Bharat Moves on with Globalisation by Pursuing Civilisation
Organiser   03-Oct-2018
Madan Diwan
Moving ahead from the legacy of colonial wring, Bharat is now in complete sync with the global business by creating new landmarks of inventions, innovations, and ideas
Be it the colonial expansion of 17th Century, Industrial revolution beginning the 18th Century, wars in 19th Century or cold war and realignment of nations of 20th Century all had one common thread, which is trade and profits. Trade concerns at times were so overwhelming that colonial armies consisting of different nationalities fought a war in unknown lands and without any perceptible results. Colonisation was such that, losing one territory meant depriving of a certain type of inputs to empires economy.

A small-time bicycle maker 'Hero' in Bharat became world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer 
Take a look at what is happening in the modern 21st century again. The Bretton Woods institutions once used by US and allies to their advantage may be losing their relevance soon. Every trade instrument is it duties and levies, sanitary and phytosanitary measures; quantitative restrictions are being reviewed by most powerful Nations in the world. Bharat’s attempts to create livelihood box for its farmers were thwarted. But Trump administration is unwilling to reconsider every so-called step it has taken in the name of protecting jobs.
Civilisation and Globalisation
Yoga day has brought glory to ancient Bharatiya practices. Now, that has become a big market on its own. Trainers, courses, props, books, videos all have created a big market for Yoga globally. Tourists’ inflow for yogic ventures has opened a market which in any way cannot be regulated. Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda (2010), explains how yoga has made a revolution in lives of many families living in the cut-throat competitive world.
Bharat in GII
The Global Innovation Index (GII) has ranked Bharat as the 57th most innovative nation in the world in 2018. The country has improved its ranking from 60th position last year. India has been improving steadily since it was ranked 81st in 2015. Meanwhile, China improved its ranking from 22 in 2017 to 17 this year. The GII is being developed jointly by Cornell University, the Paris-based business school Insead and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. GII ranks 126 economies based on 80 indicators. It is now in its 11th edition and has become a new major input for policymakers on innovation around the world.
Ayurvedic products are finding a way despite hurdles created by the developed world. Chinese herbal products are aggressively supported by the Chinese Government. However Ayurvedic products are finding space by sheer market pressure. Be it Unilever, Colgate or any MNC, Ayurveda today forms part of its market expansion strategy. Products are locally invented, sourced and globally marketed. Gone are the days of fancy imports, MNC has to localise inventions to stay afloat.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be Bharat’s next best area. Be it big metros or small cities; all are engaging in inventions and product development in the space of AI. Born intelligent, they are; making their families proud by changing ways of manufacturing, teaching, medical treatment, services sector, new product development, every area is filled with persons engaged in AI development work.
Innovation with Wisdom
The first all-electric car in the world, REWA, is a Bharatiya invention. It is far too ahead of its time. World’s cheapest and technologically sound cars are made in Bharat now. A lot of these cars are now purchased in newer expanded markets. Bharatiya companies own one of world’s best automotive brands. A small-time bicycle maker in Bharat became world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer and is expanding its base abroad. It was Bharat’s response to the Industrial Revolution.
BPOs’ or Software development, all have a Bharatiya imprint on best global practices. All of this succeeded without any supportive measure from Bharatiya Government. With most inadequate infrastructure and logistics network, Indian companies attracted the attention of the world and created its place in the intelligence market. Buddhi, as it is termed in Hindu philosophy, was put its best use.
Hospitality sector has seen major contributions from Bharatvasis globally. Culturally Hindus, i.e. all citizens of Bharat are the best hosts. Persons of all religions or faith in Bharat have the natural characteristic of being hospitable. Nursing professionals, hotel staff, chefs, cab drivers and in every segment Bharatvasis have created their mark. They send home huge amounts foreign exchange and have shaped destiny of their motherland.
With its aggressive policies, China is dominating Bulk Drugs and Intermediaries market. The US and the EU on their part have patent-protected products milking money from sick persons. India on its part has adopted a middle regime. It has innovated products and processes beyond the realm of the patent regime and has made inroads in global markets. The patent expired generic based products have been used to innovate and deliver cost-effective medicines for the neediest even in developed countries.