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Organiser   29-Oct-2018
Action & Idea
Apropos (Carving out a Clear Path), Organiser, October 28, 2018, the cover story comprehensively reported the Vijayadashami event at RSS headquarters in Nagpur. It was great to find that apart from the salient points of the speech made by Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, the report also made the readers aware of different segments in the event like Utsavas for Bal and Shishu swayamsevaks. The speech was very broad, clear and decisive. Personally, I felt a lot of relief when Shri Bhagwat addressed the issue of Urban Naxals and ‘Neo-Left’.
Madan Mohan Lal, Varanasi
RSS is Born
Apropos (RSS is Born), Organiser, October, 28, 2018, the article succinctly introduced the ideation and thoughts of the first swayamsevaks who had gathered around Doctorji in 1925. It was a pleasant surprise to know that KR Malkani has authored a book on RSS called The RSS Story. The article provides significant information on Doctorji and how the early Shakhas were formed.
Mahadeo Prasad, Bhopal
Apropos (Missing 'We'in #Me Too) Organiser October 21,2018, the editorial raises disguised possible reasons behind the notorious #MeToo campaign. No doubt the materialistic pursuit has resulted in the degradation of social and moral values. It is time to revive the legacy of age old ancient education system to spread the values among our successors. Our society needs to come up with more of '#MeToo Shaktiroopa’ than #MeToo campaigns. Sudeepa Gandhe, Kurukshetra
RSS & Communists
Apropos (A Tale of Two Movements), Organiser, October 28, 2018, the article rightly compares the RSS with the Communist Party of India because both were established in 1925. The writer has beautifully shown how both the movements started with dissimilar ideas of India, and what their fate is now. While the Sanghkarya thrives today, and RSS is getting bigger with every day, Communists are on the verge of extinction. We must evaluate why this happened! It must also be pointed out that a few men met MN Roy in Tashkent in 1919 to form CPI outside India. In that way also by 2019, CPI will get 100-years old, and we are sure that they won’t win a single Parliamentary seat in the general elections in 2019.
Arvind Kanitkar, Pune
Neglect of Gilgit-Baltistan
Apropos (The Inhuman Neglect), Organiser, October 28, 2018, the book review highlights the very promising book on Gilgit-Baltistan by Alok Bansal. It is true that the region in PoJK has been neglected in an inhuman way. Still, the residents of the region mark the day of Pakistani invasion on Kashmir in 1947 as a ‘black day’. Such books may direct the Indian foreign policy to a direction where we tend to become more vocal on the issue of PoJK on international fora.
Srijith Panda, Bhubaneswar
Derecognise Pakistan
Apropos (Accession: Complete and Constitution), Organiser October 28, 2018 the story perfectly highlights the facts how Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession. The Constitution of India recognised J&K as one of the states of Indian Union. Also it is worth noting that people of J&K elected freely their own Constituent Assembly, the first meeting of which took place on October 31, 1950. It ratified the Accession of J&K to India, thus putting a seal of approval by the people of J&K to the Accession. If the formation of Pakistan and the Accession of some Indian states to Pakistan are legal then the Accession of J&K to India is equally valid under the same Act. If Pakistan refuses to recognise J&K’s Accession to India, then it also invalidates the legality of its own formation and the accession of some of the states to Pakistan.
Dr Yash Paul Goyal, Nabha
The culprits of Sadhvi Pragya
Apropos the shocking revelations about alleged 24-days long physical and mental torture of Sadhvi Pragya by police under UPA-regime bypassing all rules of judicial system as revealed by her in a TV programme on October 20 and 21 where she even disclosed names of several male police-persons involved in her torture. It is a matter of investigation how male police-persons could be involved in physical torture of a woman. Such torture was not even heard in Emergency-era during1975-1977. Significantly, some named police-persons are presently seated on high police posts in Maharashtra. The government should probe the serious allegations levelled by the Sadhvi. If the allegations are found true, punishment should be given to both the torturing policemen and also to the then leaders.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi