Congressis Not Allowed!
Organiser   23-Apr-2018

Residents in a Karnataka village are not allowing the Congress leaders at their home. Congress leaders double-crossed the Hindu residents by facilitating the conversion of a Hindu girl into Islam

Vittla (Dakshin Kannada), Karnataka: The Kanyana village which had given all the 20 seats in its Panchayat to the Congress seems to have turned against the same party now. The reason is the latest campaign by the villagers against the anti-Hindu policies and agenda of the Congress.
The residents of the Village who are almost entirely Hindus had supported the Congress during the last Panchayat polls. But today most Hindu homes have been putting up a plaque or printouts outside their houses with the text “Congressis are not allowed in this home”. The text which further reads, “This is a Hindu house. Congressis who supported the conversion of Ganyashri through deception are not allowed in this house. We have daughters in our house too” has now been seen outside more than 200 houses in the village.
What triggered the campaign?
The indignation of the villagers towards the Congress seems to have begun more than a year ago with a case of ‘Love Jihad’ when a Hindu girl eloped with a Muslim man. The marriage of Ganyashree (21), a college student and daughter of Shridhar Shetty, resident of Pilinguli in Kanyana village had been decided to take place on November 9, 2016. As the date for marriage was made known, the girl absconded but surfaced many days later at a house in Nayimarmoola in Vidyanagar police stations limits of Kasargod in Kerala. She was found living with Sameer (27), a resident of Sriramkallu in Kanyana.

The indignation of the villagers towards the Congress seems to have begun more than a year ago with a case of ‘Love Jihad’ when a Hindu girl eloped with a Muslim man  

The police apprehended both, investigated the matter and released the man with a warning, taking a written undertaking from him. As the girl refused to accompany her parents, she was then lodged at ‘Mana Parivartana’ Kendra, a counselling center in Mangaluru. The girl had stated that she will go with the Muslim man. 

“Congressis are not allowed in this home"

Meanwhile, Samir had approached the court demanding the custody of the girl. Upon entreaties of her mother, the girl informed the court that she will go back to her parents’ home. However, they both established contact after a few days and the girl eloped with the same boy again and had married him. The entire cost of the legal battle from the girl’s parents side was borne by the activists of Hindu organisations. Hindu activists in the village say that when the girl was housed at the ‘Mana Parivartana’ Kendra, it was the Congress workers who helped the Muslim man to locate the girl and also to file a case in court for her custody.
With the court battle turning out to be futile after the Muslim man lured the girl again, the villagers are angry with the Congress for having helped the man with the legal battle and also in establishing their contact again. This seething anger has resulted in this open campaign against the Congress. The reaction of the Congress party which is not known to take such insults lying down, especially during the election season, is yet to be seen.