CPM-Cong Nexus Exposed: Congressmen Go Scot-Free after Violating Prohibitory Order in Sabarimala, Whereas Hindu Leaders-Devotees Face Non-Bailable Arrest
Organiser   20-Nov-2018

BJP leader K Surendran remanded to 14-day judicial custody for visiting Sabarimala
Superintendent of Police Yatish Chandra who arrested BJP general secretary K Surendran on his way to visit to the shrine with all traditional preparations, and shouted at Hindu Jagran Manch State President PK Sasikala Teacher, turned soft before UDF leaders and refused to take case against them for violating the prohibitory order
Congress-led UDF leaders who violated the prohibitory order declared under CrPC 144 in Nilakkal did not face any police action. They were 55 in number and raised slogans in Nilakkal. Leaders delivered speeches. Still no action has been taken against them. The same police, led by the same of SP Yatish Chandra had arrested BJP general secretary K. Surendran when he came to go to the shrine with all traditional preparations like "irumudi". He was arrested and now remanded for 14 days. He came with hardly three colleagues. He had told the SP in sober vein that they could arrest him when he returns after the closing of the shrine and playing of "harivarasanam".
Hindu Aikya Vedi president Sasikala Teacher was arrested while taking rest and taken to the police station. She had only one colleague with her, and she came with all traditional facilities including "irumudi'. When she got the bail, the RDO had given her permission to go to the shrine. But, still when she boarded the bus, SP Yatish Chandra came to the bus and shouted at her. She told him that she was going with her grandchildren for those kids' "choroonu" ritual. Since their mother (teacher's daughter) was not able to enter the temple due to her age (much below 50) teacher had to come back to take the kids to their mother. Even after she told this Yatish Chandra shouted at her. The same SP arrested the devotees in Sannidhanam night before last (November 18) when they chanted the prayers. Sixty-nine of them are now remanded,
But, here the same SP turned soft before UDF leaders. When he was about to speak in rude manner one policeman came behind him and murmured something; immediately he changed his mannerisms.
This is the blatant double standard of the Pinarayi police. It speaks out the unholy nexus between the Congress and the CPM. When you have the blanket of unholy alliance, "all are equal, and some are more equal than others".
This incident proves that Pinarayi helps Congress to save their face which they lost in connection with the Shabarimala issue. Since Congress and UDF invited the wrath of the Hindu devotees and believers due to their cool stand in Shabarimala issue, CPM comes to their rescue. Because Hindu organisations are the common enemies of both.
The UDF team comprised of former CM and AICC general secretary Oommen Chandy, LoP Ramesh Chennithala, UDF convener Benny Behanan and leaders of all UDF constituents. Ramesh said, they were told that they would be arrested and later on police changed the decision. No doubt, they got the proper signal from the helm, read, Pinarayi regime.