Islamist Despotism in Arab again ‘Shot the Messenger’; Famous Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is Murdered
Organiser   01-Nov-2018
- Adhikari Narenda Bhusan Mallick
The alleged horrific killing and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi, the highly prestigious figure in the International Media has sparked international outrage and disgust with the sole blame being thrown upon Saudi Arabia, especially crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman being held accused of the extrajudicial killing. The accusations have concreted itself with puerile statements by Saudi Arabia who initially denied the murderous incidents having occurred within the premise of their consulate at Ankara and later going on as far as in accepting the fact of such a barbaric incident staged within their consulate.
'We won't keep silent'-Jamal Khashoggi supporters demand justice 
Khashoggi, an insistent, diligent and vocal critic of Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), who's also known as a reformer in Saudi and west which allowed women to drive cars, urging the flavour of Islam practised to be returned to pre 1979 levels. He was criticised by Khashoggi for jailing dissenters especially the arrest of women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul in May 2018 and his advocacy of free expression invited the wrath of Mohammed Bin Salman and thus led to the elimination of Khashoggi.
Despite such disappearances staged now and then by despotic authorities who are looking forward to cleansing their rivalries present in media such as Mahmoud Hussein (Al Jazeera's journalist detained by Egypt's government). But, this incident has attracted international attention due to Khashoggi's strong links with the Saudi Establishment and closeness with American media houses Washington Post and several others in the Saudi such as Al-Watan etc. The other rationale behind such attraction could be the bonhomie shared between the Turkish President Erdogan and Khashoggi, and the benefit's Turkey could bargain out of Saudi Arabia by using Khashoggi.
Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a 59-year-old Washington Post contributor, was `strangled' soon after he entered consulate and his body was cut into pieces, Turkish prosecutor informed 
Turkey in recent times has seen a decline in the value of Lira, American sanctions. It's close friend Qatar being bullied and tormented by Saudi Arabia, support of USA to YPG rebels in the Syrian war accused by Ankara of staging the coup in Turkey and Saudi's desperate attempt to brand Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation has invited Turkey's ire. Now, Turkey has the game in its side, and as per international political strategists, it would use this card of Khashoggi's death to bring a truce between the interests of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Thus Khashoggi dead is a weapon for Turkey and Turkey wouldn't miss the chance of playing a central character in this drama and showcase itself as the leader of the Muslim world by undermining Saudi.
Why Trump is Mum?
Where's America and why is Trump confused about the actions to be undertaken? The USA and Saudi Arab share a bromance which has been going on for decades and looking at several military purchases to be finalised with Saudi in recent times has left the USA gasping for breath and delayed the actions to be taken against Riyadh.
This killing has diluted and delayed the focus of America on the creation of an Arab-NATO which could have acted against the upsurge of Iran and another geopolitical interest in the Middle East. What effect will the murder of Khashoggi's murder have on the Middle East?
Recently USA Secretary Of State Mattis' statement, "killing of Jamal Khassogi represents a potential threat to regional security in the middle east", this was an unprecedented language from the USA given its relations with Riyadh. The bombing on Yemen, the blockade on Qatar, interference of Saudi in Lebanon has not gone down well with several Middle East countries. Now this crisis could dilute Saudi's interference in the region and may change the attitude of USA by finding other reliable allies in Middle East other than Saudi Arabia in the form of Qatar, Kuwait etc.
Would Saudi's be subjected to UNSC sanctions or the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman be stripped of all official responsibilities or there's to be a regime change in Saudi? It's for time and the international superpowers to decide but the world has lost another Journalist who would grieve the media fraternity for times to come.