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Organiser   26-Nov-2018
Sabarimala under Siege
Apropos the cover story (Sabarimala under Siege), Organiser, November 25, 2018, brings forth a true picture of the State repression in Kerala. Hindu devotees are being heckled and beaten by the Kerala police, following the dictates of CPM Government. It is horrific! What is more appalling is the fact that after bringing the non-existing dimension of ‘gender equality’, the CPM Government has now converted Sabarimala Temple into a ‘secular dispute’.
Mohan Sardesai, Pune
SL Bhyrappa
Apropos (In a League of his own), Organiser, November 25, 2018, offers a comprehensive survey into the work and writings of the famous novelist SL Bhyrappa. It is true that he has always written beyond division and partisans, and Bharat as a whole speaks to us through his work. Bhyrappa ji’s interview was a welcome addition to the package. In a way, the write-up is a wonderful amalgamation of survey of the writer and writer’s own voice.
Shubham Chaturvedi, Indore
For Real Women Empowerment
Sign-boards displayed prominently at Ranchi Airport gave a pleasant surprise about properties being registered at nominal fee of just rupee one if registered in name of women. Since registration-fee of properties is quite high, such a big relief definitely will make people register properties in name of women of the family giving a real and practical much-needed sense of security. This model should be propagated and adopted nationally for giving the women a position of pride in the society. This step is also necessary to ensure that people take birth of a girl-child as a boon rather than a bane. Madhu Agrawal, Delhi
Apropos (‘Invoking the Shakti’), Organiser, November 25, 2018, provides a panorama view of the social change being brought by the ABVP throughout the country. It is really a bold step to instill a sense of security, self-confidence, and equip the girls in our society to fight harassment and eve-teasing. One hopes that the initiative becomes a national movement, and is supported by all the groups of people without pushing it in the political partisanship. Anima Sonkar, Delhi
Khandit Bharat to Akhand Bharat
Apropos (The Name is a Blot), Organiser November 4, 2018, it is but natural that locals of Bakhtiyarpur feel that name of their city identified with Islamic bloodshed is a blot, and want to rename it as ‘Magadh Dwar’. In fact, all such names, throughout truncated India, need similar change. I would further suggest that the name of our country should be modified as ‘Khandit Bharat’. It will have a number of advantages. Firstly, because it is based on facts that it was partitioned in 1947. Secondly, whole world, Pakistan and Muslims living in truncated India would understand and get a message that Bharat was divided by Muslims to create their separate homeland called Pakistan (including Bangladesh). Therefore, they have no claim over the Khandit Bharat, more so because they have liquidated almost entire Hindu and Sikh population in most cruel manner. And lastly, it would create awakening in the future generations that they should again convert the Khandit Bharat into Akhand Bharat. Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Enlightening piece Apropos (Proletariat Out, Intellectuals In), Organiser November 4, 2018 the article is very educating about the fate and status of Communism in the region of its birth. Such articles should be carried at least once a month if not in every issue. At the same time you are requested to please focus more on proof reading of the articles. SC Panda, Bhubaneswar
Guru Nanak Jayanti
Apropos (Ik Onkara), Organiser, November 25, 2018, rightly suggests that Guru Nanak Dev ji emphasised on supremacy of one truth and conceptualised a unique spiritual, social and political platform based on equality, fraternal love, goodness and virtue.
Sardar Charan Singh, Ludhiana
Narayan Thakur
Apropos (Beating the Odds), Organiser, November 25, 2018, brings the inspiring story of a man who was born with disability, spent eight years in an orphanage, cleaned DTC buses, and worked as a waiter to survive. And now he has beaten all odds and become the only Indian to clinch gold in men’s 100m T35 category in recently concluded Asian Para Games held in Indonesia. Such a positive story is much required when news media has also become partisan.
Nidhi Desai, Surat