CPM leader 'compelled' his wife to visit Sabarimala against her wish, only to implement his party’s decision to ensure ‘gender equality’
Organiser   06-Nov-2018

Anju, wife of a local CPM leader, in Pampa
“I did not want to visit Sabarimala, but my husband compelled me,” said CPM leader’s wife to the police!
An attempt to violate the temple tradition was averted by the devotees in Sabarimala last night. Anju (30) came to Pampa last night and sought the police protection for darshan along with her family. She told the police that her husband compelled her to go for darshan; hence she came.
Her husband Vijith alias Abhilash is the brother of a CPM local committee secretary in Cherthala, Alappuzha. He is reported to be an accused in a (Kiliyachan) murder case in Alappuzha and another case of bootlegging.
When devotees came to know about the incident, they, led by Hindu Aikya Vedi president Sasikala teacher, assembled near the police station and started chanting prayers. When the criminal background of Vijith was disclosed, the police did not permit them to go for darshan. Immediately devotees congregated outside her house back in her native place and chanted prayers outside her house.