When Marxists scuttled Akkitham’s chance to win Jnanpith long back

Leftists detest the great poet because he left behind Marxism and embraced Hindu universalism..

“Jnanpith gets Akkitham”

Akkitham, as he is popularly known, is Kerala’s one and only Maha Kavi (Great Poet) who is a household name for his works which has played a major role in demolishing and destroying orthodoxy and conservatism associated with the Brahmin community to which he belongs. Aged 94, he is the last surviving social reformer who revolutionised the lives of not only the Namboodiri households but even that of people in lower strata of the Kerala society. ..

Vishwakarma Jayanti and the Dignity of Labour

Vishwakarma symbolises the dignity of labour which was given maximum respect by ancient India. May Day, imported from the west, fails to motivate labour positively whereas Vishwakarma Jayanti can...

Prime Minister extends greetings on 'Hindi Diwas', congratulates linguists for contribution

On Hindi Diwas, Home Minister Amit Shah has also expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the strengthening of the Hindi language...

Jayanti of Paramabhattaraka Vidyadhiraja Sree Chattampi Swami Ji: “Here I met a remarkable man”, wrote Swami Vivekananda after meeting Chattampi Swamikal

Today marks the birth anniversary of the great sage, Vedanti, author and social reformer Paramabhattaraka Vidyadhiraja Sree Chattampi Swami Ji, who taught Swami Vivekananda the meaning of ‘Chinmudra’ during the latter’s Kerala visit. “Here I met a remarkable man”, wrote Swami Vivekananda after meeting Chattambi Swamikal at Kochi...

Destructor of Obstacles, Ganesh Beyond Boundaries

Lord Ganesha, the destructor of all obstacles, is a true global Indian deity, worshipped as the First god ‘nirvighanam kuru me dev, sarva karyeshu sarvada’ to get rid of all hindrances before beginning of any task. His infinite glory is beyond confines of time, circumstances, political and geographical boundaries of nation states...

'Marching towards Atmanirbharta': Winners of Short Film Contest on Patriotism Announced

As part of Independence Day celebrations 2020, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting along with National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) had organised an Online Short Film Contest to create a patriotic mood surrounding this year’s Independence Day...

Ram temple construction has begun in Ayodhya, would be completed in 36-40 months, says Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust

Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust held a meeting of its members in New Delhi on August 20. The meeting was organised to discuss the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. ..

Movie based on ‘true history’ of 1921 Malabar Hindu genocide: Director Ali Akbar raises over Rs 76 lakhs through crowdfunding, launches film production house 'Mama Dharma'

Malayalam film director Ali Akbar has raised over Rs 76 lakhs through crowdfunding and launched a film production company named ‘Mama Dharma’. The new film production company was inaugurated by Swami Chidanandapuri Maharaj, the head of Kolathur Advaita Ashram. ..

“The Sanatan Dharma, that is nationalism. This is the message that I have to speak to you!”: Here's how Sri Aurobindo defined Hindutva in his historic Uttarpara Speech (Full Text)

"I say no longer that nationalism is a creed, a religion, a faith; I say that it is the Sanatan Dharma which for us is nationalism. This Hindu nation was born with the Sanatan Dharma, with it, it moves and with it, it grows."..

The Idea of Akhand Bharat: Concept and Meaning

The idea of Akhand Bharat is as old as a civilisation as it duly got a place and described in ancient Bharatiya scriptures. ..

Kerala Simham Veera Pazhassi Raja: The Indian king who brought the British Army to its knees and defeated Arthur Wellesley, the vanquisher of Napoleon in Waterloo!

Pazhassi Raja resisted the troops of Hyder Ali in 1774 and ultimately led his kingdom to victory against the forces of Hyder Ali in 1793..

#MyBharat Bharat’s Jnana Parampara is based on Evolution, not Revolution: Shri J Nandakumar

Speaking about the tradition of communication in Bharat, often called samvada, was multifaceted and it should be devoid of prejudice(purvagraha) and stubbornness to accept(duragraha) he said. The samvada is not between humans or animals but with nature as a whole..

Ayodhya’s tryst with destiny

What we see in Ayodhya is the resurgence of the soul of Bharat, rising up from the shambles of past and finally overcoming all the attempts of the invaders spanning centuries to destroy our culture and legacy..

Unsung Heroes of Sri Ram Janmabhumi Movement: KK Nair, an ICS officer from Kerala who defied Nehru’s ‘Aurangzebic diktat’

KK Nair aka Kandangalathil Karunakaran Nair is a name deeply engraved in the history of the Ayodhya movement. The brave ICS officer, hailing from the southern state of India, played an unforgettable role in reinstating the fundamental right to worship of Hindus in the Rama Janmabhumi before India became a constitutional republic..

