Time for Introspection
Organiser   24-Dec-2018

Apropos (Message of The Mandate) Organiser, December 23, 2018, while confounding pollsters and the so-called psephologists and self-styled election experts, the just-concluded Assembly elections across the five states may have come as a ‘rude’ shock to the BJP. But if we look at the Message of the Mandate, it is a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, they will never do any ‘course correction’. The BJP needs to find out the faults and do some introspection before going to the polls in 2019.
VS Padmanabha, Mengaluru
Now that the Assembly Election results are out and the dust is settling down on the political battlefield across the five states, what could be the way forward for both political parties – the BJP and the Congress party? It is very important, if Congress is to emerge as a responsible alternative to BJP, they might as well avoid getting sucked into the quagmire of dirty politics and political vendetta on flimsy grounds. Already forces from Rahul’s clique of friends have started getting vociferous on issues like Rafale deal which the Supreme Court rejected. Instead of indulging in petty politics, Congress should rediscover itself as a responsible political party to take the nation forward. Not backward!
Subrat Bhawmik, Raipur
People of this country were looted by the Congress. They committed many scams, still they are on bail. But, have the people voted against them? Not, why because they know if Congress comes to power they will eat and they will allow others also eat. People got free gas, electricity which they have not seen since Independence, got toilets, got free medical in the BJP regime. But have they voted for BJP. No. How KCR in Telangana won with massive victory? What he did, just offered freebies. What the late Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu did? Same way offered freebies and got the title of “Amma”. It seems people of the country have become addicted to enjoying freebies.
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru
My last wish to have darshan in Ayodhya
Apropos ( Explore All Possibilities for Temple), Organiser, December 23, 2018 Shri Ram Temple must be built in Ayodhya before 2019 elections. I hoped Hindus from all over India will gather in Ayodhya on 6 December and will start building a Ram temple there because the central government would introduce a bill in Parliament to build the temple. If the Congress and comrades oppose the Bill, no Hindu will vote for these parties. Now is the time to introduce a Bill for building Shri Ram Temple. If the BJP missed this chance Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya nobody knows when it will be built. I live in Australia and I hope that Shri Ram Temple will be built in Ayodhya before my death. I want to have darshan of Shri Ram in His Temple in Ayodhya before I die.
Amar Jit Singh Goraya, Australia
Nefarious Plot
Apropos (Roots of Illegality) Organiser, December 16, 2018, after reading the article I remember the story of Persia. Persia, the land of Parsis, changed its name to ‘Iran’ meaning "the Land of Aryans". Islamic invader Abu Bakar captured Iran in 637 AD. Islamic rulers offered fair treatment to the populations who accepted Islam without resistance. Hence, majority of Persians converted to Islam. Some moved to India, where they settled in Gujarat as the Parsis. The NRC data prepared under the supervision of the Supreme Court remind me of the story of Parsis. Radicals along with illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Rohingyas have started enacting a nefarious plot to create a civil war in India, consequences similar to Persia. These illegal immigrants must be stopped from entering India asap and India must also go for NRC to secure its all states. We don't need any illegal migrants to snatch away our rights forcefully. Tomorrow they will claim a portion of land and money, it will inevitably affect our GDP & Economy.
Adv. Rohit Sarvadnya, Aurangabad
Criminal Act
Apropos (Mission Abuse), Organiser, December 16, I appreciate the report. Such criminal acts in the sacred land of Lord Arunachaleshwarm Temple and also associated with Sri Ramana Maharishi is highly condemnable. It was very great and satisfying to note the upright and benevolent role(s) of Shri KS Kandaswamy, the District Collector. I wish we could have many such persons with a humane face. I wish him all the best in his endeavours.
Dr Sukesh Chander Sharma, Chandigarh