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Organiser   18-Dec-2018
Champion of Change
Apropos (The Will Power that Created Wonder), Organiser December 16, 2018, it is pleasantly inspiring to read the story about a Muslim rickshaw puller rendering selfless service to the Bharat Mata. Kudos to Organiser for carrying such a deeply inspiring story on Ahmed Ali, whose mission to open a school in his remote village against all odds may inspire many good Muslims in the country. At a time when the whole world looks at the Muslim community with suspicious eyes, this piece revives in me the hope that all is not lost after all. I wish many more Muslims follow in the footsteps of an 82-year-old visionary Ahmad Ali to bring about a societal and political change in the mindset of extreme Muslims who swear by Allah for building madrasas that would take the country back to the Dark Ages.
Ahmed Ansari, Meerut
Bofors? Not anymore!
Apropos (No More Bofors), Organiser, December 16, 2018, I loved reading the hard-hitting editorial. While I don’t see myself as one of those avid fans of déjà vu of “I told ya’ didn’t I?” on our country’s arms deals, I shudder to think what would happen to the country if history repeats itself and, God forbid, the AugustaWestland VVIP Chopper scam, too, went the way the infamous Bofors did. Are we going to wait for another 13 long, long years to catch a ‘brigade’ of scamsters and conmen like the Win Chaddhas, Quottoracchis, and now the Christian Michels? Do we have the wherewithal to waste precious time and resources before we could catch these scams by the scruff of their throat and lock ‘em up in the slammer? Hope the Modi Government will walk the talk, unlike the scam-tainted UPA looted the tax-payers hard earned money.
Subhash Bhattacharya, Siliguri
No premium mineral-water at public-cost
Some popular brands marketing their packaged mineral waters have hit upon new techniques to mint money. They have introduced premium-quality water-bottles in addition to normally packed water-bottles, with premium-branded water priced at three times more than the normally packed water-bottles by the same company. Various ministries, departments and public-sector-undertakings of both central and state governments should be directed that premium-branded packaged waters that cost more must not be purchased. Best is to set up water-bottling plants of Rail Neer marketed by Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC). Such plants may be set up in different parts of the country in large numbers so that packaged water purchased at cost of public-exchequer may be supplied by the IRCTC only.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Leave ‘em Alone!
Apropos (Leave ‘em Alone!), Organiser December 16, 2018, this is a fact that the Sentinelese, over the generations, have made a conscious effort to shun contact with the outside world. We must respect their decision and let them live their own lives peacefully as they desire. It is very much possible that they themselves contact the outside world in coming years. The killing of the US citizen John Allen Chau by the Sentinelese in Andamans was because of his mistakes. It needs to be investigated after all why he wanted to go there and what was his agenda.
P Bharateesh, Bengaluru
Respect the Sentiments
Apropos (Not against the Court but the Delay), Organiser December 16, 2018, Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is connected with the sentiments of the countrymen and both the court and the government must respect the sentiments of the majority population of this country. Reconstruction of the temple should not be prolonged, because it will pave the way for restoring harmony in the country. The Supreme Court is indeed hurting the sentiments of the countrymen by delaying to even start the
proceeding in this matter. If it can respect the sentiments of the handful of people like lesbians and gays, why is it repeatedly ignoring the sentiments of the 90 per cent countrymen?
Sudhir Kumar, Dehradun
Have more such Corridors
Apropos (Reading the Googly), Organiser, December 16, 2018, the article perfectly argues that the Kartarpur Corridor has the potential to reduce the tension between India and Pakistan. It gained so much popularity that the governments of both the nations were compelled to give way to the popular opinion. It is a breakthrough in political and diplomatic relations between both the countries. Such initiative should be promoted in future.
Avatar Singh, Amritsar