Revival of the Lost Glory

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Dham project work has led to the re-discovery of more than 40 major temples, which have great historic and religious significance as per Kashi Khand of Skand Puran, hidden under residential and commercial encroachments. These smaller temples are now being restored and conserved for the grand temple to attain it's lost glory..

Yoga, a complete package for humanity

Practicing yoga is best suited during the COVID-19 pandemic because it manages physical and mental issues..

Central Hindi Institute's initiative in preserving Shina Language - the mother of Dardic languages spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan of Ladakh & JK

Shina, the mother of Dardic languages is primarily spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan, Dah Hanu, Gurais and Dras in India. Researchers suggests that the focus on speakers of indigenous languages is necessary in order to save them from language shift and language loss eventually resulting in loss of culture...

Legacy of Ezhuthachan

Legacy of Ezhuthachan..

Houses, temples reverberate with Ram Nam: Holy Ramayana Month begins in Kerala

Reciting the divine story of Bhagwan Sri Ramchandra, the Ramayana month observance began in Kerala on July 16. The Hindus in Kerala observe ‘Karkidakam’, the last month in Malayalam calendar as Ramayana month, chanting the verses from Adhyatma Ramayana, Malayalam translation of Valmiki Ramayana by medieval poet Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan...

Sanskrit: A Language of Science

Sanskrit is perhaps the oldest and the most prolific language known to mankind. Since the Rigveda- the oldest written scripture in the world is in Sanskrit; the origin of Sanskrit as language must precede the Rigveda. Scholars admit of the considerable influence of Sanskrit on Tamil, Greek and Latin which are considered other ancient languages of the world..

Why only Hinduism mentions the Universe but no other religion?

Did we ever notice that only Hinduism mentions the universe? The reason is that only Hinduism knows about the vast dimensions and the huge time-frames of the universe of which our earth is just a speck..

Yoga is a deep spiritual system, a journey into ancient India

Yoga is a deep spiritual system of attaining ultimate union with the divine, a journey into ancient India’s history!..

6th International Day of Yoga celebrated across the country through Digital Media

The sixth International Day of Yoga was celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country through electronic and digital media..

Yoga Day is a day of solidarity and universal brotherhood; Yoga boosts immune system against Covid 19 virus: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on #InternationalYogaDay

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, addressed the nation today on the occasion of International Day of Yoga via video conference..

#InternationalYogaDay Yoga is a moving meditation, where practice becomes prayer and dedication: Yasmina Cherquaoui

A qualified health and nutrition coach, she teaches yoga at studios in London, has corporate and private clients and runs retreats in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco and the Caribbean...

#InternationalYogaDay How yoga strengthened the Saudi woman’s steely resolve

The President of India Ram Nath Kovind had conferred Nouf with fourth-highest civilian award the Padma Shree. The first certified yoga instructor in the region, she was credited for getting yoga recognized as a sports activity in Saudi Arabia..

500-year-old Odisha temple submerged in Mahanadi River resurfaces

A 500-year-old ancient Hindu temple that remained submerged in Mahanadi in Odisha has been resurfaced, said experts who are leading a documentation project of heritage sites in the river valley, reported PTI. ..

The Judge : A film on Love Jihad directed by Jithu Aravamudhan

THE JUDGE is a story of remorse and penance. It is also a story about a serious issue that Hindus and other communities are facing at present in India..

Ram Mandir construction begins in Ayodhya with 'Rudra Abhishek' ceremony

Marking the beginning of the temple construction, ''Rudra Abhishek'' ceremony and an ''aarti'' were held at the Kuber Tila temple in Ayodhya on Wednesday morning. ..

‘Bhagavad Gita is now more relevant than ever’: Oxford journal looks to Bhagavad Gita for 'Covid lessons', says ‘healthcare workers are today’s Arjunas'

“Krishna’s advice to Arjuna was simple. Being a warrior committed to protecting his people, Arjuna’s only dharma was to fight, and not worry who he was fighting or the outcome of the war,” reads the article titled "Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita (the ‘Lord’s Song’), from India during these difficult times". ..

Prime Minister announces "My Life My Yoga" Video Blogging contest in Mann Ki Baat

Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India today called upon one and all to participate in the “My Life – My Yoga”(also called “Jeevan Yoga”) Video Blogging Contest, a joint effort by the Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), during the course of his monthly Mann Ki Baat address to the nation. The contest focuses on the transformative impact of Yoga on the lives of individuals, and comes as one of the activities related to the observation of the sixth International ..

