Hindu Juvenile raped by Maulvi at Madrassa
Organiser   26-Apr-2018
A Maulvi along with a 17-year-old boy and many others brutally raped a Hindu juvenile at a Madrassa in Sahibabad, near Delhi

In a shocking incident, 11-year-old Hindu girl was brutally raped by a Maulvi and his aides after keeping her as a captive in a Madrassa in Sahibabad. The Delhi police rescued her from the Madrassa and nabbed the Maulvi of the Madrassa and a 17-year-old boy in connection with the incident. When police found the survivor, she was laying wrapped in a mat on the first floor of the Madrassa. In her statement before a magistrate under CrPC section 164, she said that the Maulvi and the boy locked her in a room after sexually assaulting her. She also said that a few other people, apart from the both accused, also molested her.
In the statement, she revealed that she left the house to go to a shop on April 21, but another girl, a neighbour called her and introduced her to the accused juvenile who abducted her to Sahibabad. The police have launched an FIR invoking Section 4 of POSCO Act. The Madrassa building is owned by a local mosque committee that brought the accused Maulvi to teach students. The police are collecting the details of other accused involved in the case. The Police are also probing whether any other victims, other than the 11-year-old girl, are also involved in the case.

The brutal incident has triggered a widespread protest in Neelmani Colony, Ghaziabad, where the Madrassa is situated. The cleric looking after the Madrassa, Gulam Shahid is absconding. He is believed to have fled the place with his family immediately after the news spread out. “The women of this colony have expressed solidarity with the family of the girl, who now lives in Delhi,” reported The Times of India by quoting a store owner lives in the colony.
Meanwhile, protesting against the incident, a candle light vigil has been observed at India Gate yesterday. The public responded in outrage on social media with the hashtags like #JusticeForGeeta #HangMaulavi #HangShahbaazUnderPOCSO etc.