2015 Paris Attacks: French investigation team in Kerala to probe ISIS terrorists nabbed from Kannur
Organiser   05-Dec-2018

ISIS terrorists Jasim N K Subhani and Haja Moideen

A French investigation team has reached Kochi to question two ISIS terrorists who have been nabbed from the Kanakamala ISIS camp, in Kannur district, Kerala.
The French team has been probing into the role of ISIS terrorists Jasim N K Subhani and Haja Moideen, in the Paris terror attack which took place in 2015. The team will question the terrorists at Viyyur Central Prison.
The French team decided to fly to Kochi after finding that Jasim N K Subhani had undergone foreign training along with those who took part in the 2015 Paris attack. The NIA had received court permission to interrogate Subahani Haja Moideen in the presence of the French team probing the 2015 Paris attack, from December 5-7. 130 people were killed in the Paris attack in 2015. The team will stay back in Kerala for 3 days as part of the investigation.
Meanwhile, the NIA has approached the French authorities seeking access to Muhammad Usman Ghani, a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative and conspirator of the 2015 Paris attack, in connection with the probe into Islamic State (IS)-related cases in India.
According to sources, the Intelligence Agencies have already found the international terror links of the Islamic fringe elements, new avatars of banned-SIMI and other terrorist outfits, operating in Kerala. Instead of a blanket ban, the Union Home Ministry has been seeking other options including choking of funding sources.