Swayamsevaks and Social Media: Here is what RSS Sarsanghchalak has to say
Organiser   13-Apr-2018
“Social media means me, my, mine and I have to express my opinion on each and everything.”

RSS Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat made it explicit that individual opinion can never be treated the opinion of the Sangh as it is always a collective decision. He said that some Swayamsevaks do not wait for the collective opinion even though they know that their opinion is just a part of the collective whole.Sarsanghchalak appealed all the swayamsevaks to use the social media platforms with caution and abstain from posting personal comments on the issues pertaining to the Sangh (that can be misinterpreted as the opinion of the Sangh). He expressed his opinion in an interview recently given to Organiser and Panchjanya.
Answering the question about usage of apps and social media, Shri Mohan Bhagwat said, "They are useful instruments and should be used as per their utility. While doing so we should also understand their limitations and side-effects as well. They can make you egoist and self-centric. Social media means me, my, mine and I have to express my opinion on each and everything. Even after knowing that my opinion is part of a collective whole, still without waiting for the collective opinion, I post my opinion. Many a times it leads to misunderstandings, sometimes with our own people, and then you have to delete the same. This happens with many people including swayamsevaks. Facebook by name itself represents your face as an individual and therefore, tends to make you more self-centric."
Sarsanghchalak also said that self-projection has its limited importance at individual level but not at the organisational level. "Therefore, the Sangh has its Facebook page and Twitter account, but not mine. And I will never have. People working in the political field have a greater value of these platforms, but they also have to use it with caution. We should not be slaves of technology. We should use it in limits," he added.