India 7 Pakistan 0. This is the score card of India - Pakistan rivalry in the cricket world cup

India 7 Pakistan 0. This is the score card of India - Pakistan rivalry in the cricket world cup ..

Double standards! CPM Government says NO to removal of illegal crosses from temple land; takes case against those who installed Trishul in protest against Church’s land encroachment

Travancore Devaswom Board president A Padmakumar said that the board owned 269 acres at Panchalimedu, which they lost over a period of time..

Fake News about RSS Sarsanghchalak: Press Council of India rejects ‘apologies’, censures ‘The Indian Express’ and ‘Loksatta’

The Indian Express columnist and ‘veteran’ journalist Karan Thapar and the editor of the Loksatta Girish Kuber wrote the articles containing fake quotes of the Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat..

“Nothing wrong in Pakistan ad mocking Abhinandan Varthaman. It is really funny, to be taken with sportsman spirit”, says Congress MP Shashi Tharoor

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said that there is nothing wrong in the Pakistan ad that mocked Abhinandan Varthaman. He said that the ad was really funny!..

#HinduSamarajyaDiwas "If you believe in the Quran, you will find there Rabb-ul-alamin, and not Rabb-ul-Musalmin": Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's letter of remonstrance to Aurangzeb against the imposition of Jizya

Shivaji Maharaj's protest against Jizya, addressed to Aurangzeb, also illustrates his benevolent policy of religious liberalism. Excerpts:..

Casteist Party of India? ‘Progressive’ Communist Party of India (Marxist) wants to know the religion and caste of their members!

"If you give an RSS worker a lift, the party will treat you as RSS! These days the Communist party and its leaders have become extremely intolerant,” said C O T Nazeer, who was brutally attacked by the CPM goons for deserting the party..

IMA Scam: Fatwa from Imams forced gullible people to invest in the fraudulent company

IMA Scam: Fatwa from Imams forced gullible people to invest in the fraudulent company..

#Banaras Manduadih railway station gets an unbelievable facelift: The world-class railway station now looks more like an airport

Other than beautification, the newly-revamped railway station has become truly world-class level in providing various passenger-friendly amenities also...

"We are not Terrorists! We are doctors, we save you"; Doctors across the country condemn attack on colleagues in West Bengal by Muslim mob and TMC goons

Close on the heels of continued attack on BJP workers and sympathizers in West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee, TMC cadres have now resorted to even attack doctors who are protesting the attack on their colleagues by a Muslim mob earlier this week. Attacks on doctors and interns by TMC goons have been reported from different parts of the state. ..

Banned Islamic outfit SIMI is active in Kerala and West Bengal, works hand-in-glove with other radical Islamic outfits

The Kerala state government has apprised the Union Home Ministry of the extremist groups in the state. Panayikkulam SIMI camp and Wagamon training centre for making bombs and weapons are strong pointers for Bharat...

Invigorating Societal Strength

Annual Sangh Shiksha Vargs of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to impart organisational training to the cadre are going on all over the country. Some Vargs have been concluded, while some are to be concluded by the end of June. The Third Year Sangh Shiksha Varg will conclude on June 16 in Nagpur“By awakening patriotism and potential of the nation, Bharat will once again become Jagadguru. Many great leaders and stalwarts of this country have done this most important work. The RSS also since ..

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MODI SARKAR 2.0 Apropos (Change with Continuity), Organiser June 9, 2019, if 2014 was about Hope, 2019 is about Trust. Indian voters have reposed immense trust in Prime Minister Modi’s strong and decisive leadership. The Bharatiya Janata Party in this election has forced the opposition parties to visit temples, but today’s voters are so smart that they clearly differentiate between a genuine and the fake one. Such is the dedication level of Modi Government 2.0 that it has hit the ground ..

Murderous attempt on Bajrang Dal karyakarta by Jihadis in Bayaru town of Kasargod, Kerala; Case filed against 6 Muslim youth

Niyaz, Khalil, Siddique, Nawaf, Abid and one other person have been charged with attempt to murder of a Bjarang Dal Sanchalak in Bayaru of Kasargod in Kerala. This adds to the list of hate crimes perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists in recent weeks all over India. Despite the region being under the gaze of Jihadis, the Kerala police and government seem to be willfully turning blind to the Jihadi crimes...

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  DEEP SUBMERGENCE RESCUE VEHICLE (DSRV) OF INDIAN NAVY UNDERTAKES LIVE MATING EXERCISEOn June 2, 2019, the Indian Naval DSRV based at Visakhapatnam carried out live mating exercise that included transfer of personnel from the submerged submarine—INS Sindhudhvaj. The entire exercise was done by Indian crew. This exercise marks the culmination of the training phase on DSRV. This newly acquired skill by Indian Navy and live mating exercise is a historic achievement towards integration ..

Karnataka's Sarada Scam! Imposter defrauds thousands in the name of 'Islamic Finance'; Investors lose thousands of crores in a scam that features Congress leaders

Despite being aware of the fraudulent activities of IMA, the state government and its agencies failed to see the entire scam which has now resulted in more than 3000 investors losing money and Mansoor Khan absconding along with his wives and children. The IMA Jewels stores in Bengaluru have been closed and its phone lines are dead..

Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh urges the Union Government to incorporate the objections of Trade Unions on Labour Codes

Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has conveyed to the Government its serious objections on some of the provisions of Labour Codes, which are to be rectified before they are placed before cabinet or sent to parliament, said Saji Narayanan C.K, President, BMS..

'It is total anarchy! TMC Government has unleashed a reign of terror in West Bengal': BJP leader Mukul Roy requests Home Minister Amit Shah to save people of Bengal

Trinamool goons, at the behest of the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, have been indulging in targeted attacks against the BJP workers in the state, resulting in many deaths and injuries..

Alva’s Education Hub Where Traditions meet Modernity

There are many educational hubs in Bharat. Among them, Alva's Education Foundation stands out head and shoulders among schools, as it considers moral and value-based educational system is the need of the hour in today's changing timesIn the era of educational institutions competing merely on facilities or number of degrees offered, rarely does one come across an institution that is rooted to Bharatiya culture and values and yet provides the best of the education in various fields while adapting to ..

Muslims attack Dalit family, molest women in Begusarai: VHP strongly condemns the Jihadi violence against Dalits, urges Bihar Government to take stringent action

Communally charged Muslim mob barged into the house of a Hindu family, molested two women and tried to kill the lone male member who was present there at that time..

Draft Education Policy 2019 - A vision for the future of education in India

The committee has taken a long term approach, without thinking of immediate gains. It talks of the next decade when India will be a ten trillion dollar economy, when it will not merely be driven by natural resources but also knowledge resources...

Church-sponsored ‘Cross Farming’ in Sabarimala: Church erects Crosses and encroaches 'Sacred Forests of Lord Ayyappa' with the connivance of the Communist Government

The church with the alleged connivance of the state government is encroaching the ‘sacred forests’ associated with the Sabarimala temple, known as ‘Poonkavanam’..

Yuvraj has played his innings - You go, be a legend!

India’s legendary all-round cricketing star Yuvraj Singh just announced his ‘retirement’ from all forms of cricket, to start off on his second innings in the future..

Tamil Nadu in the throes of Hinduphobic, secessionist and fundamentalist forces. Hurting Hindu sentiments and rich cultural heritage seems to have become the order of the day in the land of Raja Raja Chola.

Tamil Nadu has become a hot bed for secessionist and fundamentalist forces. They are enjoying unhindered free run thanks to failure of the administration, police and state intelligence agencies that are supposed to rein them with iron hand. ..

No new cases of Nipah Virus disease in Kerala, Clinical condition of Nipah positive patient is improving: Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan

The Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is personally regularly reviewing and monitoring the Nipah Virus Disease status and has directed the senior officers of the Ministry to review the status with the Kerala state government..

Highlights: The much-awaited Draft National Education Policy (NEP) 2019

The Committee for Draft National Education Policy, chaired by Dr K Kasturirangan, submitted its report on May 31, 2019. Here are the key takeaways:..

Cutting Chai over Earl Grey: Triumph of common man’s wisdom over elitist hypocrisy

Iam reminded of a famous fable that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi narrated in one of his “Mann ki Baat” radio programme on AIR. A sheep found a very young lion and it grew up with the sheep. It learned to eat grass just like the sheep did. One day, an old lion saw the ‘sheep lion’ and tried to wean him away from the sheep, but ‘sheep lion’ ran away as he was approached by the old lion. ..

Misjudging a democratic victory by Amartya Sen is an insult to the Indian voter

Amartya Sen's bile trying to belitte the victory of Narendra Modi is infact an insult to the collective consciousness of Indias voters who overwhelmingly voted for a better India..

Kerala IS leader Abdul Rashid reportedly killed in Afghanistan; He saw 'golden chance' in killing people during Kumbh Mela and Trissur Pooram

Abdul Rashid Abdullah, the Keralite from Kasaragod, who led a 21 member team to Afghanistan during May - June, 2016, is reportedly killed in US bombing in Afghanistan. Reports suggest that the incident took place about a month before...

