Police Atrocities on Ayyappa Devotees, A Continuation of Anti-Hindu Conspiracy: VHP
Organiser   18-Oct-2018
The brutality with which Hindu devotees of Sri Ayyappa were lathi charged by the Kerala police, it seemed that Marxist goons had put on police uniform and they were pertinent in attacking the Hindu faith. Joint General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Dr Surendra Kumar Jain has condemned the brutal lathi charge of Kerala police on the devotees who were peacefully gathered for Satsang and prayers. CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s police not only attacked the devotees but also pelted stones on them and looted their belongings. However, despite the brute force of administration, Kerala Government could not force the Hindu devotees to submit. This is a victory of faith and devotion, and a failure of dictatorship!
Dr Jain has warned that those who are conspiring against Hindus would not succeed. Sabarimala Karma Samiti has given a call of 12-hours bandh protesting the CPM-led Government’s brutality. All the social and Dharmik organisations have extended their support to this bandh call.
Dr Jain further stated that CPM-led Kerala Government is responsible for the kind of crisis we are witnessing in Sabarimala today. The CPM nurtured pseudo-Human right activists and their Hindu phobia has resulted in this deadlock. Under the excuse of facilitating equal rights to women, these elements are conspiring to crush down the Hindu faith. These elements never underlined, least criticise the Church in relation to sexually harassed Nuns, and they dared to call these Nuns as ‘prostitutes’. These elements also fail to say anything about facilitating Muslim women to enter Masjids.

Dr Jain also added that Hindus have never been anti-women in any way! However, every temple has its own inherent traditions which must be respected and revered. Due to these diverse traditions only, we have retained and sustained the notion of ‘Unity in Diversity’.
He added that the tradition of Sabarimala doesn’t insults anyone, nor does it hurt anyone’s feelings. This tradition is completely under Article 25 of the Constitution of India. Therefore, the struggle of Hindus in Sabarimala is within the purview of the Constitution and to safeguard its fundamental values.