1100-year-old monolithic sandstone Shivling unearthed in Vietnam's Cham temple complex

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has unearthed a Shiv Ling, dating back to the 9th century, at Cham temple complex, which is part of the My Son sanctuary, in Vietnam. The Shiv Ling was discovered during a restoration work of the temple complex by ASI..

Guru Arjan Dev Ji: Martyrdom for righteousness that changed the course of History

The martyrdom of the fifth master of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev Ji , in the hands of the cruel and bigoted Mughal regime on 13 Jeth 1606 (30 May 1606) falls on 26 May by the western calendar this year...

Ancient idols, pillars and Shiv Ling found in Ayodhya during Ram Mandir construction work

In a major archaeological finding, carvings on sandstone, Shiv Ling and ancient pillars were excavated during the land levelling work at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya..

The crisis of a lifetime and lessons from Ramayana

Many of us have lost loved ones, jobs, or normal life. But, this also an opportunity to collectively create a New India. This is the time to participate in rebuilding the Vikas Setu being set forth by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is time to make attempts to once again build a Ram Rajya in Bharat!..

Narad Jayanti: Devrishi Narada’s Relevance in the Age of Digital Media

Narada, one of the ‘Saptarishis’ and ‘Prajapatis’, the Chief of the Gandharvas or divine musicians, is revered by many as the ‘Adi Patrakar’ or the first-ever journalist in human history..

'Buddha is synonymous with service and dedication' says Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Virtual Vesak Global Celebration on Buddha Purnima (Full Text)

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the virtual ‘ Vesak Global Celebrations' on Buddha Purnima today. The program is dedicated as Global Prayer Week in honour of Victims and frontline warriors of COVID-19 ..

#BuddhaPurnima The Gospel of Buddha: Avoiding the Ten Evils

"All acts of living creatures become bad by ten things, and by avoiding the ten things they become good. There are three evils of the body, four evils of the tongue, and three evils of the mind."..

#BuddhaPurnima : The Indic Buddha

Buddha was born into Sanatan Dharma milieu. He was educated in the philosophies of Vedas and Upanishads and taught the laws laid down in Sastras. He absorbed the values of the society he grew up in..

Ramayan creates world record; 77 million people watch show in one day

Ramayan has created the world record of Highest Viewed Entertainment Programme Globally. Prasar Bharati said in a tweet that 77 million people watched the show in one day on the 16th of this month...

Coronavirus Lockdown Reading List #6: 12 must-read books recommended by Tarun Vijay #TheGreatIndianReadBookList #StayHomeIndiaWithBooks

Here’s a list of 12 must-read books recommended by Shri Tarun Vijay..

A Manifesto for Post-Corona World Order (Part I): A New Paradigm for a New World

Besides taking a retrospective look at the past, let us think about a new world premised on “Datta, Dayadhvam and Damyata”, the quintessential message of Hindutva for the humankind i.e. Integral Human Philosophy..

#CoronaLockdown Doordarshan to re-telecast iconic Ramayana serial from March 28 after public demand!

Following a social media campaign for a re-telecast of Mahabharat and Ramayan during the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Friday announced that Ramayana would be rebroadcast on DD National from March 28, Saturday..

‘Swami Vishwamitra in Meditation’, Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma's painting sold for Rs 6.45 Crore

The auction had once again pushed artist Raja Ravi Varma, known as ‘the father of Indian modern art’, into the international art domain after Sotheby’s auctioned the painting for a record price of $8.6 lakh..

Many colours of Hindutva: Nation celebrates Festival of Colours Holi with tradition fervour

Hindu Festival of colours Holi is being celebrated across the country today. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil and the arrival of spring. ..

Foreign scholars over the centuries have undermined Vedic wisdom to the point where many Hindus are uncertain what is real and what is superstition: Steve Briggs

In an exclusive interview to Organiser representative Pradeep Krishnan, Steve Briggs speaks about his life, India, Gurus, etc. Excerpts:..

Khajuraho Literature Festival (KLF2020): Confluence of Culture, Literature and Politics

Set against the backdrop of the living example of India's cultural heritage, the theme of the three-day event was ‘Forging unity by assimilating diversity’..

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu pays tribute to Hindu sage Sree Narayana Guru, inaugurates the 87th Sivagiri Pilgrimage Meet

The Vice President urged religious leaders to spend more time in rural areas and villages and work for the upliftment of the depressed, suppressed and oppressed people drawing inspiration from great saints like Sree Narayana Guru ..

The Political Riddle of Tamil Nadu

Dravidian Tamil Nadu is a political conundrum as observers fail to traverse the landscape of a Forbidden Land..

