Pinarayi Vijayan Government Excels in Goebbelsian lie Strokes Communal Tension in Kerala
Organiser   20-Oct-2018
CM Pinarayi Vijayan misguided the people through his FB post that the Union Government has asked the State Government to facilitate the temple entry of the women of all ages.

Pinarayi Vijayan blames RSS for Sabarimala violence 
But, in fact, the memo issued, during early October, by the Internal Security I – Division of the Union Home Ministry, to the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka was to give precaution to the Government that they (states) should take proper steps to make sure that law and order situation is not disturbed.
It is reported to have said that the issue of the temple entry of women of all ages might lead to emotional reaction from Hindus. If proper actions are not taken at right time, the things will go out of control. It indicates that the apprehension is in the wake of campaigns of Left parties/fronts and pro-LWE groups in favour of young women’s temple entry.
 Circular of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
But, Pinarayi chose to misguide the people using his own terminologies and hiding the actual facts. He omitted the terminology ‘left parties’. And, he keeps on telling that the current peaceful agitation for maintaining the traditions as the ploy to close or eradicate the Vavar temple, dedicated to Vavar Swamy, a so-called Muslim saint and friend of Lord Ayyappa, and to establish the caste Hindu supremacy in Sabarimala. It is a clear cut plot to divide Hindus on caste lines and to create Hindu-Muslim conflicts.
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Finance Minister Thomas Isaac competes with his boss in misguiding the people. His FB post asked Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and Muslim community not to forget “Babari Masjid” issue (read Ayodhya demolition). Here is the blatant attempt for communal divide.
The CM and FM play these games despite a recent order from the DG of Police asking the people to keep away from using the social media for false propaganda. Here the goals are ulterior.