Save Sabarimala
Organiser   15-Oct-2018

Apropos the cover story (Dissenting Devotees), Organiser, October 14, 2018, rightly reports the on-going ‘Save Sabarimala’ campaign in various parts of Kerala. While as law abiding citizens, we do respect the Supreme Court verdict, but we feel that Malayali women, as a key stakeholder in this affair, were not thoroughly consulted. Hindus are very flexible when it comes to their custom and rituals, but this verdict has opened up many questions about the uniqueness of temple traditions and their sanctity.
Bhavani Nambiar, Thiruvananthapuram
The on-going ‘Save Sabarimala’ campaign is not the anger against the Supreme Court verdict. The women who are marching on the roads just want their voices to be heard; their opinion to be accounted. The CPM leadership has rushed to implement the verdict at the Lord Ayappa Temple not because it is pro-women or gender sensitive, but because they are ‘anti-Hindu’. If the CPM Government is so concerned about allowing women to enter every place of worship, will they ensure the entry of women in various mosques as well? Our faith should be left to us!
Parvathi Menon, Kottayam
Attacking the Sangh
Apropos the editorial (Don’t Allege, Introspect), Organiser, October 14, 2018, rightly states how Congress, Mamata Banerjee and Pakistan have made RSS their prime targets now. It is true that blaming the Sangh for anything and everything has become the easiest way to get rid of responsibilities and answerability now. These actors need to introspect and analyse their internal problems and constructively work for the same, rather than blame Sangh for their mishandling of issues.
Mohan Desai, Surat
Churning for Action
Apropos the report (Churning for Action), Organiser, October 14, 2018, has comprehensively reported the events and happenings in the Lokmanthan-2018 held at Ranchi. The extensive coverage of the panel discussions around the five themes—Samajavalokan, Vishwavalokan, Arthavalokan, Vyavasthavalokan, and Atmavalokan is highly enlightening. The details on various features and programmes conducted in the sidelines, like film screening, Sanskrit band, tribal rituals, and showcase of different festivals of Bharat were also very enriching.
Santosh Mehra, Bhopal
Must Define Terrorism
Apropos the report (Time to Define Terrorism), Organiser, October 14, 2018, has readily summarised the speech of Minister of External Affairs Smt Sushma Swaraj at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly. Smt Swaraj rightly exposed the terror breeding Pakistan, and it was wonderful to see how she appealed the international community to corner the terror country.
Radha Malakar, Pune
Double Standards
Apropos the article (Bishop’s Anticipatory Plea) Organiser September 30, 2018, many nuns sought arrest of Kerala Bishop Franco Mulakkal over the charges of raping of nuns, but he was not arrested and roamed like a hero giving interviews to some TV channels. Even one of the ministers of Kerala supported him. This takes us to ugly black days where crime committed by the minorities is not a sin and crime committed by the majority is a sin. Take the example of Asaram Bapu, he was alleged of rape which is yet to be proved. But the moment the news was out, he was arrested and put behind the bars.
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru
Fake Alliance
When oil is added into water, they don’t accept each other. Now the best example of same combination is so-called ‘Mahagathbandhan’. Political parties wishing to participate in this alliance see dreams in the day. They feel they can befool voters from SCs/STs, OBCs and Muslims. Finding no benefit in the alliance, the SP and BSP have parted ways. Instead of working in tandem they are also kicking out each other.
Sunil Kumar Singh, Meerut
Haven for Jihadis
Apropos the report (A New Haven for Jihadis), Organiser, October 14, 2018, detailing how a Bangladeshi terrorist named Jahidul Isman was safely living in Bengaluru is very worrisome news. Are we to expect more such Jihadis hiding in our peace-loving city? It reflects a sorry state of affairs under the Congress-rule in the last five years, which somehow persists under the present Chief Minister. While other cities of Karnataka like Mangalore were affected by the rising Islamic fundamentalism in the past, this fire has now reached to Bengaluru also.
VS Chandrashekhar, Bengaluru