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Organiser   19-Nov-2018
Virtuous Wealth
Apropos (In Pursuit of Virtuous Wealth), Organiser November 11-18, 2018, the editorial rightly points out that one cannot buy everything with money, but one cannot buy anything without money. It is true that Health is more important than wealth and we have to preserve it. The values that are nurtured within us are a key source of strength and resource creation is also a form of wealth. We have been following these values since time immemorial. Still there are many people who follow these values in practical life. Organiser has perfectly introduced some of such visionaries in the Deepawali issue.
Rajkumar Dhiman, Meerut
Look Forward
Apropos the interview of TV Mohandas Pai (Open and Ethical Trade Brings Prosperity to All), Organiser November 11-18, 2018, it is welcome argument that Cultural Marxism should be fought by opening up our educational institutions with free flow of ideas and students should decide what they want. His suggestion about massive investment in preserving languages, culture and temple structures also requires attention, because we have hugely ignored our languages and culture. Instead of cursing the Congress leaders for the damage in previous decades, we should now focus on how we can correct their wrongs.
Naresh Bhardwaj, Dehradun
The Wonder People
Apropos (Pursuing Wealth, the Bharatiya Way), Organiser November 11-18, 2018, the story acquaints with the ordinary people who have done wonders. The manufacturing of cheaper Diwali lights than China should be taken up on large scale all over the country, as it will save both our business and the foreign exchange. The success stories of Ritesh Agrawal, the founder of OYO rooms, Trishneet Arora, the ethical hacker, Prem Ganapathy, the creator of Dosa Plaza, Satiram Yadav of Bittoo Tikki Wala, etc are all inspiring and generate a confidence in any individual who is inspiring to become an entrepreneur.
Prithviraj, New Delhi
Heroes of Cleanliness
Apropos (Celebrating Cleanliness), Organiser, November 11-18, 2018, the story introduces the change makers who are the real heroes of cleanliness. If the global agencies like WHO too are accepting the impact of cleanliness drive in India, it is because of such people who have ensured at their respective places that there should be toilet in every house, every street should be clean and our village should be open defecation free. These heroes have made cleanliness a mass movement in the country.
Devendra Patnaik, Bhubaneswar
Conveying fresh ideas
Apropos (Wealth is for Virtue), Organiser, November 11-18, 2018, the article is scintillating fresh and conveys fresh ideas. The fact that Tatas have considered values more important than steel itself and business domination is a classic example of Indian traditional economy. The new ideation that Employees first and Customer second and allegorising it with yajna and ahuti are ingenious thoughts. Kudos, to you for giving chance to new writers.
NR Sowmyanarayanan, email
Why PatelFavoured Partition?
Apropos (Thus, the Unity was Materialised) Organiser November 4, the article was very informative. But on one point I wish to disagree. Incidentally, Patel was the first Congress statesman to have supported Pakistan. Dr BR Amedkar was perhaps the first who analysed the Islamic psyche of separatism in his book ‘Thoughts on Pakistan’ and agreed to partition the country. C. Rajagopalachari openly supported the idea of Pakistan in 1942-43 for which he had to face humiliation from the Congress Party, and soon he resigned from it. After horrendous violence created by rioting by a section of Muslims at MA Jinnah's call of Day of Direct Action on 16.08.1946, Sardar Patel, JB Kripalani et al agreed to avoid further violence.
SC Panda, Bhubaneswar