Mamata’s ‘Nandigram’
Organiser   09-Oct-2018
Apropos the cover story (Mamata’s Nandigram), Organiser, October 7, 2018, rightly argues that TMC came to power in Bengal with the clarion call of Maa, Mati, Manush, but it has failed to deliver on any of its promises. How two Dalit youths have been shot dead for merely protesting peacefully is chilling! There should be a CBI inquiry into this case. Residents of Daribhit village are right in their anger in not allowing the bodies of two Dalit students to be cremated.
Shubham Chatterjee, Midnapore

The BJP-led Bengal Bandh was largely peaceful till the TMC-led goons sparked the violence. BJP and ABVP were in their right to agitate peacefully over the shooting down of two Dalit students. It is unfortunate that West Bengal first suffered heavily under the CPI (M), and now Mamata Banerjee-led TMC Government is taking that saga of political violence a step further. How political violence in Bengal has been institutionalised over the years can be seen by a simple example that TMC leader Md Asdaurjaman kicked a female BJP activist in the broad daylight with crowd standing there as mute spectators.
Ipsita Guha, Kolkata
Deendayalji Meets Gandhiji
Apropos the editorial (Where Deendayalji meets Gandhiji), Organiser, October 7, 2018, rightly argues that how the vision of both these great leaders and thinkers was rooted in a critique of Western civilisation. It is rightly reminded that decolonisation is a pre-condition of nationalisation, which the life of these two thinkers shows. However, the caution to read these parallels is crucially played stating that Gandhiji is not being appropriated and Deendayalji was certainly not a Gandhian. We need this approach now, more than ever, where we learn from diverse thought processes without compromising the integrity of anyone.
Rajhans Pradhan, Cuttak
A Scientist Sacrificed
Apropos the report (A scientist Sacrificed), Organiser September 30, 2018, rightly points out to the anarchy prevailing in the system. Nambi Narayana, who could have led the country towards a new era, he and his career were devastated by the vexed interests of some heinous democrats. There is a need to curb and take stringent actions against such malfunctioning of the system. Sudeepa Khurana, Kurukshetra
Shivangi’s Achievements
Apropos the article (Even Everest is Not the Limit), Organiser, October 7, 2018, brings out a very positive story on the achievements of 16-year old mountaineer from Hisar. What touched the most is the fact that Shivangi’s family was not happy when she took birth, merely because she was a girl. But how her mother stood by her, and the young girl scripted her success leaves us awe inspired. We need more of such profiling in the coming days.
Anusha Mehta, Delhi
Indian-Israeli Connection
Apropos the interview (India Needs Israel, Israel needs India) Organiser, September 23, 2018 with Shri Ravi Kumar Iyer, the author of Indian Heroism in Israel, I am sure that it would help to further understand in depth the significance of Indian-Israel connections, Haifa battle and the heroism of Indian soldiers from Jodhpur, Mysore and Hyderabad. The book by Shri Iyer is an important resource material for not only the students of West Asian history, but also for general public. It may further help us to understand the interrelationship and analyse the Khilafat Movement vis a vis the Indian freedom struggle.
Sukesh Chander Sharma, Chandigarh
Clarion Call of Sangh
Apropos the cover story (The Sangh 'as it is ') Organiser, September 30, 2018 on the three-day lecture series by RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, the report was eye opener. The RSS is a patriotic organisation, but a section of the Indian media particularly the English media indulge in undue propaganda against the RSS. The same is the case with some political leaders who indulge in undue propaganda against the RSS. The Hindu Dharma is very progressive. The Hindus have toleration for all other religions. In his speech Shri Bhagwat stressed on building of Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. What is the harm in building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya? He also said all people living in India are Hindus. This is the truth.
Amar Jit Singh Goraya, Australia