A Global Voyage for Energy Swaraj

IIT Bombay professor Dr Chetan Singh Solanki is on a global Solar Yatra to stir the people about the dangers emerging due to climate change & rising global temperature, and to promote renewable energy consumption. After traversing about three dozen countries and involving around three million students, his Gandhi Global Solar Yatra will conclude in New Delhi on October 2, 2019..

ABVP for Primary Education in Mother Tongue

The National Executive Council meeting of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad held in Chennai from May 27 to 29 demanded to impart primary education in mother tongue and promotion of the Indian languages. It also stressed on implementation of the new Education Policy as the earliest..

Evangelists illegally constructing a Church on forest land adjacent to the hills of Lakshmi Jagannatha Gattu in Kurnool, AP

Evangelists seem to be on a overdrive to occupy places that do not belong to them ever since Jagan Reddy took oath as the CM of Andhra Pradesh. The Evangelists seem to be under the impression that Jagan's victory is a free pass for their illegal activities. The CM should prove them wrong...

Mamata’s anger against Jai Shri Ram may burn Hindu culture to ash!

Mamata’s anger against Jai Shri Ram may burn Hindu culture to ash!..

Hypocrisy of DMK exposed! Opposes Hindi vehemently in public but schools run by its top office bearers teach Hindi to all their students

While DMK vehemently protests Hindi, it has come to notice that schools and educational institutions owned by top DMK functionaries have been teaching Hindi to all its students as a third language. Kathir News, a popular news portal in Tamil Nadu, exposed the hypocrisy of DMK and its so called fight against Hindi as being only a publicity stunt. ..

RSS inspired Samartha Bharata organises 1 Crore Sapling Plantation drive in Karnataka

Samartha Bharata is organising the 3rd Phase of state-wide mega campaign on planting 1 crore saplings from June 5 to August 15, 2019 across the state. This major campaign of ecological conservation is supported by more than 600 reputed socially active NGOs of the state...

World Environment Day: Know about RSS’ new initiative for environment protection

The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of RSS had decided to assign a dedicated team to inculcate an integrated approach to address the environment-related concerns, that was later implemented in the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha 2019..

Police get death threat call against Union Minister V Muraleedharan; Central Excise employee detained in Kerala

Syed Muhammad, a Central Excise employee, has been taken into police custody in Kozhikode. The police are examining whether the accused have any affiliation with any terrorist group..

RSS Inspired Ekal Vidyalayas, a People's Education movement in one-teacher schools, inches closer to 100000 mark

Ekal Vidyalayas started as a movement to impart integrated education & holistic development for children of rural & tribal India. ..

Jammu cries for equal voting rights: Why is delimitation of J&K a necessity?

Former judge of the J&K High Court, GD Sharma explains why delimitation of Jammu and Kashmir is a necessity..

Change with Continuity

The biggest ever oath-taking ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on May 30 was indeed the People’s Ceremony, as it was joined not only by over 8,000 ordinary BJP workers, the victims of political violence in West Bengal, family members of the soldiers martyred in Pulwama terror attack, but also by the bigwigs from business world and the film industry. The new Cabinet presents a mix of seasoned parliamentarians and skilled professionals..

The Crisis of Waste

India’s rapidly growing towns and cities are contributing to an unprecedented rise in waste. It is not only affecting the environment but also is leading to major health issues. This Environment Day each of us should pledge to be conscious to the problem of waste, contribute through recycling, segregation and educating others..

Solutions to Pollution

In India pollution takes a heavy toll on humans, especially on those living in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Millions of people die every year due to pollution-related ailments. Here are some ways that we can consider to contain pollution in urban centres..

Energy Agenda for New India

The world’s energy resources are fast depleting and a new and ambitious Bharat is no exception to the chronic problem of energy deficiency. As the country’s need for energy exceeds its supply, we are hurtling from one crisis to another. Unless we pull our socks now, we will be staring at a grave scenario..

“I consider all our languages as national languages”: Sri Guruji Golwalkar on ‘The Language Problem’

he second Sarsanghchalak of RSS, Sri Guruji Golwalkar had shared his views on ‘The Language Problem’ in two interviews to Organiser, published in December 1957 and October 1967...

History repeats for Abdullakutty: Congress ousts its Muslim face in Kerala for praising PM Narendra Modi

Two-term Congress MLA and CPM MP AP Abdullakutty was expelled from CPM in 2009 for the same reason!..

The Leningrad of Bihar! Why Giriraj Singh's victory in Begusarai is Ideologically significant

After defeating the poster boy of ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ Kanhaiya Kumar, the message from Begusarai is in your face for the Left intellectuals who thought they can influence the people from their ivory towers. People showed them how irrelevant they really are. - Dr. Govind Raj Shenoy   BJP Candidate from Begusarai Giriraj Singh showing the victory sign after defeating the much hyped Left candidate Kanhaiya Kumar Begusarai in Bihar has the distinction or misfortune ..

Another case of Love Jihad emerges from Sikar. Imran, father of 3 kids, fakes identity to marry a Hindu girl and goes missing with her

- Agnima Sharma   Jaipur: In yet another case of love jihad being reported in Rajasthan, a case has been registered in Sikar against one Imran Bhati who married a Hindu girl introducing himself as Kabeer Sharma while hiding the fact that he is married and is a father of three kids.  Imran posed as Brahmin!  Bhati trapped a Brahmin girl by introducing himself as an unmarried Brahmin, proposed her and later married her in presence of his fake parents, and fake relatives ..

Muslim mob pelts stone on Dalit marriage procession in Cong ruled MP; One killed and 2 in critical condition as tension grips Dewas

Curfew imposed in Pipalarwa village of Dewas dist. after Muslim mob pelts stones on Dalit marriage procession(Representational Image) Dalit community members have alleged that the Muslim mob also thrashed them even inside the police station. Police had to use force to disperse the mob. A wedding procession of a Dalit that was passing through a Muslim locality has been attacked and one person has died. A Muslim mob pelted stones on a marriage party of a Dalit which was passing in front of ..

'Evil-angelists' strike again! Christian missionaries desecrate sanctum of Khasi tribe amid rituals in Meghalaya

Christian missionaries desecrate sanctum of Khasi tribe when ceremony was in progress (Image for representation purpose only)  In a shocking incident of direct attack on indigenous beliefs by the Christian missionaries, a group belonging to a local Church have vandalized and desecrated the sanctum of a ceremony of the Khasi tribe. The sanctum which is known as Niang Pyrhai was broken and rendered in a mutilated state. This blatant attack on the rituals and beliefs of the Khasi tribe ..

Portfolios announced for new council of ministers: Amit Shah gets Home Ministry in new Cabinet, Sitharaman Finance, Rajnath Defence and Jaishankar External Affairs

Amit Shah gets Home Ministry in new Cabinet, Sitharaman Finance, Rajnath Defence and Jaishankar External Affairs..

Rabid Christian Evangelist slanders Adi Yogi at Isha Yoga Centre; Shouts 'Only Jesus can Save' in front of the statue!

- Venkatesan TS  A Christian Evangelist slanders Adi Yogi at Isha Yoga Centre by shouting 'Only Jesus can Save'  Viral videos and reports from Coimbatore have shown that an evangelist has indulged in slandering Adi Yogi and Yoga in front of the mammoth Adi yogi statue at Isha yoga Centre in Coimbatore. The video where a man, presumably a Christian Evangelist, is heard praising Jesus and has spread across social media too has created rippled among the adhereents of Isha Yoga and ..

Being Pratap Chandra Sarangi: From Grassroot Worker to Minister

Two time MLA and now a BJP MP from Balasore, Pratap Chandra Sarangi, sets a precedent of simple and meaningful life before the people in public life. He still lives in a thatched house and rides a bicycle to serve the tribals in his area..

UP Police to take legal action against Congress leaders, Cong-Islamist media for sharing fake news about Amethi BJP worker murder case

UP Police to take legal action against Congress leaders, Cong-Islamist media for sharing fake news about Amethi BJP worker murder case..

Narendra Modi takes oath as Prime Minister for a second term

Shri Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India along with a new Council of Ministers for the second term at a magnificent ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhawan this evening..

PM Modi - The most popular national figure in Indian Politics

A serious economic reformer with a real popular touch, known all over the world for his excellent and dynamic presentation, a fine administrator who proved that governance is based on development and has no space for any negativity, and having worked with utmost zeal and enthusiasm to serve the people of the country, Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most popular national figure in Indian Politics.- Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit  Narendra Modi's popularity has only risen with time. Recent mandate ..

A Salute to the Election Commission of India

The Election Commission is to be lauded for the humongous efforts it put in for conducting a free and fair elections for the Lok Sabha. Managing 900 million voters and 10 lakh polling booths with 1.1 crore polling officials and 23 lakh security personnel is no mean task. We as dutiful citizens have to thank the EC Commission for the just concluded polls which were by and large free from violence and large-scale booth capturing. - Sangeeth Gopala Kini  The EC has been lauded for ..

"The Sanatana Dharma, that is nationalism" Narendra Modi to take oath as Prime Minister on the 110th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's Uttarpara Speech

The date of the swearing-in ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi and his council of ministers marks the 110th anniversary of Maharshi Aurobindo's Uttarpara speech which set out his vision for new Bharat..

The myth of Nehru-Gandhi Sacrifices

For the past six decades, one dynastic family has single-handedly portrayed itself as the greatest martyrs and heroes of the country, while most leaders either died in ignominy or were consigned to the dustbins of history..

