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Organiser   01-Oct-2018

Clarion Call of Sangh
Apropos the cover story (The Sangh ‘As it is’), Organiser, Septem ber 30, 2018, provides comprehensive coverage of the three-day lecture series on the topic ‘Future of Bharat: An RSS Perspective’. The various statements of Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat have come down to demolish many myths which had surrounded the RSS. His take on Hindutva, Bharatiya Constitution, Reservation, Swadeshi and Self-Reliance, etc. all will go down as historical statements, even though Sarsanghchalak didn’t say anything radically new. He just reiterated what Sangh and Swayamsevaks have believed so far. These statements will go down as moments of history.
Ratan Jaiswal, Indore
The take by Advaita Kala (Unravelling Sangh), Organiser, September 30, 2018, is a personalised account of her experiences after attending the lecture series at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. However, it is also a true reflection on the working of RSS. She has rightly pointed out that Sangh is an ever-evolving organisation, one that moves with the time and shapes the society like a potter does clay at his wheel.
Falguni Mishra, Allahabad
Jail as Resort
Apropos the report (Jail turns into a Resort), Organiser, September 30, 2018, which has shockingly uncovered the truth of Puzhal Central Jail in Chennai. The photographs of the non-uniformed Muslim convicts, living in the luxury of television sets, mobile phones, branded costumes and mattresses was appalling. There was a time in national politics when people used to hear about such hotel-like prisons in Bihar during the jungle raj of RJD Supremo Lalu Prasad. But to witness something similar in Chennai is disturbing.
Nandani Murthy, Hyderabad
A Sacrificed Scientist
Apropos the report (A Sacrificed Scientist), Organiser, September 30, 2018, rightly and significantly narrates the story of injustice and cruelty meted out to one of the most renowned scientists of the country. One cannot help but ask was it just a coincidence that during the arrest and gradual investigation flaws in the ISRO spy scandal, Congress and CPM Chief Ministers were at the helm of affairs? Any compensation for ruining a great career like that of Nambi Narayanan is not sufficient to let alone just. The Court must speedily process the inquiry and punish the guilty investigating officers.
Madhavan Nair, Pallakad
Guardian of Unclaimed Deads
Apropos the special report (‘Unsung Guardian of Unclaimed Deads’), Organiser, September 30, 2018, has brought out a very touching and moving reality of Shri Anil Dagar. The report clearly shows that when most people avoid even touching the dead body of their family members, Shri Dagar in Ujjain cremated over 24, 000 unclaimed dead bodies during the last 24 years. Truly, people like Shri Dagar are our real heroes!
Bhola Paswan, Patna
Salute to the US Lady
Apropos the article (The Idea of being Hindu) Organiser September 16, 2018, it is interesting to know that an unknown American lady introduced Swami Vivekananda in August 1893 to Prof John Henry Wright (1952-1908), Greek Department, Harvard University, Boston. Prof Wright after a detailed discussion with Swamiji, gave a credential letter to the authorities of the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago, stating: “Here is a man who is more learned than all our learned professors put together". He also helped Swamiji in his journey from Boston to Chicago. This indicates that God's help comes to the deserving from unknown agents. My respectful salutes to this US lady and Prof Wright without whose help Swamiji could not have participated in the Parliament of Religions.
SC Panda, Bhubaneswar
Time Bound action on Complaints
Apropos (New Contours of Financial Inclusion) Organiser September 16, 2018 the Department of Posts has taken good decision to start Payment Bank. But it should ensure time bound action on the complaints about non-delivery of articles. It has on its website useful service to lodge complaints about non-delivery of postal-articles sent by Registered or Speed Post. But there is no immediate resolution of lodged complaints making very idea of using Speed Post service useless. It is significant that these services are often used to mail important documents for a time-bound delivery. Users of postal-services have to suffer a lot in case of some last date for submission of documents.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi