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Organiser   06-Nov-2018
True Tribute
Apropos the cover story (True Tribute to the Iron Man), Organiser, November 4, 2018, provides a comprehensive and informative report on the Statue of Unity. It was a much needed gesture on the part of the Indian State to attribute such a high pedestal to the man who unified India, and gave us political consolidation. The fact sheet regarding the Statue provided the scale of the preparation and toil which went into the making of this glorious landmark. The whole nation should thank PM Narendra Modi in one voice for retrieving the true legacy of the ‘Iron Man of India’
Dayanand Desai, Surat
Horrific Rape in Bengal
Apropos (Barbaric & Horrific), Organiser, November 4, 2018, the report provides the scary account of the rape in which a Scheduled Tribe woman was victimised like Nirbhaya in Delhi. But one wonders, why it didn’t create a similar uproar? Has the community profile of the poor woman in Dhupguri town of Jalpaiguri Sadar stopped media to narrate and report her inhuman abuse? Do only rapes in the national capital make news and not others?
Ipsita Guha, Burdwan
Cultural Marxism
Apropos the commentary (‘Proletariat’ Out, ‘Intellectuals’ In), Organiser, November 4, 2018, succinctly explains the concept and contemporary challenges of the phenomenon of Cultural Marxism. It was an intruiguing read. The article not only explained the origin, evolution and mutation of the concept, but it also provided key insights regarding the global strands of the issue. The growing Urban Naxals' menace in India as well can be explained and understood in the same vein.
Narendra Sharma, Bhopal
Sabarimala and Women
The whole controversy of women’s entry into Sabarimala should be seen in a context. I read an article in Organiser some years ago on the occasion of Navratri. It said that the Yogis have great respect for the women. The article said, "A lady from childhood to old age is an image of Maa Bhagwati. A female child is the image of such Devi, a young lady is an image of such Devi and also an old lady is an image of such Devi.” We must not forget that while looking at such controversies through a partisan lens.
Amar Jit Singh Goraya, Australia
Crisis of the Public Institutions
Apropos the editorial (Blessing in Disguise), Organiser, November 4, 2018, addresses the elephant in the room by not narrowing down the whole debate to CBI Vs CBI, but pointing out to the larger inifficiencies of the public institutions. It has truly stated that the Narendra Modi-led Government got the decisive mandate from the people to eradicate the evil of corruption. The on-going CBI crisis has provided the opportunity to point out and clear-off the rot!
Mahendra Panda, Cuttack
Eye Opener Editorial
Apropos (Self Assertion is the Key) Organiser, October 28, 2018, the editorial rightly is an eye opener. For years, Bharat was considered to be the land of snake charmers, but now it has proved itself at the international fronts by being a part of the UNHRC. Adding on to its glory our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was coronated as Champion of the Earth. The magic of Shri Modi is working at its best. No doubt our hallmarks Khadi, Yoga, Sanskrit have got critical acclaim in the Western countries. Ideas of International Yoga Day and International Solar Alliance were welcomed wholeheartedly by one and all.
Sudeepa Gandhe, Kurukshetra
Foot in Mouth
The world we live in is fueled by greed and power, the passion for lust to have more and more through if not by fair means through foul ways. Formation of Mahagathbandhan, a conglomeration of odds speculated to become a red rug to a Bull to defeat the ruling BJP in the next general elections, but with dissimilar political dispositions the opposition parties started parting away one from the other. Bottom line–the opposition is hugely incoherent and mathematically inaccurate. The ambitious leaders of the opposition parties leaving no stone unturned to bring all non-NDA parties dump into one truck to crush the ruling elite are licking wounds inflicted within being exposed themselves as a political hacks. The Mahagathbandhan seems to be a great deal of foot-in-mouth activity.
Seetharam Basaani, Hanamkond
Restore the Dignity of the Deity
Apropos (Dissenting Devotees), Organiser, October 24, 2018, it is worth noting that a Muslim woman along with three non-devotee Hindu women, filed the petition in the Supreme Court to lift ban on young women entry into Sabarimala Devasthanam. Again the court did not permit the Hindu women to withdraw from the case. This clearly shows, the anti-Hindu mindset of the judiciary, and behaviour like Westernised right-activists. In fact, this verdict is an insult to the deity, who is a Naishtika Brahmachari and does not want women presence before him. Such practice is followed by many Naishtika Brahmacharis during their lifetime and it is no way anti-women. Some anti-Hindu elements equated it with triple talaq, which is a social evil and Muslim women victim of it, went to the court and filed a petition. The government must reverse this verdict of the apex court, to restore the dignity of the deity.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
The cover story is highly impressive and clears various misconceptions about the temples. It thoroughly explained the age-old sanctity related to Sabarimala Devasthanam and after SC judgement with dissent from a judge, Smt Indu Malhotra is very praiseworthy step. The ongoing mass movement of women from all walks of life is perhaps one of the greatest in the Kerala history. It is sheer hypocrisy and deceit of the Left Front Government in the implementation of SC orders. The attitude of so-called liberal females visiting the shrine with scornful and malicious intentions is highly deplorable. It could prove last nail in the coffin of LDF.
Sukesh Chander Sharma, Chandigarh
Confusing system of naming High Courts
The Allahabad High Court now joins the list with High Courts of Bombay and Madras which are still to be renamed after change in names of the cities where these are situated. It is significant that except for some High Courts, all other High Courts are named after states of their jurisdiction. An RTI response had revealed that while all the High Courts constituted after Independence were named after respective main states of jurisdiction, High Courts constituted by British regime in pre-independence era continue to be named as per British legacy on the basis of cities of their existence even after 70 long years of Independence. The central government should end the British legacy by naming all High Courts after names of states rather than on particular cities. Proposed legislation should incorporate feature that names of High Courts may be automatically changed with change in name of states or cities without needing any separate legislation.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Balanced Verdict on Crackers
It is good that Supreme Court this time has given a balanced verdict on cracker-bursting in Delhi and NCR. Unlike verdict of the last year, which had hurt the feelings of majority Hindus since that order imposed a complete ban on the sale of crackers was only for most-celebrated festival Diwali of majority Hindus. Verdict this year also imposes similar restrictions on celebrations made for Christmas Day and New-Year eve, Practically speaking verdict this year will gradually pave way for green crackers at least from next year if not in present year, because cracker-dealers this year will try to finish their old stocks and will make fresh purchases in future only as per guidelines set by Supreme Court so that people may continue with tradition of cracker-bursting on happy occasion of Diwali.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Height of Appeasement
Apropos the review of 'Hindu Terror': 2018', Organiser, October 21, 2018 the book exposes the roles played by Ministers like Shivraj Patil, P Chidambaram AR Antulay, Digvijaya Singh and officers like Chitkala Zutshi, Dharmendra Sharma, Hemant Karkare, RV Raju in the Hindu terror narrative. In the book, author Mani reveals how the country's internal security establishment functioned during 2004-14 when India faced some bloodiest terrorist attacks. But it is a matter of shame that officials who eliminated terrorist modules at the risk of their own lives, instead of being rewarded by government, were humiliated and sent to jail to languish to send a message that they should not disturb those indulging in anti-social and anti-national activities if they belong to a particular community.   
SC Panda, Bhubaneswar