Balidan Diwas of KT Jayakrishnan Master evokes dark memories of 'unequalled brutality and barbarism' of CPM
Organiser   01-Dec-2018

"The killers of my son are now roaming freely around here, in my vicinity” Jayakrishnan Master's mother speaks to Organiser


On December 1, 1999, KT Jayakrishnan Master, former state vice president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), was brutally hacked to death at the class room, in front of his students. It was the most hideous crime ever took place in the country in the name of politics.
As usual, Jayakrishnan Master was teaching his Standard VI students in Mokeri East U P School in Panur. At around 10.35am, a group of cold-blooded communist thugs stormed into the classroom and slaughtered him in front of his students.
Jayakrishnan Master was an extraordinary organiser, a respected person among the local people. The CPM was alarmed by his vast popularity, a swayamsevak remembered.
“He lost his father when he was studying in Standard X. I struggled a lot to bring up my children and give them better education,” Master’s mother Kausalya recalled.

“I used to advise him not to campaign against communists. But he didn’t care about my words. He hid everything from me including the threats from CPM leaders. Because he didn’t want to make me upset,” she added.
After returning from the school, he would go out for party works. He was state vice president of BJYM. And he would not come back till the late night, the mother recounts. “He was very active in politics, and I was little aware of all these things. But I know one thing, my son never hurt anybody. He treated everybody equally, both his colleagues and political opponents,” she underscores.
“After joining the school as a teacher, he was more engaged in politics than he was before. His political opponents could not tolerate that. He was planning to get married in March in the next year. But before that, they killed him,” Kausalya said in a numbed voice.
“They tried to trap him several times, but each time he managed to escape. I came to know all these things only after his death. One of our neighbours was the main conspirator involved in his murder. He was the brain behind that. Later he has been elected as a panchayat member. The killers of my son are now roaming freely around here, in my vicinity,” she said.
A local journalist described the incident: Master was provided with a bodyguard by the state government due to threats from CPM. The bodyguard suddenly disappeared just before the seven CPM goons entered the classroom. They were shouting slogans and hailing CPM and warned the students not to move. And they stabbed Master several times in front of students who were hardly 11 years old! Before leaving the spot, the assailants left a threat to the children on the blackboard, warning them not to give testimony against them. The incident created severe psychological problems for many children, as some of them had to seek even medical treatment.
The case was investigated by the Panur police and the charge-sheet had been filed against seven CPM workers. After five years, the Additional Sessions Court has awarded the five accused with the death sentence. CPM mobilised a fund of more than two crore rupees under the banner ‘Fund for Mokeri Comrades’ and filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the lower court order. Famous criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani appeared in the court for the accused. The murderers were acquitted by the Supreme Court. The UDF Government had referred the case to the CBI. But the CBI probe is entangled in some legal problems due to the long delay of 15 years. “The UDF Government referred the case to the CBI. But the CBI was not willing to reopen the case,” Kausalya complains. However, the family is still pinning hope on the CBI probe.