People Slap Elitist Campaign

In the run-up to the election, the Indian Diaspora community witnessed a series of anti-Modi, anti-India and anti-Hindu reporting in international media with many leading papers joining the orchestra-Avatans Kumar The Indian diaspora around the globe was eagerly waiting for the results. When the counting of votes started on May 23, there was little doubt that the BJP-led NDA will emerge as the single largest party. Most exit polls had suggested a second term for the BJP and Modi-led NDA. By the ..

Families of victims of TMC terror invited to PM's swearing-in ceremony

 In an unprecedented move the kin of the victims of TMC terror in West Bengal have been invited to witness Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony on 29th May. PMO has invited two members each from several families of the victims. With this invite the BJP and Modi have conveyed a message of solidarity with the families who bore the brunt of TMC terror. The invite is also seen as a message to the ruling TMC dispensation in Bengal that its politics of violence and intimidation will not go unnoticed. ..

Modi, Prabhu Ram ka bheja hua doot hai – When Ashok Singhal Ji endorsed Modi in 2013

VHP leader Ashok Sighal with Narendra Modi (File Photo) As PM Modi gets ready to take oath as the Prime Minister for a second time, it would augur well to recall all those who endorsed Narendra Modi as the right PM candidate in the run-up to the 2014 elections. Senior VHP Leader Shri Ashok Singhal was one of the prominent voices in the country who had backed Modi's name for the PM's post. During 2013, in the run-up to the general elections the subsequent year, many names were being ..

Big Jolt to Mamata Banerjee. 2 TMC MLAs and 50 Councillors join BJP

 After giving nightmares for Mamata Banerjee in the general elections by winning 18 Lok Sabha seats, the BJP has not rested on its laurels. The party's election machinery seems to be already working intently for the 2021 assembly elections. Mamata's TMC which received a rude shock in the Lok Sabha elections received further jolts after prominent memebrs of its party joined BJP today.  Two Trinamool MLA's, a CPM legislator joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence of BJP General Secretary ..

Jihadi terrorism in the way of ‘Solidarity’

- Rajesh Pathak E   Throwing the light on the downfall of Buddhism in India Dr. Ambedkar had said- "When the Muslim ruler, Bakhtiyaar Khilji invaded Bihar, he killed more than five thousand Budhist monks. Remaining of the Buddhists fled to China, Nepal and Tibet. In order to revive Buddhism the followers later tried to raise monasteries, but till then 90% of the Buddhists had gone back to the fold of Hinduism. Therefore these efforts came a cropper."[Ref: Dr Ambedkar aur Samajik ..

Truth about Veer Savarkar's Clemency Letter to the British

Savarkar was a true disciple of Chattrapati Shivaji. Shivaji too had sent similar letters and petitions to deceive the enemy as before the killing of Afzal Khan, during Siddi Johar’s siege and during his imprisonment at Agra. Shivaji used it to bide his time and avenged all insults when he became powerful enough. This is clever political stratagem.  Any one who reads Savarkar’s biography or his autobiography ‘My Transportation for life’ will immediately know the ..

Bittersweet Victory for KCR. BJP makes huge inroads in Telangana

With BJP winning 4 Lok Sabha seats in the Telugu state and winning more than 300 on its own at the centre, KCR’s hopes of playing a larger national role have ended.   With a impressive victory in 4 seats, the BJP has made huge inroads in Telangana.The party has won from Adilabad, Karimnagar, Secunderabad, and Nizamabad. Incidentally, KCR’s daughter and sitting MP K Kavitha has lost from Nizamabad to BJP’s Arvind Dharmapuri.  The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) was able ..

Jagan has the last laugh as CB Naidu and TDP bite the dust

While most poll pundits credit Jaganmohan for the spectacular victory on good poll management, it seems a combination of factors worked against TDP and CB Naidu in Andhra. Prominent among them were allegations of corruption, nepotism and being unable to meet his own promises.Jagan's YSRCP won a massive 22 out of the 25 seats. TDP won a mere 3  It seems greed and over reach of Telugu Desam Party president Chandrababu Naidu ensured that he looses both the battles. A couple of years ago, ..

DMK Shocker Fails to Dampen Nation's Spirit

- S.S. Mahadevan A Tamil journalist, who also happens to be a voter in the Vellore Lok Sabha constituency quipped: “We took pity on poor harassed Election Commission and decided to lessen the burden on EC by getting election to our Lok Sabha constituency canceled. See, it is 542 and not 543 this time, the number of seats for which results are keenly awaited by the country!” The EC had canceled the election to Vellore parliamentary constituency after over Rs 11.48 crore worth unaccounted ..

Despite unholy and dirty nexus, BJP improve its vote share in Kerala

  At last the LS election results are at one’s finger tips. Keralites are taken by surprise to come across the results in the twenty constituencies in the state. Nineteen out of 20 went to the kitties of Congress-led UDF. And, CPM-led LDF, the ruling apparatus in the state, has to find solace in a single seat win, that is Alappuzha.  But, the most heartening is the nil win of BJP. Because party had meaningful dreams of bagging at least three seats. The defeat of Kummanam Rajasekharan, ..

The Rise and Rise of BJP in Karnataka

- Arakere Jayaram   About two decades ago, while working for an English newspaper, I was booed by my colleagues when I said that the BJP was the party on the rise in Karnataka and would come to power. As that newspaper had written off the BJP as communal, its journalists were in no mood to listen to me.  The results of the elections to the 17th Lok Sabha from Karnataka reaffirm the supremacy of the BJP in Karnataka. At the same time, they expose the hypocrisy of sections ..

BJP won big by cornering all parties in multi-pronged fights

These Lok Sabha elections saw much more multi-pronged contest than the last elections in 2014. Yet, the BJP was able to emerge as winner despite coalition efforts in many states, by immaculate planning and optimum execution.- Karthik Shridhar   A whopping 332 out of 542 constituencies in the just-concluded General Elections saw a two-way contest. Another 184 saw three-way contests. In contrast, the 2014 elections saw only 169 two-way contests, 278 three-cornered contests and 90 ..

#SavarkarJayanti Veer Savarkar: An Epitome of Sacrifice

Veer Savarkar was an epitome of sacrifice, but still, he is a misunderstood legacy. On the eve of his birth anniversary, let’s hope that he and his family get their due honour..

Modi Magic sweeps Rajasthan; Desert state turns into Lotus Garden

BJP scripted history in Rajasthan by limiting the ruling Congress to zero in the Lok Sabha elections, thereby making a clean sweep in state..

BJP touches 50% vote share in Uttar Pradesh; busts Mahagathbandhan's caste-communal code myth

Priyanka Gandhi proved to be a non-starter, Rahul a damp squib for Congress, which lost Amethi also to BJP’s Smriti Irani. The SP-BSP-RLD Combine bites the dust, while the RLD completely eliminated..

From just 2 seats of Dr AK Patel and Chandupatla Janga Reddy in 1984 to a massive 303 in 2019, journey of BJP has been dramatic

Dr AK Patel (right) and Chandupatla Janga Reddy were the only 2 winners for the BJP in 1984 general elections  As BJP and its supporters celebrate its spectacular win in the 2019 general elections under PM Modi's leadership, it is worthwhile to recall the party's journey from a mere 2 seats in 1984 to 303 today. The journey has been anything but easy. The party has seen ups and downs, ridiculed and written-off at times, called unimaginable names, with national and international forces working ..

Coalition Government in Karnataka on shaky grounds after BJP's superlative performance

Congress veterans bite the dust. JD(S) supremo HD Devegowda loses from Tumkur. With Congress and JD(S) reduced to one seat each in Karnataka, the incumbent coalition government is set to fall after facing opposition from their own MLAs in continuing the opportunistic alliance.- R Guruprasad (For representaion purpose only) After the disastrous performance in the Loksabha elections and Assembly bye-polls, the Congress -JD(S) coalition Government in Karnataka is on shaky grounds. It may ..

'BJP's victory is triumph of national forces': Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh congratulates Bharatiya Janata Party for historic election win

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Thursday congratulated the Bharatiya Janata Party for the sterling victory it has got in the Lok Sabha polls..

A Dried River Revived by people in Saharanpur

Panwdhoi, known as ‘Ganga of Saharanpur’ was converted into a drain following carelessness on the part of local people and the administration. But now the River is returning to her original form thanks to the efforts of Divisional Commissioner Shri Chandra Prakash TripathiSurender Singhal Saharanpur: Collective efforts surely pay dividends. It proved correct in the case of Panwdhoi River of Saharanpur. The River, which used to flow throughout the year about 50 years back, had been ..

#GeneralElections2019 BJP heading for landslide victory: Narendra Modi is back with a bang!

BJP is all set to return to power with a majority on its own as the party is leading in more than 300 seats..

Electronic Voting Machines Vs Election Venom Marketers

Electronic Voting Machines Vs Election Venom Marketers..

