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Organiser   03-Dec-2018
Amritsar Attack
Apropos (Alarming Attack), Organiser, December 2, 2018, the cover story covers the Amritsar attack in its entirety. The report rightly accentuated the statement of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh that the attack had nothing to do with communalism, but is a clear case of ISI-sponsored terrorism. It was necessary to take the opportunity to expose the Khalistani design and the international network of the Sikh radicals with Amritsar attack in the background. What is most unfortunate is that this attack came on the holy occasion of Guru Nanak Gurpurab. Those who kill other Sikh brothers and disrespect Guru Nanak Dev ji are not Sikhs but only radicals. Punjab and the citizens of the State are not with them at all.
Sardar Sawan Singh, Beas
MP Assembly polls
Apropos (When the Waves Collide), Organiser, December 2, 2018, the analysis raised a pertinent question 'can development turn out to be pro-anti incumbency'? There has been a clear trend in the electoral politics in India, that anti-incumbency has played a larger role in each subsequent election. However, we have also seen a continuation of regimes when the Governments perform and deliver to their promises. It is clear that the people of Madhya Pradesh are content and happy with Shivraj Singh Chouhan, and there is no reason for him to bother this time also. He has delivered on the development plank and his voters are sure that he would continue doing so.
Mahesh Verma, Jabalpur
A Welcome Step
It needs to be welcomed that the foster daughter of Atal Behari Vajpayee is not only going to surrender government-bungalow allotted to Vajpayeeji as former Prime Minister, but even not willing to have entitled security-cover just as status-symbol. Otherwise, there have been instances when goods of family-members of former entitles of government-bungalows had to be thrown out because of their not being vacated after deaths of entitled ones including even a former President of India. Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Brave Journalism
Apropos (‘I will continue to…’), Organiser, December 2, 2018, the interview with Santosh Thammaiah brings into focus the brave and unbiased journalism of the man and his courage. How the radical Islamist organisation, People Front of India (PFI), is targeting journalists who are writing against their agenda, has been exposed now. The on-going controversy regarding the Tipu Jayanti and how Santosh Thammaiah exposed the nature and regime of Tipu Sultan is not only his freedom of expression but a fine example of fact-based journalism.
Chinmay Misra, Cuttack
Bravo Pharma’s Wonderwork
Apropos (‘Bravo’ face of Pharma Industry), Organiser, December 2, 2018, the report brings the wonderful, success story of Rakesh Pandey. Hailing from Bihar’s Motihari, how someone from a rural background made it that big is an endearing story, and brings a positive change in the narrative in the otherwise negative face of the news. It was great to know that even after being so successful, Rakesh Pandey continues to fulfil his social responsibility and how he is also contributing his share in the progress of Bihar.
Anand Sharma, Patna
Mobile Disorder
Apropos (What’s up! Making of a Disorder’), Organiser, December 2, 2018, the report was a shocking read. As a concerned mother, I always feel that my 14-year old girl child is using her cell phone a lot. However, when I went through this report and saw the symptoms of Nomophobia, I realised that she is suffering from this disorder. It is very upsetting to see how our young kids are getting affected by the negative aspect of technology.
Anita Khanna, Delhi
Gandhi no better than Nehru
Apropos (And Somnath Reconstructed), Organiser November 11 & 18, 2018, wherein it has been said that Nehru called KM Munshi, as he objected to KM Munshi’s attempts to restore Somnath claiming it Hindu revivalism. Of course Nehru is infamous for his anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim activities but Gandhi, was no a different leader. It was because of the perverted thinking of Mahatma Gandhi towards KM Munshi (as explaiend in a book (Pilgrimage to Freedom on page 75-76 ) that Gandhi considered Munshi unfit to be appointed as Governor of West Bengal. He agreed for C Rajagopalachari, because he was considered to be sympathetic to Muslims of West Bengal, who indulged in mass slaughter of the Hindus a year ago. In fact, Gandhi was more dangerous than Nehru.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula