Why No Regret for Mangarh?

Bharat seems to have forgotten the massacre of Mangarh, which took place on November 17, 1913, about six years prior to the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of Amritsar. The British PM Theresa May expressed regret for Jallianwala Bagh massacre, but no word of regret for the equally heinous massacre of 1500 Bhils in Mangarh Shalinee Pandya   When British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed regret for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 1919, my soul cried for the innocent Bhils who were brutally killed ..

Another lie of Rahul Gandhi exposed. Lies about summons in RSS defamation case in affidavit. Complaint filed to EC

Just when the Supreme Court has issued a contempt notice to Rahul Gandhi for his remarks on Rafale verdict and falsely implicating the top court, it has come to light that the president of the Indian National Congress could have as well lied in his election affidavits filed in Amethi and Wayanad Lok Sabha constituencies..

Malayalam news channels spread fake news over EVM: One arrested for making false allegations against EVM

A voter namely Abin Babu, who raised false complaint that the vote he polled in booth number 151 of Vattiyoorkkavu Assembly Constituency in Thiruvananthapuram HPC has gone to another candidate, was arrested after his allegation proved to be wrong when he was allowed to caste test vote..

Manifested Errors

The major economic proposals of Congress manifesto appear to have been drafted by a well-meaning bard with fanciful notions of ‘El Dorado’ than by a hard-nosed, number-savvy economist with a penchant for matching ideas with execution, in what is essentially an imperfect world with scarce resourcesShri Balaji TV Before analysing the Congress manifesto, there is a need to understand how the economy works. A simplified example has been used to explain the same, with the goal of ease ..

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?

Will Regret and Apology suffice for contempt of SC?..

Gandhiji and Sangh

The Sangh has kept Gandhiji’s ideals alive through its work on rural development, organic farming, cow-conservation and protection, social equality and harmony, imparting education in one’s own language and swadeshi economy and lifestyle and it shall continue to do soThe poll bugle has been sounded, and political leaders are busy in delivering campaign speeches as per the culture and tradition of their respective parties. In one of such speeches, the leader of a party proclaimed that the ..

The Game Changer

Amidst the competition for electoral predictions, there seems to be unanimity that Communist parties of India are losing ground in their bastion. Will Sabarimala turn out to be a waterloo moment for the Leftfront in Kerala?SP Puthiyedam Election season is upon us and it is the grandest festival in our democracy. It is the turn of the entire nation to choose the dispensation they want to steer the country’s fortunes for the coming five years. All indicators point to the continuation of the ..

Dirty and Destructive

Frustrated TMC mobilises Bangladeshi films actors, Ferdous Ahmed and Gazi Noor, to woo the Bangladeshi infiltrators in electionsPolitical analysts in West Bengal have been reflecting on conundrum for a while—how a foreign national, holding a business visa, would actively participate in the election campaign for a political party? Ferdous Ahmed, a Bangladeshi film actor, has been accused of his active participation in the TMC election campaign at Raiganj parliamentary constituency. TMC used the ..

Hindu Hatred versus Hindu Perseverance

Political survival of Congress will be in jeopardy unless it radicalises Muslims and build a pseudo narrative on Hindu Terror to affect the same. Congress knows that a Hindu can never be radicalised and hence it has to perpetrate such agenda. Their sinister design will now be tested on the anvil of the democratic process as Sadhvi Pragya, epitome of Hindu perseverance will combat Digvijaya Singh, warlord of the Hindu-hate fiefdomAs Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will take ..

Conspiracy, Courage and Candidature

Sadhvi Pragya’s electoral battle in Bhopal against Digvijaya Singh symbolises courage and conviction to fight against the concocted theory of Hindu Terror. It may well be the start of a journey for one and the end of a journey for the other On December 7, 1984, Union Carbide boss Warren Anderson, who had been arrested by the Bhopal Police for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, was released on the direction of the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Brahmaswaroop. He was flown off in a State plane out of ..

Hindus barred from buying land in Mamata's Bengal

Reports say that Hindus are barred from buying land in areas where Muslims are the dominant population...

Significance of Sadhvi Pragya’s Candidature

The candidature of Sadhvi Pragya assumes significance as it comes at a time when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election rallies had also accused the opposition parties of coining the term 'Hindu Terror' when the UPA was in power.   As BJP announced Sadhvi Pragya Thakur as its candidate from Bhopal, controversy triggered as she is currently out on bail and has been accused of Malegaon blast in 2008. Suddenly the question of propriety has been thrown into the fray by the ..