Nathuram Godse was an assassin and not a Hindu terrorist - An open letter to Kamal Haasan by great grandson of MK Gandhi, Shri Krishna Kulkarni

In his open letter Shri Krishna Kulkarni says, in calling Nathuram Godse the first Hindu terrorist, Kamal Haasan has played to the gallery given his dire need for votes and media attention. Kamal Haasan had also justified his statements on Hindu terror. After facing backlash from all quarters, he went on to suggest that terrorists are present in all religions without naming the religions.     Dear Shri Kamal Haasan,  Namaskar.  Growing up, I was a fan of your acting ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  1. FIRST APACHE HELICOPTER FORMALLY HANDED OVER TO THE IAFOn May 10, 2019, the first Apache Guardian helicopter (AH-64E (I)) was formally handed over to the IAF at Boeing production facility in Mesa, USA. Air Marshal AS Butola, accepted the helicopter on behalf of the IAF. It may be recalled that the contract for 22 such helicopters were signed with the US Government and M/s Boeing Ltd in September 2015 and the first batch of these helicopters is scheduled to be delivered by July this ..

Opposition crying over EVMs is a sure case of sour grapes

 #LokSabhaElections2019 voting ended on 19th May, exactly at 6.31 PM. Exit polls of different shapes, sizes, colour and variations were splashed on all news channels and twitter was flooded with millions of tweets. NDA was given a clear majority with BJP as single largest party. Celebration started for NDA allies but the opposition parties, arm chair activists, #UrbanNaxals propaganda gang and biased and sold out section of media started attacking the election commission and churned out different ..

Bhakt, Gaumutra and how hate for Modi is affecting Hinduism worldwide

What those who lampoon supporters of Modi as 'Bhakts' don't realize is that because of their pure hatred against a politician, they are deprecating a civilization their ancestors built with blood and sweat. - Ananya   Couple of days ago a friend from Assam posted a story in which she was blaming modi for a local incident which ultimately turned out to be a fake news. I being myself couldn't resist replying to her story which lead to a long heated argument. She mentioned how ..

‘Breaking-India Brigade’ peddles 'fake news’ about EVMs: Conspiracy hatched to discredit ECI and Democracy

Rubbishing the false claims and rumours of alleged movement of EVMs, the ECI stated that ‘it would like to emphatically and unambiguously clarify that all such reports and allegations are absolutely false, and factually incorrect. The visuals seen viral on media do not pertain to any EVMs used during the polls.’ ..

The message of exit polls: 6 messages from voters to politicians, writes Arun Jaitley

If the Exit Polls are read along with the 2014 election results, it would be clear that there is a huge maturing of Indian democracy taking place..

Exit polls predict a clean sweep for BJP; Political parties hold meetings to discuss the post-poll scenario

As the last phase of elections concluded on Sunday, eight surveys conducted by various agencies predicted that the BJP-led NDA will return to power with a comfortable majority..

Bandipora Rape Case exposes the mindset of Kashmir centric parties

After maintaining criminal silence for days on the heinous Bandipora rape case, the mainstream as well as separatist groups of Kashmir Valley –dominated by Sunni Muslims, echoed in the same voice to implement Sharia law to deal with crimes like rape in the state of Jammu & KashmirDeepak Zazia from Srinagar Less than a month after a Kashmiri girl committed suicide after being allegedly raped by her father, a three-year-old girl has been allegedly raped by her neighbour in the same Bandipora ..

Freedom of Speech Curtailed

The case against BJP youth leader Priyanka Sharma has reignited the debate on freedom of expression in West Bengal since the Trinamool government assumed powerNiladri Roy The threat to Opposition forces within West Bengal keeps surfacing through attacks on opposition leaders. On May 13, Union Minister Babul Supriyo alleged that TMC goons pelted stones at his security personnel's vehicles near West Bengal's Basirhat. The rage and anarchy that earlier seemed sporadic now seem far more systemic ..


Elections in West Bengal have never been as violent as they have been during this time. After curbing free speech and freedom to campaign, now even legends are at stake in Mamata’s Bengal as her goons demolished even Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar’s statue to save her citadel Debu Chowdhury from Kolkata   Ever since Mamata Banerjee has taken over the reins of West Bengal, political violence, illegal trade, religious appeasement and ‘syndicate raj’ have increasingly bared ..

Dear Mamata Banerjee, You should do to others what you would like others to do to you

Mamata Banerjee's shameful public conduct during the Lok Sabha campaign, her untrolled tantrums and uncouth abuses of PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, does not behove a CM of a state. By displaying such extreme behavior she has failed to be a role model for women holding responsible positions.- Dr Mrs Hilda Raja   Watching and listening to Mamata Banerjee in her last pre-poll rally I hung my head in shame as a woman.I am not going to say anything worse or .I just want to remind ..

An Open Letter to ‘The Economist’

Blatant Interference in Indian Elections— Jagdish Sewhani, New York  The EconomistI am writing to you with regard to the op-ed published by you “Under Narendra Modi, India’s ruling party poses a threat to democracy.” As an avid reader of The Economist, I have experienced a deep decline in the journalistic standards and ethical values, which once was considered a prestigious publication.   As a person of an Indian origin, living in New York for the past ..

The Hinduphobia

If there is Islamophobia in the West, Kafirophobia in the Muslim world, then let us also accept there is Hinduphobia in Bharat setting the election agenda. Can it now be properly deciphered? Dr. Pramod Pathak   On the evening of May 14, the whole country witnessed the massive peaceful road show of BJP president Amit Shah on the streets of Kolkata. People in procession chanted “Jai Shri Ram”. As the procession reached near the university campus, student brigade of TMC attacked the ..

Decoding the 2019 Campaign

While analysing the Election Campaign 2019, one should not forget that the central theme of the entire campaign by opposition ‘alliance’ was creating Hindu-phobia. The Congress hypocrisy and its double standards of Temple Tourism and demonising Hindus all stand exposed. While the people responded to the welfare schemes introduced by the BJP government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged as the symbol of modern and awakened Bharat on its eternal Hindu identity that believes in acceptability ..

Islamic State group targeted Kerala RSS leaders, HC judges and senior police officers: NIA tells Court during Kanakamala IS case trial

According to reports, the terrorist group targeted Valsan Thillankeri and other senior RSS functionaries in the state. But they could not act on it due to the presence of police security which was provided to Valsan Master. Valsan Thillnkeri is a senior RSS leader in Kerala and a member of RSS Kerala Prant Karyakari..

A Stable Government and Coalition Politics

Regional parties which stand absolutely no chance of forming a government at the Centre or in a State on their own strength, are much too happy to join sides with big parties in the fight so as to be able to share a piece of power after a collective victo..

Tyagi's murder will never become another Dadri or Kathua

Cases of brutal attacks and sexual overtures on Hindus are increasingly happening across the country. No matter how heinous the crimes , they never become 'Kathua' or 'Dadri'. It is our inaction, our meek silence and our deceptive chant of secularism that has put the majority under ominous threat. - Salil Gewali  The incident that had happened in the capital on last Sunday was dangerously shocking. A small businessman, Dhruv Tyagi, a resident of Moti Nagar, West Delhi, was stabbed ..

Tolerating the intolerance of the liberals

We have tolerated those who raise anti-India slogans, those who take the side of a enemy country, stars who do not even condemn any terror attack, and a opposition which finds an internal conspiracy in every heinous attack. How then can India in itself become intolerant? Instead, India has become more tolerant by tolerating the intolerance of these pseudo-liberals.- Aditi Sood   It was way back in 2014 that many people, including filmmakers, actors, politicians and some left-minded ..

Rahul Gandhi embarrassed publicly by Oxford Dictionaries. Attempt to snipe at Modi backfires

Rahul Gandhi's repeated attempts to taunt and ridicule Modi have backfired every single time. Congress Presidents yet another attempt to ridicule Modi using a non-existant word has ended with him being shamed publicly on Twitter by non other than Oxford Dictionaries.Oxford Dictionaries reply to Rahul Gandhi's tweet on a non-existent word  Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi posted a picture on twitter in which he referred to the word 'Modilie' while addressing Modi indirectly and wrote that 'There’s ..

Readers’ Forum

Devil Designated Apropos (Devil Finally Designated), Organiser, May 12, 2019, nearly, two decades have passed since Masood Azhar, struck Bharat. Since then successive governments around the world have tried to rein in JeM terror but largely to no avail. It took just less than four years for the Modi Government to bring the Devil back to the Hell, from where Azhar hatched all his evil plans against Bharat. It is no mean feat, especially with the active support from the US, France and other allies. ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  1. INS RANJIT DECOMMISSIONED AFTER 36 YEARS OF GLORIOUS SERVICEOn May 6, 2019, INS Ranjit, a Rajput class missile destroyer of Indian Navy was decommissioned at a solemn ceremony at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam bringing to end its glorious 36 years of service. The Chief Guest for the Decommissioning ceremony was Admiral DK Joshi (Retd) Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Andaman & Nicobar Islands who was also a part of the commissioning crew. The ship was commissioned on 15th September ..

A rattled Mamata imitates Kejriwal; TMC goons attack Amit Shah's rally, Vandalise Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar's statue

Elections in West Bengal have never been as violent prone as it has been during the campaign this time. Mamata who came to power claiming that she will put an end to the Left brand of politics, seems to have not only emulated everything the Left stands for but has even went further. While the Left indulges in politics of murder and fear behind the scenes, TMC with the arrogance of power has been attacking its political opponents in public and in the glare of media. Mamata who often speaks about democracy ..

