Amid Unrest, 'CPM Party Village' Women, Kiss of Love Activists May Visit Sabarimala Today
Organiser   20-Oct-2018

The central intelligence warns the state government that any attempt to provoke the devotees would escalate the situation
In a blatant attempt to challenge the age-old temple traditions and hurt the belief and sentiments of millions of Hindu believers, today the CPM government is trying to bring more young women to Sabarimala amid massive protests and unrest. A group of 13 young women, including those who belong to CPM party villages in Kannur, have reportedly reached Pampa, the foothills of Sabarimala, to climb the holy hill and enter the shrine. They have reportedly sought police protection to reach the temple.
The Police have already confirmed the presence of two young women in Pamba. According to the intelligence report, they are students of Kochi, including Kiss of Love activists are also among the group.
The security officials did not respond to the questions of media persons as to whether the police will escort the women activists to the temple. The police have already beefed up the security in Pampa, blocking the pilgrim passage. The Ayyappa devotees who have stationed at Sabarimala and surroundings to prevent trespassers from proceeding to the temple, are also on alert.
The central intelligence warned the state government that any attempt to provoke the devotees would escalate the situation. Yesterday, Rahana Fatima, a CPM sympathiser infamous for her obnoxious and obscene social media posts against Swami Ayyappa, accompanied by a Hyderabad-based journalist Kavitha attempted to trespass to the temple with police protection. But they had to abandon the visit following a massive protest of devotees. Another woman Mary Sweety (47) has come to visit the temple. But, she was forced to return after the police officers refused to give her escort.