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress

AAP extends unconditional support to Communists in Kerala, suspends its state convener for announcing support to Congress..

Amit Shah storms Pathanamthitta with mega road show

Despite heavy downpour, Amit Shah’s road show drew a huge crowd in Pathanamthitta, the holy land of lord Ayyappa..

BJP Govt will work faster to achieve the dreams of the common people in next 5 years: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused the Congress of building a false narrative around electronic voting machines and demonetisation..

Will do everything to protect traditions - PM Modi in Triruvananthapuram

PM said that his party and government would go to any extent for safeguarding the traditions which are thousands of years old..

After Muslim League, CPM goons attack Thushar Vellappally's campaign convoy in Malappuram

Thushar Vellappally's convoy was attacked again in Malappuram district. This time it is by CPM goons and the incident took place in Poongod. Five NDA workers are hospitalised with injuries...

Muslim League extremists attack NDA Wayanad candidate Thushar Vellappally in Malappuram

The assailants vandalised the car of Thushar Vellappally. Several NDA workers have also been injured in the attack. Wandoor of Wayanad Constituency is a part of Malappuram district, where Muslims are a majority..

Blatant communalism by Educational Institution in Kerala: Imposes religious Prayers in the name of minoritism

A Medical College Hospital in Kollam makes recitation from Quran compulsory in all institutions under it..

VHP demands action on Farooq, Omar Abdulla and Mehbooba Mufti for Communalising Art 370 and 35A and undermining sovereignty and integrity of the country

  Sri Alok Kumar, Advocate and International Working President of VHP, Sri Vinod Bansal, spokesperson of the VHP Sri Vagish Issar, Working President, Delhi have signed the press release. Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has requested the Election Commission of India to initiate action under the model code of conduct against the leaders of political parties threatening/undermining the sovereignty, integrity and social harmony of the nation for political gains. Keeping in mind the statements ..

Islamic fundamentalists backed by Congress block Defence Minister Niramala Sitharaman's roadshow in Thiruvananthapuram

Communally charged Islamic fundamentalists blocked Nirmala Sitharaman's roadshow in Poonthura, a Muslim dominated area of Thiruvananthapuram district on April 17 evening..

Rahul wants to replicate ‘Amethi Model of Development’ in Wayanad; BJP will ensure constitutional protection to belief and traditions: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“Rahul Gandhi is not contesting from Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency to send a message to the South, but for "appeasement politics", said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday while addressing an election rally in Thiruvananthapuram..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

 PROCUREMENT OF 464 T-90 TANKS CLEARED BY GOVERNMENT Government of India has cleared the procurement of 464 T-90 tanks for the Indian Army at a cost of over Rs 13,500 crore. This would increase the approximate number of different types of tanks to over 2000. Reports indicate that these tanks would be brought to India in a knocked down state and assembled at the Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi.     DEFENCE MINISTRY DELEGATION VISIT TO SRI LANKA An Indian Defence Ministry delegation ..

The process of decolonisation started in 2014 needs continuity - J Nandakumar

The process of decolonisation started in 2014 needs continuity - J Nandakumar ..

New Year Celebration by Sanskar Bharati

New Delhi: Delhi unit of Sanskar Bharati organised a function in the morning of the new year on April 6 at Surghat of Yamuna River. Sanskar Bharati has been observing the Bharatiya New Year on Varsh Pratipada at Surghat for the last 14 years. The enthusiasm of the people could be understood from the fact that people had started reaching Surghat at 5.00 am.  Shri Indresh Kumar, Shri Manoj Tiwari and other dignitaries performing Yamuna Aarati during the function  Senior RSS Pracharak ..

BJP worker killed in West Bengal

BJP worker killed in West Bengal..

Swayamsevaks do not Work with the Feeling of Competition

Pune: “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh works in the society taking the whole society with it. There are problems in the society, but their solution lies in the society itself,” said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi, while releasing a book “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh—Ek Vishal Sangathan” on April 9. The Marathi book has been written by Shri Ramkrishna Patwardhan. The function was jointly organised by Maharashtra Education Society (MES) and Snehal Prakashan. Noted industrialist ..

Readers’ Forum

Go with the Worthy Apropos (Vote for the Nation), Organiser April 14, 2019, the quotation of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya stirring the voters is very well connected with the Elections 2019. This shows his farsightedness. He had told the voters in 1962 to ..

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore

Cash Haul at DMK leader aides house and godown leads to cancellation of polls in Vellore..

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls

Karnataka Home Minister rakes up separate Religion debate again before polls..

A Case for the Proscription of Communism

A Case for the Proscription of Communism..

CPM & Congress resort to violence against BJP candidates

CPM and Congress have again resorted to violence and verbal abuse against BJP candidates in Kerala. There were two attacks against the convoy of vehicles belonging to the election campaign of Ms Shobha Surendran, NDA candidate and national executive member of BJP. The first attack was at Pallikkavil, Varkkala in Tiruvananathapuram district. The convoy was stopped by CPM goons led by their local leaders. They threatened Shobha Surendran and stopped her from delivering her speech. The police who arrived ..

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi

DMK Supporter kills 75-yr old man for campaigning for Modi..

Ram in Bengal

Frightened with the huge gathering of devotees turning to Shri Ram Navami celebrations in West Bengal for some times the ruling Trinamool questioned it as being the festival of Bengal and alleged that it is RSS-BJP conspiracy to import Ram from North India. But, the fact is that Shri Ram is deeply rooted in the life of Bengalese since centuries Ajoy Chatterjee   The incumbent Trinamool, as lately the party has shed the remnant of 'Congress' tag off their name and logo, has been vocal with ..

Honesty Vs Dynasty

As the farmers of Rajasthan protest in the streets demanding loan waiver that the Congress had promised during assembly elections, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is busy in campaigning for his son, Vaibhav Gehlot, from Jodhpur Agnima Sharma from Jaipur   The stage seems all set in Rajasthan for the Lok Sabha elections with two major parties, the BJP as well as the Congress, going busy in aggressive campaigning. While the BJP is communicating via its developmental projects and is channelising ..

Will Sabarimala be a Game-Changer?

Sabarimala movement is the most tumultuous agitation the state has witnessed since the ‘Liberation Struggle’, which stormed against the first EMS-led Communist regime in 1959Parliament election is neither a bolt from the blue nor a surprise at all, but a natural process the right thinking voters have been awaiting. They have been waiting for the golden opportunity to use their most powerful weapon, the electoral mandate, against the fascist rule of Pinarayi Vijayan’s CPM-led LDF ..

Battle for Bastion

Though the BJP banks on the popularity of Narendra Modi and his work during the last five years, the fielding of Amit Shah from Gandhinagar has made the things easierJaywant Pandya When I am writing this piece, it is the second last day for filling up the nominations. Yet, the Congress has to decide for 8 candidates, while BJP has not decided its candidate for Ahmedabad East seat. The situation shows the uncertainty prevailing in both the parties.  When Congress declared four Gujarat ..

Kishtwar Killing, Part of a Bigger Game Plan

The recent killing of RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO in Kishtwar is part of a well thought policy to use terror proxies as strategic assets and use the “low cost, high yield” tactics, which further the objective of Pakistan. These designs have to be thwarted at all costs The broad daylight cold-blooded murder by jihadi terrorists of a devoted Rashtriya Swayam Sevak (RSS) leader and his police guard in Kishtwar town of Jammu cannot be treated as a stray incident, but it is part ..

The Deep Conspiracy

Martyred RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma fought tirelessly against the ground network that feeds the terrorists in Kishtwar. He was the unsung champion who not only helped the army in eliminating many terrorists, but also played a key role in the rehabilitation of the Hindus who had migrated from Kishtwar following terrorism in 2001 The broad daylight killings of RSS Sah Prant Sewa Pramukh, Chanderkant Sharma and his Personal Security Officer (PSO), Rajinder Kumar, in Kishtwar on April 9 have agitated ..

Hymn-chanting ‘annoys’ Kerala Chief Minister; CPM leaders disconnect power supply to Temple

Meanwhile, a video clip has gone viral on social media that features Pinarayi Vijayan observing silence when azaan rang out in the middle of his speech..