Tribute to Sudarshanji

Sudarshan ji  Bengaluru: Veteran Sangh Pracharak Sudarshan ji passed away on May 1 in the afternoon. He was 85. Following respiratory health issues, he was admitted at a private hospital a few days back. Hailing from Ullala, Sudarshan ji served the Karnataka Government as a revenue officer and as Tahsildar. He resigned from the service to dedicate his whole life for the cause of the society by getting in as Pracharak, a full-time worker with the RSS. He served as a Zila Pracharak at Chikkamagalur..

Sangh Shiksha Vargas in Tamil Nadu

Erode: RSS Sarsangachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressed the swayamsevaks at Sangh Shiksha Varg on May 6. Prior to the Sarsanghachalak speech, the shiksharthis demonstrated various skills learnt at the Varg including yoga, danda, niyuddha and gosh.   Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressing the swayamsevaks at Erode Varg  During the visit to Erode, Shri Bhagwat also received blessings from Acharya Mahashrama the same day.Meanwhile, the swayamsevaks undergoing training at the Varg in Vellore ..

Set a Goal in Life and Achieve It

26th Annual Day celebration of Vaidehi Ashram, a project run by Seva Bharathi in TelanganaHyderabad: Vaidehi Ashram, a girls’ home run by Seva Bharathi, celebrated 26th anniversary on April 28. A function was held at the Ashram premises at Saidabad. Vaidehi Ashram is the home to 150 girls who were either orphaned or destitute. The Ashram takes care of their education and empowers them to be self-reliant. A huge gathering of friends and well-wishers joined the grand celebration in the evening. ..

Art for the Nation

Over 1000 artists, congregated at India Gate on May 4 from across the country, appeal to the countrymen to vote not just as a right, but as a duty as wellNew Delhi: In a spectacular celebration of democracy, artists from across the nation congregated on May 4 at India Gate and communicated to the nation in one common language of art and expression. Over a thousand artists participated in a unique live painting for the country under the theme ‘Nation First, Vote Must’. They urged the countrymen, ..

Understanding the Life Science

Every modern mother, every person in fact, in Bharat needs to read this book to understand more about their own bodies, and to understand about our ancient practices better. It was not mumbo-jumbo, it was not superstition. It was a life scienceThe Sabarimala Confusion. Menstruation across Cultures—A Historical Perspective, Published by Vitasta Publishing (2018), Pages: 363, Price: Rs 662When I had just entered my teens, my mother and I were invited to a special function involving a Tamil Brahmin ..

Opium for the Communist Class

We need to understand that it is very difficult for the Communists to reconcile to Hindu culture and dharma as they have been trained to call religion as opium of the masses. Their hatred for Hindu religion comes from this training. Because of their Western training and viewpoint, they can’t differentiate between Dharma and religionI am so happy that Comrade Sitaram has finally talked about Sita-Ram and the Mahabharat though he and his party believe that all this is pure unadulterated myth. ..

DRDO conducts successful flight test of Made-In-India High-Speed Expendable Aerial Target Drone ABHYAS

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) conducted successful flight test of ABHYAS - High-speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT) from Interim Test Range, Chandipur in Odisha yesterday..

Union Government extends ban on LTTE for five years

The Central Government has extended the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for another five years ..

CPM Started TMC Perfected

The brutal attack on Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh’s convoy by Trinamool Congress workers on May 7 shows the frustration and high-handedness of Mamata BanerjeeNiladri Roy The political violence in West Bengal assumed the ugliest form on May 7 when the convoy of Assam Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh was attacked in Purba Medinipur's Khejuri by Trinamool Congress workers. According to reports ..

Petition against defamatory article against PM Modi in TIME Magazine

An online petition against Time magazine has been filed on for its defamatory article against PM Narendra Modi. The petition says that the article is not only factually incorrect and questions the wisdom of Indian electorate who elected him in 2014, but the author is also wrong on most of his arguments, may it be economy, development, women empowerment or Hindu- Muslim divide.  An online petition has been filed against the Time magazine for its defmatory article against PM Modi Th..

Global Praise for Preparedness

The National Disaster Management team helped the state Government of Odisha in speedy evacuation of about 11 lakh people to the safer place. It helped save many livesAn early weather warning system in our country and the expertise of our weather scientists deserves all praise for timely warning of the cyclone Fani. We were able to save many lives because of the warning and efficiency of our administrative machinery in Odisha and West Bengal for timely evacuation of people in the coastal area particularly ..

Not ‘Fani’ but ‘Modi Wave’ Rattles Didi

“Welfare of the people is supreme! A few days back, when parts of Bengal were affected by a cyclone, I called Didi, but she didn’t even talk to me. Her mindset of placing politics above people's welfare is deeply worrying”Dr. Doel Ray from Kolkata Cyclone ‘Fani’ (meaning the hood of a snake), dubbed as the strongest cyclonic storm to hit India in 20 years, made landfall in the early morning of May 3 in Puri. The ‘extremely severe’ cyclonic storm with ..

Relief above Politics

The joint operation by the Centre and Odisha government to help the Cyclone Fani victims in Odisha not only ensured timely and quick relief to the victims but also set a healthy precedent that political differences are meaningless when citizens are in trouble. However, a similar ‘unity’ was found missing in West Bengal where the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee did not even respond to the calls by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Dr Samanwaya Nanda from Bhubaneswar   The extremely ..

1857 War of Independence engulfed all of Bharat

The 1857 war for independence against the British East India Company and its troops was a phenomenon that engulfed the entire Bharat. Though historical narrative suggests that the war was limited to a few regions, emerging proof and facts tell us that it was an event where every region, people from every aspect of life and denominations took part and gave their life.   Some accounts of the 1857 War of Independence suggest that the 1857 War of Independence was limited to a few regions. ..

Need an enlightened global leadership for a conflict free, just world order - Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu calls for enlightened global leadership for a conflict free, just world order at UN ‘Vesak’ Day in Vietnam. He also said that Buddhism elevates individuals, leadership towards peace and sustainable developmen. Shri Naidu says hate mongers need to be constructively engaged to avoid death and destruction. Asserts Buddhism is an antidote to terrorism, radicalization and religious fundamentalism. Shri Naidu also spoke on virtues of Buddhism during his ..

Decoding the Malegaon Blast case

Sadhvi Pragya and Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Shrikant Purohit are true brave hearts who defied their tormentors and proved them wrong with their extraordinary courage and uprightness. Today both stands tall and vindicated and their tormentors have crawled back to eating crow’s feet after they were exonerated in the Malegaon Blast case - Suresh EN  Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Col. Shrikant Purohit were detained and tortured in captivity for 8 years A lot has been written and ..

RSS Acceptability Growing in the Society

The prime task of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is man making and organising the society. The social support to this cause is on the rise all over the country,” said RSS Akhil Bharatiya Sah Prachar Pramukh Shri Narendra Thakur. He was speaking at a function organised on April 27 to release the special issue of ‘Brij Samvad’, ..

Art is a Medium to Serving the Nation

“There is nothing individual in art. It is a medium of serving the nation. The objective of the nation’s progress should not disappear while focusing on our individual progress . Everyon emust be conscious about it,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, while presenting Dinanath Mangeshkar Memorial Awards on April 24...

Strengthening the Bond between Bharat and Israel

Day-long symposium at Kodagu to strengthen people to people engagement between Bharat and Israel..

Claims of William Dalrymple on Babur debunked by Babur himself

William Dalrymple, author of several books and a favorite of the Lutyens historians, recently claimed in a vile tweet claimed that 'Babur scarcely refers to Islam" and quoted from the book of Stephen Dale. More than truth about Babur, it was evident that Dalrymple wanted to score against those who opposed his version of history which claimed Babur was not an Islamic invader and did not destroy temples nor built Mosques over them. Aabhas Maldahiyar demolishes such claims on Babur in a series of Tweets ..

Defence Scan By Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

The latest Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) data released recently places India as the world’s fourth biggest military spender last year. USA, followed by China lead the world military expenditure...

Dalit woman gang-raped in Rajasthan. 3 gang rapes have come to light in last 72 hours in the Congress ruled state

With 3 gang rapes reported in the last 72 hours, Rajasthan has emerged as India’s newest ‘Rape Capital’ under Congress Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The Dalit woman was raped on camera in front of her husband but the incident was allegedly suppressed by the Alwar police owing to the general electons. Congress President Rahul Gandhi who has been questioning PM Modi on women's safety has been conspicuously silent on the rapes committed in the state ruled by his own party. - Agnima ..

Sanskrit is the invaluable window to Indian cultural treasure house - Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

VP Venkaiah Naidu calls for promoting Sanskrit Learning. He also complimented students for trekking at 12000 feet on Himalayas and hoisting the “Sanskrit Flag”. He gave a call to protect nature and preserve culture for a better future.   Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu felicitated students from Vasavi School in Shivamogga, Karnataka who trekked the Himalayas and hoisted the Sanskrit flag    The Vice President, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu today complimented students ..

Readers Forum

Arrest Islamic Terror Apropos (Jamaat-e-Terrorists), Organiser, May 5, 2019, the editorial rightly argues that the gangs of Islamic terrorists do not consist of senseless, directionless, poverty-stricken and uneducated youth but they are well educated and well-to-do individuals, inspired by religious fundamentalists who essentially believes in converting the entire world into Islam. These terrorists are also highly tech-savvy and are working under a well-defined modus operandi following sophisticated ..

Daughters of BJP/RSS Karyakartas killed by CPM pass 10th grade with flying colors

CPM murdered their fathers brutally only to settle a political score. Their families were in distress. But none of it deterred the bright daughters of the vicimts to work hard and pass the 10th grade with A plus in all subjects. You may kill our breadwinners, but we will never be on our knees is the message of these kids to the CPM murderers.Vismaya and Ashwati Krishna (right) have passed the 10th grade with an A+ in all subjects. Both are vicitms of CPM terror in Kerala.  Several students ..

Balakot Air Strikes by IAF killed upto 170 terrorists; 45 still in hospital - Italian journalist’s huge revelation

Francesca Marino, an Italian journalist, has reported that up to 170 Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists were killed in the Balakot airstrike conducted by the Indian Air Force on February 26, 2019. Italian journalist Francesca Marino has revealed that Balakot Air Strikes by IAF killed upto 170 terrorists and 45 are still in hospital An Italian journalist has made a big disclosure about the Indian Air Force's attack in Balakot, Pakistan on February 26, 2019. After the fidayeen attack on CRPF convoy ..

Self-Reliance in Defence

Self-reliance in the defence sector can act as a key to decrease India’s dependency on foreign powers, give a boost to the domestic manufacturing sector and reduce the import burden. Public-Private-Partnership in this sector can also show us the way forward- Dr. Satish Kumar India’s multirole light fighter, Tejas, designed by Aeronautical Development Agency and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the Indian Air Force and Indian NavyThe long driven strategy will make India a great ..

Minority School Forces Christian Values on Hindu Students

Minority-run Christian school ride roughshod over Hindu students and their religious identity No one dares to question the minority children wearing their religious symbols like the hijab or skull cap. Any move to bar them have led to rioting by parents with support from the liberal Jamaat Every time someone from the so-called minority communities complains about being forced to sing Vande Mataram or a Saraswati Vandana in a school or a public function, the entire liberal Jamaat picks up ..

SFI Torture, Kerala Girl's Suicide Attempt

 SFI Torture, Kerala Girl's Attempts Suicide (Representative Image)  Reports pour from Tiruvananthapuram University College of suicide attempt by a girl student due to fascist and anti-woman actions of SFI activists. The girl did not return home from the college on May 3 hence her parents had lodged a complaint. Police found her lying down unconscious. The first year Degree (Chemisty) student had cut the vein in her wrist causing profuse bleeding. She had left a suicide note behind. ..

Akshay Tritiya - The Festival of balanced energy

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious occasions for Hindus and has become synonymous with bounty and buying gold. However, Akshaya Tritiya as per the Dharmic traditions celebrates the balance of energy in the universe and is a day for personal spiritual sadhana.       Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most auspicious occasions for Hindus and has become synonymous with bounty and buying gold. However, Akshaya Tritiya as per the Dharmic traditions celebrates the balance ..

An open letter to The Economist

On May 2nd, the Left-oriented magazine Economist published a biased piece on the outcome of 2019 Indian General elections. It claimed, as in its title of the said piece, that under Narendra Modi, India’s ruling party poses a threat to democracy. Though the Economist's Left bias was well known, a completely prejudiced piece without data and facts to prove did not go well with its readers, especially Indians who reside in America. Jagdish Sewhani, a resident of New York, writes a strong rebuttal ..

Christian Prayer Meetings held next to a Hindu Endowment Temple in Andhra Pradesh

The state's 'secular' politics of appeasement has only emboldened the Christian missionaries to further hurt the sentiments of Hindus by conducting prayer meetings very next to a prominent temple in a village.  The Andhra Pradesh government and police should take necessary precautions before such actions of the evangelists causes disturbances in the society. - VSK Telangana Sri Varala Venkateshewara Swamy temple in Eeduru village, Attilil Mandal of East Godavari dist. in Andhra Pradesh ..

ABVP starts huge Voter awareness campaign for increasing voter-percentage and electing a strong government

ABVP started a vast 'Voter awareness campaign' at various public places including Markets , Parks and major metro stations for increasing vote-percentage and electing a strong government.  ABVP is reaching common citizens through its Voter Awareness Campaign to increase voting percentage The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has started a large-scale ' voter awareness campaign ' at different public places in Delhi, keeping in view the general elections in Delhi on 12th May. ..

Many More Jallianwala Bagh Massacres

In spite of repeated demands for unconditional apology, the British Government is still sticking to its guns on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919.Ravi Kumar British Prime Minister Theresa May on April 10, 2019 described the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in 1919 as a “shameful scar” on British Indian history but stopped short of a formal apology sought by a cross-section of parliamentariaus in previous debates. “The tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh of 1919 is a shameful scar ..

Devil Finally Designated

With his stature as a global leader, Modi has succeeded in designating the Devil - Masood Azhar - as an international terrorist, which China, Pakistan’s all-weather ally has been protecting for a decade The he designation of Masood Azhar as an international terrorist by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) 1267 Committee crowns India’s hectic diplomatic efforts since 2016 to achieve this end. This success is at several levels. One, India has been able to successfully mobilise internation..

Terrorists gun down BJP leader Ghulam Mohammad Mir in Anantnag. Joins the long list of nationalist voices killed by cowards sponsored by Pakistan

Ghulam Mohammad Mir is another nationalist voice in the valley finished by the terrorists. Hope the people who cried & wrote columns after column for Burhan Wani & his terrorist gang will take trouble to write at least a tweet for this sane voice from the valley.   - Ajmal Shah   Gul Muhammad Mir, District vice president of BJP in Anantnag, was shot dead by terrorists on May 4th Wars are dirty, but dirtiest of them all is the proxy war. Our country has a ..

Fascism peaks in Mamata's Bengal. 3 arrested for Chanting 'Jai Sri Ram' near Mamata's Convoy

In a video that has gone viral, Mamata can be seen stepping out of her car and angrily castigate those who chanted 'Jai Shri Ram' (Image courtesy:  As Lok Sabha elections enter the 5th phase tomorrow, campaigning has been at its peak all across the country as it is in West Bengal. However, adding to earlier reports of intolerance against BJP campaigners, CM Mamata herself has displayed her intolerant attitude towards Hindus and BJP supporters yet again.  Mamata Banerjee's ..

Rahul Gandhi’s UK firm caught in web of lies received undue favors from the UPA government in Scorpene Submarine deal

In an expose with far reaching consequences for the Nehru clan, it has been revealed that Congress President Rahul Gandhi's business partners from his UK registered Back Ops Limited received undue favors from the UPA government in Scorpene Submarine deal.   IndiaExpose, a online portal, on May 2nd exposed the loopholes in the documents of Registrar of Companies in United Kingdom. As per the IndiaExpose article, documents submitted by Rahul Gandhi’s company Back Ops Limited to ..

Sri Lankan blasts a lesson for Kerala. Suicide bombers had visited Kerala but CM Pinarayi wants to ban RSS

This image released by IS news agency Amaq claims Mohammed Zahran, center, is the terrorist who led the Easter Day attack in Sri Lanka that killed over 300. SL Army Chief says that these terrorists visited Kerala, Kashmir and Bengaluru.  Sri lankan Army Chief Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayke has told the media that suide bombers who executed the blast series in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday had visited Kerala, Kashmir and Bengluru. He does not know the motive behind the travels. Total death toll of ..

Yechury has ended up with his face in the mud - A Rejoinder to Comrade Sitaram Yechury

We need to understand that it is very difficult for the Communists to reconcile to Hindu culture and dharma as they have been trained to call religion as opium of the masses. Their hatred to Hindu religion comes from this training. Because of their Western training and view point, they can’t differentiate between Dharma and religion. I am so happy that Comrade Sitaram has finally talked about Sita-Ram and Mahabharat though he and his party believe that all this is pure unadulterated myth. ..

Declaring Masood Azhar a Global Terrorist: Victory of India

The UN declaring Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist demonstrates international commitment to rooting out terrorism. However, in the diplomatic turf it is a victory against Chinese hold which shows a new trend in world politics. If China has bent down against the joint pressure of India-US, it will have palpable impact in South Asia.- Dr. Satish Kumar    Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar, now a global terrorist In a major diplomatic win for India, ..

It is Win-Win for All but India still has a Long Haul

It is Win-Win for All but India still has a Long Haul..

Tripura Congress vice president Tapas Dey arrested for sharing fake news against Chief Minister Biplab Deb

Tripura Congress vice president Tapas Dey arrested for sharing fake news against Chief Minister Biplab Deb..

Tribute to Prakash Kamath

Belagavi: Veteren RSS Pracharak, Prakash Kamath, breathed his last on April 21. He was 70. He was undergoing treatment at a private hospital after he suffered brain stroke recently. He is survived by his two brothers and a sister. He was the strength behind the beginning of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram work in Karnataka. He worked under the guidance of the late Ajith Kumar ji. Due to health troubles, he was relieved from his responsibilities three years ago. After that he was staying at Kumta, Uttar Kannada. ..

Sacrifice of Chanderkantji will not go in vain

Jammu: “The supreme sacrifice made by Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO Rajinder Kumar on April 9 in Kishtwar will continue to inspire the workers and the nationalists forces in the society. The RSS condemns this cowardly act of terrorists. The RSS is always with the nationalist citizens and the security forces. We appeal to the security forces to give a befitting reply to the separatists and all nationalist citizens are with them in all circumstances,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Suresh ..

Sangh Shiksha Varga in Tamil Nadu begins

 Shiksharthis at the inaugural session of the Varg Vellore: The 20-day long annual Sangh Siksha Varga of North Tamil Nadu was inaugurated by director of Narayani Shakti Peetam (renowned Golden Temple), Sripuram, Shri Suresh Babu on April 21. He said the training camp would impart both Daiva Bhakti and Desh Bhakti. Daiva Bhakti would help in moulding the character and Desh Bhakti would help in loving fellow citizens and render social service to them. He informed that the training camp has ..

Realise the Ideals of National Leaders

 Dr Krishna Gopal speaking at the seminar in New Delhi New Delhi: “We must analyse the past and think about the idea of India in the mind of leaders of the national movement like Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Savarkar, BC Pal,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal while inaugurating a seminar on the ‘Role of Intellectuals in Nation Building’ organised by the Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) on April 20 at Hansraj College of Delhi University. Dr ..

Defence Scan By Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  SECURITY FORCES ELIMINATE KARGE NUMBER OF TERRORISTGeneral Officer Commanding of 15 Corps Lieutenant General KJS Dhillon, in a press conference held on April 24, 2019, along with Jammu and Kashmir D G Police Dilbagh Singh intimated that the Indian Army has eliminated 41 terrorists after the February 14, 2019 Pulwama attack—25 of these were from Jaish-E-Mohammad, 13 of them were Pakistanis. Elaborating on the achievements of the year, he also intimated that this year, a total of ..

Readers’ Forum

Matured Patriot Apropos (Sadhvi Prayga: The Candidature of Courage & Conviction), Organiser, April 28, 2019 Sadhvi Pragya should not be blamed for her earlier statement on martyr Hemant Karkare, because it was hardly possible for her to resist description of personal torture faced in our investigating-system where investigating officers are compelled to use inhuman tactics to make a young lady give statement according to requirements of political rulers. But Sadhvi on the next day proved to be ..

Riyas Aboobacker arrested by NIA in Kerala in connection with Sri Lankan terror attacks

 Riyas Aboobacker (29) arrested by NIA in connection to SL attacks  Palakkad native Riyas Aboobacker (29) was arrested, on April 29, by NIA after taking into custody in connection with the links with Sri Lankan (SL) blasts. Reports suggest, NIA has traced his links with the Kasaragod-based IS recruitment. Abubaker Siddiq and Ahmed Arafat, both Kasaragod natives, were taken into custody couple of days before. NIA has found that Riyas is linked with IS terrorist Abdul Rasheed Abdulla ..

China government's mouthpiece says PM Modi will return to power; Calls him a Pragmatist

Influential Chinese daily The Global Times has said that there is no Indian leader right now who is of PM Modi's political stature and that there is little doubt that BJP will emerge as the largest party in parliament and rule for another term. The piece also hails PM Modi's diplomatic initiatives and foreign policy during his tenure. The Global Times hails PM Modi's foreign policy and says that he is sure to return as PM in the 2019 elections  The Global Times, considered the mouthpiece ..

A Compelling Read on Modified India

Narendra Modi: Creative Disruptor—The Maker of New India, Published by Konark Publishers, New Delhi & Seattle, Pages: 270, Price: ­­₹650.00Hundreds of titles have hit the market on Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the last five years. But ‘Narendra Modi: Creative Disruptor’ stands out from the crowd because it is backed by authentic data on the initiatives of India’s wonder manHow skill development training to people of all age groups, free cooking gas ..

History with a Contemporary Touch

‘The Tashkent Files’ catapults some discomforting questions into our subconscious mind and make us wriggle out of our comfort zones. It ignites the inherent desire for ethics and probity in public life and cringes at unscrupulous politician and practices that are responsible for our downfall as a nation and people“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, ..

Begusarai will vote for development and against anti-Nationals. Here's why

Begusarai will vote for development and against anti-Nationals. Here's why!..

Maharashtra, Maha-Alliances and Maha-Stakes

PM Modi and ideological alliance of BJP-Sena are the factors that has successfully turned Maharashtra from perfect model of Congress System into a perfect inclusive Hindutva model..

Attempt to distort history of the Gorakhnath temple exposed by TrueIndology

@TrueIndology exposes yet another attempt to distort history of the Gorakhnath temple and land by an anti-Hindu journalist   @TrueIndology exposed an attempt to distort history of the Gorakhnath temple and land by an anti-Hindu journalist A known anti-Modi and pro-Islam journalist had tweeted that "Land on which Gorakhnath temple(Adityanath is its ’Mahant’ or head-priest) stands was granted by a Muslim ruler,Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula of Awadh. He granted land to this Imambada ..

Bogus Voting by CPM reportedly caught on CCTV

 CCTV footage which allegedly shows CPM workers indulging in bogus voting as charged by BJP and Congress   Malayalam TV channels have aired the CCTV visuals of bogus voting by two - three women, allegedly beonging to CPM. BJP alleges that it took place in CPM strongholds. K. Sudhakaran and Rajmohan Unnithan, Congress candidates in Kannur and Kasaragod constituencies respectively, have filed their complaints before the Chief Election Commissioner in this regard. Complaints read that ..

All are equal, some are more equal than others in Kerala - Dr. KS Radhakrishnan

All are equal, some are more equal than others in Kerala - Dr. KS Radhakrishnan..

Entire Hindus of a village barred from voting in Mamata's WB

It is most shameful for a democracy when entire Hindus of a village in Raiganj, West Bengal, were not allowed to cast their vote in phase two of the polling held on 18th April. The Mamata Banerjee government has been openly flouting democratic values. The constitutional obligations have been undermined with impunity and the election commission and media outlets have been conspucuously silent.- Salil Gewali   What has been happening in the West Bengal during the TMC rule is beyond ..

How to run waste-free election campaign? BJP candidate Kummanam Rajasekharan sets a new model, takes Swachh Bharat Mission to new heights

BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram Kummanam Rajasekharan has decided to make carry bags and pillow covers from the shawls he has received during receptions, and convert the banners and hoardings into grow bags..

Tribute to Baba Saheb through ghosh

 Uniformed RSS swayamsevaks playing various tunes of the Ghosh in respect of Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar in Bhopal Bhopal: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh swayamsevaks paid tribute to Baba Saheb Dr Ambedkar on his birth anniversary (April 14) through the Sangh ghosh (band). The function was held near the statue of Baba Saheb installed at Board Office Crossing. Bhopal Vibhag Sah Sanghachalak Dr Rajesh Sethi and other leaders garlanded the statue of Baba Saheb. It is to be noted that the RSS workers ..

Continue the Process of Decolonisation Started in 2014

Shri J Nandakumar speaking at the seminar in Coimbatore Coimbatore: “The idea of Bharat is rooted in Hindutva, which is revealed as philosophy (rather Darshan) and poles apart from the concept of ideology. This Hindutva, emanated from the Vedas and Agamas, is all-inclusive and all-encompassing in nature and, has naturally created a heartening and enriching milieu that has shaped many eminent right-thinking intellectuals in our ancient society,” said national convener of the Prajna ..

Need to Understand Babasaheb Holistically

Discussion on Dr BR Ambedkar by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh to understand him in national perspective Shri Prafulla Ketkar speaking at the function New Delhi. Shri CK Saji Narayanan, Shri Pawan Kumar and other are also seen  New Delhi: “Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar always consumed poison, but thought only positive for the nation. Even then we did not look at his life and contributions holistically. He was forgotten after his demise in 1956, but when revived again in 1970 by communists that was ..

Readers’ Forum

Time for Cleansing of Terrorists Apropos (Freedom or Fiefdom), Organiser, April 21, 2019, the broad daylight killing of senior RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO Rajinder Kumar in Kishtwar exposes the frustration of the Pak-sponsored terrorists who have failed in all their game plans. Until people like Chanderkant Sharma and particularly the RSS workers are active in J&K; the separatists cannot succeed in their game plans. The RSS has a big army of ‘ready for selfless service’ ..

Communism: The avoidable Road

Denying National Roots tells its readers how Communism failed to establish itself in India, continues to remain futile and why it does not resonate among the people. The book also talks about how prominent leaders in the country dealt with communism in the early days of the freedom struggleDenying National Roots - Early Communism and India by Dr. Rahul A. Shastri, Published by Centre for Integral Research, Samvit Kendra, Hyderabad Pages: 200, Price: Rs 250.00 Sundeep Raikhelkar Dr. Rahul ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

GOVERNMENT GIVES EMERGENCY FINANCIAL POWERS TO ARMED FORCESPost the Pulwama attack, the Narendra Modi government has enhanced the financial powers of the armed forces for procuring equipment and ammunition required to enhance their operational capability. The armed forces can now buy equipment worth Rs 300 crore under each proposal from a single vendor without the concurrence of the Integrated Financial Advisor. It also lays down the time frame for procuring the weapon system ie within three months ..

#ModiAgain fame Aabhas In Conversation with Organiser

In Conversation with Aabhas Maldahiyar, the author of #ModiAgain, on his journey from being a communist, to an AAP activist, to a staunch Narendra Modi supporter and background story of writing the book #ModiAgain..

Why No Regret for Mangarh?

Bharat seems to have forgotten the massacre of Mangarh, which took place on November 17, 1913, about six years prior to the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of Amritsar. The British PM Theresa May expressed regret for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, but no word of regret for the equally heinous massacre of 1500 Bhils in Mangarh Shalinee Pandya   When British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed regret for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919, my soul cried for the innocent Bhils who were brutally killed ..

Another lie of Rahul Gandhi exposed. Lies about summons in RSS defamation case in affidavit. Complaint filed to EC

Just when the Supreme Court has issued a contempt notice to Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Rafale verdict and falsely implicating the top court, it has come to light that the president of the Indian National Congress could have as well lied in his election affidavits filed in Amethi and Wayanad Lok Sabha constituencies..

Malayalam news channels spread fake news over EVM: One arrested for making false allegations against EVM

A voter namely Abin Babu, who raised false complaint that the vote he polled in booth number 151 of Vattiyoorkkavu Assembly Constituency in Thiruvananthapuram HPC has gone to another candidate, was arrested after his allegation proved to be wrong when he was allowed to caste test vote..

Manifested Errors

The major economic proposals of Congress manifesto appear to have been drafted by a well-meaning bard with fanciful notions of ‘El Dorado’ than by a hard-nosed, number-savvy economist with a penchant for matching ideas with execution, in what is essentially an imperfect world with scarce resourcesShri Balaji TV Before analysing the Congress manifesto, there is a need to understand how the economy works. A simplified example has been used to explain the same, with the goal of ease ..

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?..

Gandhiji and Sangh

The Sangh has kept Gandhiji’s ideals alive through its work on rural development, organic farming, cow-conservation and protection, social equality and harmony, imparting education in one’s own language and swadeshi economy and lifestyle and it shall continue to do soThe poll bugle has been sounded, and political leaders are busy in delivering campaign speeches as per the culture and tradition of their respective parties. In one of such speeches, the leader of a party proclaimed that the ..

The Game Changer

Amidst the competition for electoral predictions, there seems to be unanimity that Communist parties of India are losing ground in their bastion. Will Sabarimala turn out to be a waterloo moment for the Leftfront in Kerala?SP Puthiyedam Election season is upon us and it is the grandest festival in our democracy. It is the turn of the entire nation to choose the dispensation they want to steer the country’s fortunes for the coming five years. All indicators point to the continuation of the ..

Dirty and Destructive

Frustrated TMC mobilises Bangladeshi films actors, Ferdous Ahmed and Gazi Noor, to woo the Bangladeshi infiltrators in electionsPolitical analysts in West Bengal have been reflecting on conundrum for a while—how a foreign national, holding a business visa, would actively participate in the election campaign for a political party? Ferdous Ahmed, a Bangladeshi film actor, has been accused of his active participation in the TMC election campaign at Raiganj parliamentary constituency. TMC used the ..

Hindu Hatred versus Hindu Perseverance

Political survival of Congress will be in jeopardy unless it radicalises Muslims and build a pseudo narrative on Hindu Terror to affect the same. Congress knows that a Hindu can never be radicalised and hence it has to perpetrate such agenda. Their sinister design will now be tested on the anvil of the democratic process as Sadhvi Pragya, epitome of Hindu perseverance will combat Digvijaya Singh, warlord of the Hindu-hate fiefdomAs Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will take ..

Conspiracy, Courage and Candidature

Sadhvi Pragya’s electoral battle in Bhopal against Digvijaya Singh symbolises courage and conviction to fight against the concocted theory of Hindu Terror. It may well be the start of a journey for one and the end of a journey for the other On December 7, 1984, Union Carbide boss Warren Anderson, who had been arrested by the Bhopal Police for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, was released on the direction of the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Brahmaswaroop. He was flown off in a State plane out of ..

Hindus barred from buying land in Mamata's Bengal

Reports say that Hindus are barred from buying land in areas where Muslims are the dominant population...

Significance of Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The candidature of Sadhvi Pragya assumes significance as it comes at a time when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election rallies had also accused the opposition parties of coining the term 'Hindu Terror' when the UPA was in power.   As BJP announced Sadhvi Pragya Thakur as its candidate from Bhopal, controversy triggered as she is currently out on bail and has been accused of Malegaon blast in 2008. Suddenly the question of propriety has been thrown into the fray by the ..

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress..

Amit Shah storms Pathanamthitta with mega road show

Despite heavy downpour, Amit Shah’s road show drew a huge crowd in Pathanamthitta, the holy land of lord Ayyappa..

BJP Govt will work faster to achieve the dreams of the common people in next 5 years: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Congress of building a false narrative around electronic voting machines and demonetisation..

Will do everything to protect traditions - PM Modi in Triruvananthapuram

PM said that his party and government would go to any extent for safeguarding the traditions which are thousands of years old..

After Muslim League, CPM goons attack Thushar Vellappally's campaign convoy in Malappuram

Thushar Vellappally's convoy was attacked again in Malappuram district. This time it is by CPM goons and the incident took place in Poongod. Five NDA workers are hospitalised with injuries...

Muslim League extremists attack NDA Wayanad candidate Thushar Vellappally in Malappuram

The assailants vandalised the car of Thushar Vellappally. Several NDA workers have also been injured in the attack. Wandoor of Wayanad Constituency is a part of Malappuram district, where Muslims are a majority..

Blatant communalism by Educational Institution in Kerala: Imposes religious Prayers in the name of minoritism

A Medical College Hospital in Kollam makes recitation from Quran compulsory in all institutions under it..

VHP demands action on Farooq, Omar Abdulla and Mehbooba Mufti for Communalising Art 370 and 35A and undermining sovereignty and integrity of the country

  Sri Alok Kumar, Advocate and International Working President of VHP, Sri Vinod Bansal, spokesperson of the VHP Sri Vagish Issar, Working President, Delhi have signed the press release. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has requested the Election Commission of India to initiate action under the model code of conduct against the leaders of political parties threatening/undermining the sovereignty, integrity and social harmony of the nation for political gains. Keeping in mind the statements ..

Islamic fundamentalists backed by Congress block Defence Minister Niramala Sitharaman's roadshow in Thiruvananthapuram

Communally charged Islamic fundamentalists blocked Nirmala Sitharaman's roadshow in Poonthura, a Muslim dominated area of Thiruvananthapuram district on April 17 evening..

Rahul wants to replicate ‘Amethi Model of Development’ in Wayanad; BJP will ensure constitutional protection to belief and traditions: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency to send a message to the South, but for "appeasement politics", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while addressing an election rally in Thiruvananthapuram..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

 PROCUREMENT OF 464 T-90 TANKS CLEARED BY GOVERNMENT Government of India has cleared the procurement of 464 T-90 tanks for the Indian Army at a cost of over Rs 13,500 crore. This would increase the approximate number of different types of tanks to over 2000. Reports indicate that these tanks would be brought to India in a knocked down state and assembled at the Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi.     DEFENCE MINISTRY DELEGATION VISIT TO SRI LANKA An Indian Defence Ministry delegation ..

The process of decolonisation started in 2014 needs continuity - J Nandakumar

The process of decolonisation started in 2014 needs continuity - J Nandakumar ..

New Year Celebration by Sanskar Bharati

New Delhi: Delhi unit of Sanskar Bharati organised a function in the morning of the new year on April 6 at Surghat of Yamuna River. Sanskar Bharati has been observing the Bharatiya New Year on Varsh Pratipada at Surghat for the last 14 years. The enthusiasm of the people could be understood from the fact that people had started reaching Surghat at 5.00 am.  Shri Indresh Kumar, Shri Manoj Tiwari and other dignitaries performing Yamuna Aarati during the function  Senior RSS Pracharak ..

BJP worker killed in West Bengal

BJP worker killed in West Bengal..

Swayamsevaks do not Work with the Feeling of Competition

Pune: “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh works in the society taking the whole society with it. There are problems in the society, but their solution lies in the society itself,” said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, while releasing a book “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh—Ek Vishal Sangathan” on April 9. The Marathi book has been written by Shri Ramkrishna Patwardhan. The function was jointly organised by Maharashtra Education Society (MES) and Snehal Prakashan. Noted industrialist ..

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Go with the Worthy Apropos (Vote for the Nation), Organiser April 14, 2019, the quotation of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya stirring the voters is very well connected with the Elections 2019. This shows his farsightedness. He had told the voters in 1962 to ..

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore..

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls..

A Case for the Proscription of Communism

A Case for the Proscription of Communism..

CPM & Congress resort to violence against BJP candidates

CPM and Congress have again resorted to violence and verbal abuse against BJP candidates in Kerala. There were two attacks against the convoy of vehicles belonging to the election campaign of Ms Shobha Surendran, NDA candidate and national executive member of BJP. The first attack was at Pallikkavil, Varkkala in Tiruvananathapuram district. The convoy was stopped by CPM goons led by their local leaders. They threatened Shobha Surendran and stopped her from delivering her speech. The police who arrived ..

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi..