happened to her husband witout the party’s knowledge.
After the enquiry, Crime Branch had reached an assumption that a ‘quotation team’ (hired killers) had hacked Pillai, but the reason unknown. Raveendran Pillai had recognized that five men listed as the accused were not the real attackers. Pillai, a prominent local leader of CPM, was attacked on January 3, 2008 at Anchal, Kollam district. He died on January 13, 2016 after lying invalid for more than 8 years. Bindu told that the then party secretary and the incumbent CM Pinarayi Vijayan and the then home minister and the incumbent party secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had visited Pillai’s home the day he died. They had assured the family that the culprits would be caught soon. But, nothing happened. When the family demanded further inquiry, it all fell on party leaders’ deaf ears. Actually there was a sinister attempt from the party’s side to make RSS responsible for this murder.
The murders of both Sujith and Raveendran Pillai once again unveil the fascist character of CPM. RSS and RSS-inspired organisations have been alleging since long that CPM has been following fascist modus operandi. They kill the political opponents and even their own men if they (murders) serve their purposes. If one goes back to the history of communist movement in Kerala and the political history of the state more skeletons will come out from the CPM’s cupboards.
Both cases are similar to infamous T.P. Chandrasekharan murder of May 4, 2012. The rebel CPM leader was killed by the CPM cadres. But, still the conspiracy behind it remains unearthed, thanks to the compromise politics being practised by both CPM-led LDF and Congress-led UDF. TP’s widow Rema still runs from pillar to post for justice.