Goan Catholic Priest bares his poisonous fangs: Calls Amit Shah a "demon" and says Manohar Parrikar's invited "wrath of God"

Goan Catholic Priest bares his poisonous fangs: Calls Amit Shah a "demon" and says Manohar Parrikar's invited "wrath of God"..

“I hope to lead the youth to a more progressive and sustainable India”, Tejasvi Surya, 28 yr old BJP candidate from Bengaluru South

“I hope to lead the youth to a more progressive and sustainable India”, Tejasvi Surya, 28 yr old BJP candidate from Bengaluru South..

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan seems to be plumbing to new depths of depravity

Senior Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan is once again in the news and again for the wrong reasons.In a video that went viral on social media recently, Azam Khan is seen as appealing to his followers to not be scared of district collectors. Azam Khan, who is also a close associate of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav and is widely regarded as the Muslim face of SP.   While speaking in an insulting tone, Khan said that one should never be afraid of the (Tankhaiye) salaried class and recounted ..

Muslim Professor creates India’s first Cyber library on PM Modi

Muslim Professor creates India’s first Cyber library on PM Modi ..

HD Kumarswamy surpasses Siddaramaiah in Muslim appeasement

Silently withdraws grave cases against rioting Muslims..

DR. BR Ambedkar on Moplah Rebellion in Malabar

DR. BR Ambedkar on Moplah Rebellion in Malabar..

"Everyone's duty to take the immortal story of Jallianwallah Bagh to nook and corner of the country" - RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyyaji Joshi

"Everyone's duty to take the immortal story of Jallianwallah Bagh to nook and corner of the country" - RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyyaji Joshi..

BJP set to retain its seat share in first phase : Interactive map shows the real picture

A projection of 2014 vote share but distributed according to 2019 alliances shows that in spite of losses in Andhra and Telangana, BJP seems to retain its seat share of 32 in the first phase of voting while TDP seems to suffer the biggest reversal due to break up of alliance with BJP. This is an interactive map. Click on the year or the constituency to see the details. The interactive map projects the 2014 Vote share according to 2019 alliances. According to that the BJP will lose the Secunderaba..

Will the British PM Regret for Mangadh massacre too?

Will the British PM Regret for Mangadh massacre too?..

Protest against Left Violence

 Manvadhikar Raksha Manch workers staging a protest in Shimla Shimla: Manvadhikar Raksha Manch, Himachal Pradesh, organised a demonstration outside Deputy Commissioner Office to protest against the brutal attack by SFI goons on the sleeping ABVP workers in Himachal Pradesh University hostel last week. Secretary of the Manch retd ADGP Shri KC Sadyal demanded the state government to arrest and punish the culprits without delay. He warned if the culprits were not arrested immediately the Manch ..

Providing ‘homes’ to Birds

  Dausa: Apna Sansthan organised a function on April 1 to distribute makeshift nests for the birds. Addressing the people on the occasion, Prant convener of the Sansthan Shri Ashok Sharma said conserving the environment is basically serving god. He said nature and god are complementary to each other. Prant Prachar Pramukh Shri Vivekananda and Dausa Vibhag convener of Apna Sansthan Shri Subhash also spoke on the occasion. The people who got makeshift nests at the function installed them outside ..

Strengthening Social Harmony

Saints at a Sewa Basti during the Narayan Darshan Yatra Jaipur: In order to strengthen social harmony, the Sewa Vibhag of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organised ‘Narayan Darshan Yatra’ in Jaipur Prant. Under this Yatra, senior saints of the state are visiting the Sewa Bastis of the Prant to interact the people. The Yatra began on March 15 and will conclude on April 10. Functions in many Sewa Bastis have already been organised. As part of the Yatra, Pujya Sant Begraj Das Maharaj and ..

Defence Scan By Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

BILATERAL MARITIME EXERCISE BETWEEN ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AND INDIAN NAVIES – AUSINDEX-19 The third edition of AUSINDEX commenced on April 2, 2019. The aim of the exercise is, “To strengthen and enhance mutual cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Navy and Royal Australian Navy, and provide opportunities for interaction and exchange of professional views between the personnel of the two navies”. The first edition of the exercise was held in September 2015 at Visakhapatnam. ..

Readers’ Forum

India’s Space Power Apropos (Harnessing Shakti with Bhakti), Organiser, April 7, 2019 the editorial was all about Shakti, the Power. Without Shakti, one remains a perennial underdog in the comity of nations, especially when one is constantly surrou..

