BJP won’t allow CPM govt to gamble with Hindu faith, will always be there for the devotees of Lord Ayyappa: Amit Shah
Organiser   27-Oct-2018

BJP president Amit Shah meeting family members of Balidanis, the victims of CPM terror in Kannur

“The Kerala government is insulting Ayyappa devotees. Kerala is under Emergency-like situation. How can they arrest devotees who chant hymns," said Amit Shah while terming the Sabarimala protests as 'struggle to slave tradition.'

Condemning the brutal police oppression and massive arrests of devotees in connection with the Sabarimala protests, against the CPM government’s haste in implementing the Supreme Court’s verdict, BJP president Amit Shah said the Left government was misusing the issue to target BJP and RSS workers.
“Today in Kerala a struggle is going on between religious beliefs and state government’s cruelty. More than 2,000 activists and workers from BJP, RSS and other organisations have been arrested. BJP is standing like a rock with devotees, Left government be warned,” Shah said, adding that the saffron party won’t allow the CPM-led government to “gamble with Hindu faith," Amit Shah said.
He also said that his party was “standing like a rock” with the worshippers.
So far, 2,061 Hindus were arrested in Kerala after the CPM Government called for a crackdown on the protesting devotees. “In the name of the court judgment, those who want to incite violence, let me tell you that there are many temples which run on different rules and norms,” Shah said.
He was addressing a rally at Kannur after inaugurating 'Mararji Bhawan', the new district office of BJP.
Terming the brutal police crackdown on devotees as a communist plot against temples, the BJP president said, "I warn Kerala's communist chief minister, don't oppress devotees in the name of implementing the Supreme Court judgment."
"It's a well-planned conspiracy to destroy the sanctity of temples in Kerala by the communists," he said.
Expressing solidarity and extending support to the devotees, Shri Shah said, "We want to assure the people of Kerala that the BJP will stand like a mountain in support of your sentiment. We will always be there for the people of Kerala and the devotees of Lord Ayyappa."
"There are many temples in India which are exclusively for women and men aren't allowed. No man tries to enter," he added.  Amit Shah ended his speech by chanting 'Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa' (the mantra of Lord Ayyappa) and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'