Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac served legal notice for hurting Hindu sentiments, calling Ayyappa mantra chanting ‘abusive chants’
Organiser   25-Nov-2018

CPM leader and Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac received a legal notice for insulting the Hindu belief and hurting the sentiments of Ayyappa devotees in a Facebook post, dubbing sacred Ayyappa mantra chanting in Sabarimala 'abusive chants'. The legal notice demanded an unconditional apology from Isaac within two days from receipt of the notice, and the same should be published in the media.
The Minister has also been asked to publish an apology on his official Facebook page and pin it to the page for a year. The notice also sought the minister has to pay a sum of Rs 10 crore to the development of Sabarimala Sannidhanam as a compensation for the defamatory content. The notice clarified that Isaac cannot do away with criminal procedures even if he pays compensation and tenders a public apology.
On behalf of N R Sudhakaran, a native of Kochi, Advocate S R K Prathap served the legal notice on Minister Thomas Isaac. Thomas Isaac had also insulted the Namajapa protest, calling it 'Abhasa Samaram', a vulgar protest.