Kishtwar Killing Part of a Bigger Game Plan

The killings of RSS leader Chanderkant Sharma and his PSO in Kishtwar is in keeping with a well thought out policy of using terror proxies as strategic assets and using the “low cost, high yield” tactics which furthers the objective of the Pakistan Deep State backed by few politicians in Kashmir for the creation of a Greater Kashmir. Their designs have to be thwarted at all costs.  The broad daylight cold blooded murder by jihadi terrorists of a devoted Rashtriya Swayam Sevak ..

NIA arrests JKLF chief Yasin Malik in terror funding case

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday in connection with terror funding case..

IT Raids: Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta, writes Arun Jaitley

"Legitimate action against corruption is not vendetta" by Hon'ble Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley..

Jammu Cries for Equal Voting Rights

Injustice was done to people of Jammu in 1951 when Constituent Assembly was framed and without any authentic number of population the representatives were selected and got elected. That injustice still continuesGD Sharma In the 19th century, Maharaja Gulab Singh, a valiant Dogra soldier and statesman par excellence, had succeeded in building his kingdom from the debris of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s empire after the latter’s demise. He falls in the line of great historical kings like ..

Development Vs Fake Promises

The main fight at all the seats is between the ruling BJP and Congress Uttarakhand is ready for polling in the first phase on April 11. Like previous polls in 2014, this time also the main fight is between ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress. Two BJP stalwarts, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Major General BC Khanduri, are not in the fray this time. The BJP has fielded state party president Ajay Bhatt from Nainital and senior leader Teerath Singh Rawat from Garhwal this time. Senior Congress ..

Communist terror attack on BJP convoy in Dantewada: BJP MLA Bheema Mandavi, four others killed

On last day of campaigning, a convoy of BJP leaders was attacked by Communist terrorists in Chhattisgarh's Dantewada on Tuesday evening. BJP MLA Bheema Mandavi and four others were killed in the attack..

Chandrakant’s sacrifice, an irreplaceable loss for patriots: RSS condoles murder of J&K Sah Prant Seva Pramukh

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh condoled the brutal murder of J&K Sah Prant Seva Pramukh Chandrakant and his security personnel. Shri Chandrakant and his PSO Rajinder Kumar were killed in a terrorist attack at Kishtawar in Jammu and Kashmir today..

Patriotism Drowns All Other Issues

‘Ib ke chunav nahi, desh ki khatir jung hai’ sums up an elderly chaudhary in Shamli Ajay Mittal from Meerut   The Lok Sabha election this time is being fought in a changed atmosphere, an atmosphere charged with nationalist emotions, reminding one of nationwide Vidhan Sabha elections held in early 1972 in the aftermath of the 1971 Bangladesh war.     Shri Satya Pal singh and others carrying the body of jawan Pradip Kumar who was martyred in Pulwama attack    Trav..


People may be able to make their mind in the next few weeks. Unless they give their mandate in a clear cut manner, formation of a stable government is not possible Venkata Seshasai Deevi   Ours is a federal setup and governance in our country goes according to the principles of a federation. Rights and responsibilities are divided between the Centre and the states. In the same way, both the Centre and the states collect revenue from people. Whatever the revenue collected by the states is retained ..

Story of Gulliver & Lilliput Retold

The chances of BJP are so formidably bright that the opposition leaders thought it wise not to burn their hands. The sense of weakness is so pervading that Congress-NCP, after wrangling for seat sharing among them for a year, amassed a whooping 56 parties to join in the electoral battle Devidas Deshpande from Pune   Onthe day the world was observing April Fools’ Day, the Congress workers in Pune were out on the streets campaigning for the party and soliciting votes. That was a common ..

East Coast Holds the Key

BJP is making inroads into Coastal parts of Odisha, which was till now the stronghold of ruling BJD. That is why many senior BJD and Congress leaders are deserting their parties to join the BJP Dr Samanwaya Nanda   The General Elections-2019 in Odisha will be a close contest between Naveen Patnaik’s BJD and Modi’s BJP. That’s seen as a big change in people’s perception in a very short span. In the coastal districts, which elect more than half of Odisha’s 147 MLAs ..

