Sabarimala Tantri and Pandalam Royal Family Vow to Sabotage any Move by Fake Feminists to Enter the Temple
Organiser   19-Oct-2018
People of Kerala do not believe that the Minister’s instruction to the Police not to escort the girls (Andhra scribe girl and Kerala’s atheist ‘kiss of love girl’) to the shrine is due to his magnanimity. They recall that this morning Pandalam royal family had instructed Thanthri family to lock the temple and bring the key back if traditions are violated. It has definitely contributed to this change of mind Minister ‘displays’ now.
Now, the temple Thanthri, Kantararu Rajeevaru, told the media that he would lock the temple and go home if the traditions are violated. He is with the devotees; he does not have any other alternative.
“I do not think any woman devotee of Lord Ayyappa, who knows the tradition and customs at Sabarimala, will violate the same even if she is asked to do so,” the Tantri said.
Meanwhile, temple priests, including the son of the chief priest, have started protests downstairs the pathinettampati (18 steps to reach the shrine). They are chanting prayers as token of protest. They would not stop until the controversial girls go back to the valley.
Sabarimala Tantri (chief priest) Kandararu Rajeevararu 
BJP president Adv PS Sreedharan Pillai denounced the police action of escorting the girls. He said, Pinarayi and Katakampilli would definitely invite the curse of God. He is rushing to the spot canceling his programme.
Now, the girls and police officers are in the guest house near the temple. IG of Police is expected to brief the devotees after the discussion with the girls. It is too early to speculate whether the discussion is for the reenactment of the morning drama or for sending the girls back to the valley.
Controversial Activists go back, says IGP
IGP Sreejith informs the media men that the controversial girls go back. He says, they expressed their willingness to go back. He adds, he is told about the thanthri’s decision to lock the temple if traditions are violated. Therefore, obviously the latest decision is due to the stiff opposition of the believers, Pandalam royal family and thanthri family. The protesters had made it clear that they would not stop protest until the controversial girls go back to the valley. A real victory of Dharma on Vijayadashami Day.