Hindu Americans Hold ‘Save Sabarimala Rally’, Lash out At Missionary-Communist Nexus
Organiser   14-Nov-2018

The protesters alleged that corrupt officials, missionaries and leftists are conspiring to destroy Sabarimala
Hindu Americans, from New York and New Jersey, gathered near New York City Consulate on November 10 to show respect and express their solidarity with Sabarimala devotees who are struggling to save the age-old temple traditions and beliefs. They later assembled at the famous Times Square holding placards and banners with slogas like ‘Save Sabarimala’.
Singing Ayyappa bhajans and shouting slogans against Kerala communist Government’s atrocities on Sabarimala devotees, hundreds of people congregated at the location and participated in the protest march, carrying placards displaying messages against the 'unfair judicial overreach of Supreme Court' on the issue, the connection of the missionary and divisive forces in India. The protesting Hindus issued a strong statement on the Sabarimala issue and demanded to free Hindu Temples from Government control. Most of the participants in the rally were women. 

“Even if Supreme Court passed judgment, what is the reason for State Government’s hurry to implement using such large police forces, resorting to beating and arresting unarmed devotees who were begging to respect traditions? There are many Supreme Court cases including the noise pollution of the Mosques 5 times a day, 365 days a year they have not implemented. Why would they appoint non-Hindus to Devaswom board?,” a press release issued by the protesters stated.

“The truth is the missionary/leftist combine want to convert the Sabarimala temple into ‘Museum’ and exploit the surrounding rich area and the money from devotees for corruption and other activities just as they did throughout the history to the native religions in the world (e.g, the pagan harvest festival is today Halloween with Black Friday sales activity in the US). The same secular Government loots the devotees' contributions with hefty charges but provides land for a nearby church free,” the statement said.

“The history of missionary attacks on Sabarimala is well known, in 1950 they set on fire and burnt the temple down. They invented a bogus cross, which they implanted to take over the area that was quickly exposed. The history of missionary activity throughout the world and how they treated so-called, ‘pagan’ religions is well known from the Americas to Africa to Asia. The fact that Sabarimala receives 50 million devotees per year, the highest in the world with the largest contributions makes Sabarimala the prime target," they alleged in the statement.