Amritsar Terror Attack: Handiwork of ISI-backed Khalistan Liberation Force; Grenade Made in Pakistan; One Arrested
Organiser   21-Nov-2018

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Wednesday said that the ISI-backed Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) is behind the terror attack on Nirankari Bhavan that killed three people.
Three days after the incident, the Chief Minister has ruled out a communal angle in the incident, and said the two accused had been identified as Bikramjit Singh of Dhariwal village and Avtar Singh. “Bikramjit Singh has been arrested by CIA Amritsar. He has admitted to the crime,” Singh said. The CM said that the other accused, Avtar Singh would soon be arrested.
Speaking to media, Amarinder Singh said that grenade used for the blast at the prayer hall was made in Pakistan. "There is no communal case in this. This is a pure case of terrorism. ISI (Pakistan intelligence agency) is resorting to all these sort of things," Singh told reporters.
The two terrorists, carrying pistols in hands, barged into the Nirankari Bhavan on Sunday afternoon. The terrorists, who had their faces covered, lobbed the grenade into the prayer room, and fled on a motorcycle. The Chief Minister said the motorcycle used in the crime had been recovered.
He said that the pellets recovered from the crime spot were generally manufactured in Pakistan Ordinance Factory. “These kinds of pellets are manufactured in Pakistan Ordinance Factory. Pakistan ISI is resorting to all such things,” he charged.