'Emulate Kashmir in Kerala': IS Terrorist's Message Triggers Panic
Organiser   26-Apr-2018

An ISIS terrorist from Kerala, in a voice message, demands the establishment of an Islamic rule in Bharat, calls for Jihad against the country


Infamous IS terrorist and its recruiting agent Abdul Rashid calls for xeroxing the Kashmiri Jihad in Kerala. He demands the establishment of an Islamic rule in Bharat. He also calls for attack against Bharat. He wants Bharatiya muslims to migrate to the Islamic countries; those who can not do that should work hard for Jihad. The message broken by Janam TV says that his words carry the hint of IS tightening its grip in Bharath and trying to be a threat to the country’s internal security. This is the 64th voice message of Abdul Rashid. Rashid calls for revenge against the Kathuva incident and unleash violence against Hindus.

The message should be treated serious in the wake of the WhatsApp Hartal of April 16. It is reported that intelligence authorities have confirmed the message. Abdul Rashid is the husband of Yasmin who has been sentenced for 7 years imprisonment in the first IS case of the state. The message has come out when the whole state is still in the grip of shock of the WhatsApp hartal and the intelligence assumption that IS was behind it. It is believed that IS’s hand is evident behind the widespread anti-Hindu attacks in Malabar and state-wide pro-hartal posters.

Rashid asks: “ What is happening in Kashmir ? How many Muslim women are raped and killed by Bharatiya armymen in Kahsmir ? Who funds them ? How much money government funds for this ? How much money government raises for maintaining the army ? Who are they ? They are Hindus; they are always against Muslims. They want to drive the Muslims away from that area. If Hindus get power they will do it; history has proved it. Still Kerala Muslims move hand-in-glove with Hindus. They try to appease Hindus and Christians. You will learn the lesson only when it (read Kathuva-like incident) happens in your family. Old timers knew it; they knew about Khilafat of 1921”.

Rashid airs voice messages quite often. He belongs to Kasaragod and was an employee in the infamous Peace International School.

Till recently terrorists communicated secretly; but now, they are very much in open, thanks to the pseudo secular attitude of ruling CPM-led LDF and opposition Congress-led UDF. Their eyes are glued to the vote bank politics. It is high time people realized it and organized to counter the anti-national activities and propaganda.