No Donation Campaign Hits Devaswom Board Hard: Temple Revenue Plunges as Devotees Fill Hundi with Paper Notes with the Message #SaveSabarimala
Organiser   01-Nov-2018

The drastic dip in income has pushed the Travancore Devaswom Board to the brink of a huge crisis
As protests against the hasty implementation of Sabarimala verdict intensify, it has taken a toll on the Hundi (offering box) collection, causing a drastic loss in revenue.
Provoked by the Government’s hostile approach to Hindus and the police atrocities on Ayyappa devotees, the devotees have launched a new method of protest which hit the bull's eye. In stead of money, the devotees are now putting paper notes with messages ‘Save Sabarimala’, ‘Swamiye Saranamayyappa’, ‘Swami Saranam’ etc. in the Hundis placed in the temple premises.
With anger against the CPM Government wide spreading across the state, this new mode of protest has also inflicted a massive loss to other temples under the Government-controlled Devaswom Boards. Now, the Hundi of other temples are also flooded with paper chits.
Hindu devotees had launched a massive campaign on various social media platforms, urging people to not contribute money to the Hundi in the temples, which come under the Devaswom Boards. Social media have been replete with comments alleging that the government is looting the temple revenue and using it against devotees’ interest.
After four days of the puja in the month of Tulam (According to Malayalam), the Sabarimala Hundi’s income has drastically fallen by Rs 44.5 lakh as compared to the last year. On the first day, if the collection was 8.42 lakh last year, this year it dipped to 4.83 lakh, whereas the second day earning is recorded at Rs 19.30 lakh, as compared to Rs 45.59 lakh in last year. The third day earning was Rs 32.3 lakh in 2017 while this year it is only Rs 17.51. According to the reports, the combined loss has been estimated as Rs 8.32 crore. The drastic dip in income has pushed the Travancore Devaswom Board to the brink of a huge crisis.