Police Atrocity Again in Sabarimala: More than 80 Devotees, Including Children Arrested for Chanting Ayyappa Mantra
Organiser   25-Nov-2018

Tonight Kerala police arrested more than 80 devotees, including children for chanting prayers at Sannidhanam. The devotees congregated downstairs holy eighteen steps and started to chant prayers. Immediately police told them to stop. But, they continued the prayers until the shrine was closed. But as soon as the shrine was closed, police arrested them and led to Pampa.
The atrocity is the violation of the high court orders and the statement of the Pathanamthitta district collector that there would not be any restriction on the temple traditions and rituals.
Interestingly, a judge of the same high court was present in the temple when the police atrocity took place.