Ayyappa devotees resort to stiff protest against unlawful arrests: Red-Jihadi activists and Kerala police run away from Sabarimala
Organiser   23-Dec-2018

The Kerala Police and members of Manithi, the leftist-Islamist activists who tried to trespass to the Sabarimala temple premises, retreated and ran away from the spot when the devotees resorted to stiff protests as the police started arresting them. The incident took place this morning, December 23. It was a humiliating scene for police and the CPM-led LDF Government. Major Malayalam channels telecasted the visuals of the police and the women running away as they failed to survive the strong opposition of the devotees. Pinarayi Vijayan should hang his head with shame if he watched this scene on TV.

After nearly a month of the calm before the storm, tension has been mounting in Sabarimala since last night, December 23. More than ten young women belonging to a Tamil Nadu based organisation "Maniti" had reached up to Pampa, the last major gateway to the temple. The team led by Selvi belongs to the anarchist school. Selvi is known for her pro-SDPI PFI, pro-Zakir Naik and pro CPM FB posts. Thousands of devotees were protesting in Pampa with the usual namajapa blocking the women's movement to the temple. They started namajapa protests at various points in Kottayam, Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts, far away gateways to Shabarimala temple, even before midnight.
At last, police brought them to Pampa. At Pampa, Guruswamies (senior swamis) refused to fill the irumudikkettu of the activists. So, they themselves filled the irumudi. By that time thousands of devotees congregated near Pampa Control room where the women were sitting under police protection. Even devotees who were coming down from the Sannnidhanam joined the protesting devotees. In some places, police lathi-charged the protesting devotees last night to clear the path for the women anarchists.

During that time, Dewaswom Board president Padmakumar told the media that 'nothing will happen there'. He alone knows what did he mean. Apparently, the women travelled in vehicles with dark film, another violation of law prevailing in Kerala.
Meanwhile, Pandalam royal family representative instructed the thanthri to close the shine if traditions are violated. Selvi told the media that they got government's assurance that they will get necessary police protection for the temple entry. She told the media that they would not leave sans entering the temple.

Now, after the shameful runaway of the police, people keep their fingers crossed about the next step Pinarayi may take.

The Police were heard telling the women that they had told them, in the beginning, to go back! Devotees made it clear that they would not rest until the women leave the place. Police informed that Manithi team returns; it is their (Manithi) own decision. But, they (Manithi) alleged, police compelled them to go.

Women have been taken to Nilackal, about 20 km away from Pampa. But, reports suggest, police officers are in no mood to do another try for the women, because, they themselves are not safe, they think. Officers had explained to them that it was not advisable to go to the temple when devotees are adamant in their stand to protect the temple traditions. They told them that the protests of the devotees are too strong to survive.
Channels show the scenes of police dragging the devotees when they resisted the arrests. Police are expected to take them to Kottayam. It is not clear if the remaining members of the Manithi are on the way to Sabarimala.
BJP president Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai asked the GOK to drop the idea of taking young women to the temple. It is shame, police took too much pains to take the anarchists to the temple whereas genuine devotees are tortured there.