Thiruvalluvar in Saffron spooks Dravidian chauvinists

Thiruvalluvar in Saffron spooks Dravidian chauvinists ..

Bharat Beyond Aryan Invasion Myth: National Seminar busts the myth of Aryan-Dravidian divide; lends an Indic perspective to history

National Seminar busts the myth of Aryan-Dravidian divide; lends an Indic perspective to history..

The Eternal Remedy

The Eternal Remedy ..

Sikhs and the Decisive Battle for Ayodhya

In the history of Bharat, Brahmakund holds a very special place, as that’s where Saint Vaishnavadas chalked out a strategy to defeat the army Aurangazeb sent to destroy the altar at Ram Janmabhoomi..

Shri Ranga Hari releases ‘Hindutva for the Changing Times’ at Kochi International Book Festival

Much-awaited ‘Hindutva for the Changing Times’, written by senior RSS pracharak and convenor of Prajna Pravah Shri J Nandakumar was released by veteran RSS pracharak Shri R Hari at Kochi International BookFestival on December 1..

Malayalam poet Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri honoured with 55th Jnanpith Award

Noted Malayalam poet Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri was conferred with the 55th Jnanpith award for his outstanding contribution to the literature. The 93-year-old poet has written over 43 works in Malayalam. ..

56-day-long Vedic Chanting rituals begin in Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The Murajapam (Vedic Chanting) rituals are held once every six years in Kerala. ..

Film Nirvana depicts Ramkrishna Paramhansa’s teaching, Joto mot, toto poth meaning, there is more than one way of attaining salvation: Filmmaker Gautam Halder

Film Nirvana depicts Ramkrishna Paramhansa’s teaching, Joto mot, toto poth meaning, there is more than one way of attaining salvation: Filmmaker Gautam Halder..

IIT Kharagpur researchers find 3,000-year-old Iron Age evidence in Gujarat

Researchers from IIT Kharagpur have found archaeological evidence of a 3,000-year-old Iron Age settlement at Karim Shahi and a Historic to Medieval settlement at Vigakot near Thar desert...

Indian Panorama opens with National Award-winning Gujarati film Hellaro at IFFI in Goa

Indian Panorama opens with National Award-winning Gujarati film Hellaro at IFFI in Goa..

World needs India's ancient traditions of non-violence, compassion: Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama was delivering the S Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture on Universal Ethics organised by the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. ..

'APPA DEEPO BHAVA' - A unique dance drama celebrating women in Buddha's journey towards enlightenment premiered in Delhi

'APPA DEEPO BHAVA' - A unique dance drama celebrating women in Buddha's journey towards enlightenment premiered in Delhi..

Bhish­­­ma, the Virtuous

Devrata has been observing the change of mood of his father. He summoned the ministers and the charioteer and questioned them. The prince rode his chariot alone and went straight to the Dasara king. He sought the hands of Satyavati for his father...

Selfie With Ravan

An Indian Left Liberal’s attempt to ‘decimate’ the Aryan Ram is met with delusion as the Dravidian Ravan exposes the Comrade Indian Left Liberal’s legendary ‘ignorance’..

Restoring the glory of Vedas is needed for the welfare of the entire world - Shri Mohan Bhagwat

Restoring the glory of Vedas is needed for the welfare of the entire world - Shri Mohan Bhagwat..

Bhish­­­ma, the Virtuous

Bhishma was the son of king Santhanu and goddess Ganga. Santhanu was the son of king Pradeepa. With full vigour and adolescence, as Santhanu was wandering on the banks of river Ganga, he met with Ganga. It was love at first sight. He wooed her and entreated her to be his love. But there was a condition by Ganga. – Shantanu could never question her..

Looking to the Past for Building future Aircraft

Looking to the Past for Building future Aircraft..

Uniting the Entire Bharatavarsh

One of the most austere rituals in Hindu Dharma is Parikrama, a sacred ritual that involves walking around holy river,..

Gandhari, the Chaste

Gandhari has been a devotee of Lord Shiva since her childhood. The Lord blessed her with a hundred sons in her married life. Bhishma who came to know of the fortune of Gandhari, decided to get Dhritharashtra married with Gandhari and sent ..

"Everyone should strive to learn and preserve ancient Bharatiya knowledge", Priyavrata Patil who passed 'Tenali' Mahapariskha at 16 and won appreciation from PM Modi

"Everyone should strive to learn and preserve ancient Bharatiya knowledge", Priyavrata Patil who passed 'Tenali' Mahapariskha at 16 and won appreciation from PM Modi..