Freudian Slip Reveals the Mind! Pakistan TV Ran ‘Begging’ instead of ‘Beijing’ during Imran Khan’s Speech in China
Organiser   06-Nov-2018

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was on an official visit to China, with a begging bowl in hand, to seek financial support to help stave off a financial crisis
In a classic example of Freudian slip, a Pakistan TV channel, Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), aired a speech by PM Imran Khan in China with a dateline displaying the word "begging" instead of Beijing! In fact, Imran was on an official visit to China, to seek billions of dollars in aid, an economic package, for cash-strapped Pakistan.
He was on Sunday addressing a ceremony at the Central Party School (of the Communist Party of China) in Beijing which was shown live by the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) when the error appeared. The typo remained onscreen for 20 seconds.
Leaving many viewers across the world wondered whether the error was intentional, the video has provoked funny reactions on social media, from some calling the act "disgraceful" to others lauding PTV for becoming "drastically independent". Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry has ordered an inquiry into the disgraceful incident.
Later, the channel has apologised for the typographical error, calling the incident "regrettable", and said that it had initiated strict action against the concerned officials. “Today, during a live address of the Prime Minister during his ongoing visit to China, a typographical error took place, which remained on screen for 20 seconds & later removed. This incident is regrettable. Strict action has been initiated under rules against concerned officials", the official Twitter handle of PTV tweeted.
It was Imran’s maiden visit to China after he took over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. China has reportedly promised to support Pakistan's ailing economy but did not so far officially confirmed it.