RSS leader and his PSO killed by terrorists in Kishtwar

On April 9, terrorists opened fire on a senior Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) worker, Chandrakant Sharma and his personal security officer (PSO), Rajinder Kumar, in Kishtwar area of Jammu & Kashmir. Shri Sharma was Sah Prant Sewa Pramukh of RSS in J&K.       According to reports, PSO Rajinder Kumar died on the spot due to the bullet wounds, while Shri Chandrakant Sharma succumbed to his injuries at the ICU of a hospital in Jammu, where he was shifted in critical condition. ..

Jammu & Kashmir: Islamic terrorists kill RSS Sah Prant Sewa Pramukh, his security officer in Kishtwar

Chandra Kant had been provided with an armed personal security officer after a review of threat he faces for his association with RSS..

“Temples should be managed by devotees, not government”: Supreme Court questions government taking over administration of temples

Attorney General K K Venugopal upheld the view of the Supreme Court that there should be no state interference in the management of temples, said the issue has to be examined by the court on how a government can take over the control of temples in a secular country..

Modi Fever In America

BJP’s offshore campaign in America kicked off with a bang with a huge event organized by the Indian American Community for Narendra Modi in New York. The campaign coincided with the 39th Foundation day of the BJP. The campaign which witnessed large number of participants also saw participation of many community leaders of New York. The entire venue was in high spirits with chants of ‘Modi Bar Bar’, ‘Abki bar 400 par’ filling the auditorium.  Jagdish Sewhani ..

Communist terrorists suffer set back as 34 Naxals including three women surrender in Sukma

The police termed the surrender of the Naxals in large numbers as a big success in the region, especially against the backdrop of the Communist terrorists’ Lok Sabha poll boycott call..

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Campaigning for first phase ends this evening; Today is last date for filing of nomination for fourth phase

Campaigning for the first phase of Lok Sabha polls will end this evening. 91 constituencies spread over 20 States and Union Territories will go to polls in this phase on Thursday..

Congress goons beat up journalist for clicking photos of empty chairs at party meeting

Muthuraj, a photojournalist from a Tamil weekly magazine was brutally attacked by Congress workers for taking photographs of empty chairs at the party’s election meeting in Tamil Nadu..

The Manifesto with Lies & Empty Promises

The Congress Party’s Election Manifesto is built around blatant lies and false promises to get back to power by fooling the gullible masses and appeasing minority communitiesShshank Saurav Congress President Rahul Gandhi released his party’s Election Manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on April 2. It is sad to see the grand old party’s manifesto based on blatant lies and false promises. His vision document pompously titled, “Congress Will Deliver’ is poor ..

Corruption through FDI Route Haunts DMK

  When DMK leader MK Stalin is urging people to dethrone the ‘corrupt’ AIADMK government, family members of his own party leader Jagathrakshakan is caught having stakes in a Singapore-based company linked to record FDI of $3.85 billion in an oil refinery in Sri Lanka Venkatesan T S from Chennai    Scam, scandals, corruption, controversy and DMK seem inseparable from all these. The DMK has been accused of mass liquidation of Sri Lankan ethnic Tamils by betraying their ..

‘Indian contribution to Science is more than Europe’

Renowned scholar and Regents Professor at Oklahoma State University, USA, Prof Subhash Kak delivers 10th Chamanlalji Memorial Lecture on the topic ‘Indian Foundations of Modern Science’..

Felicitation of the Martyrs Family Members

The local unit of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organised a function in Navyug Market on March 23 in honour of the family members of the martyrs. Prominently the family members of Pulwama martyr Pradip Prajapati and Sq. Leader Sameer Abrol were felicitated...

Goti Thalambralu in South Ayodhya

Under the auspices of Hindu Dharma Jagarana Samithi of Telangana, the Goti Thalambralu procession was organised in Bhadrachalam, also known as South Ayodhya, which have been the holy site of Sri Seetharama Swamy...

Attack on Sangh Shakha in Shimla

Shimla: Some communist goons on March 24 attacked the Sangh Shakha at Summerhill. Vibhag Pracharak and about a dozen student swayamsevaks were injured in the attack. The goons also attacked the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad workers sleeping at Himachal Pradesh University hostel. The injured students have been admitted in IGMC hospital...

Look After Cow as a Family Member

Pune: “Desi cattle have been part of the Indian life since ages. They have helped the mankind in the farms to plough, on roads to carry loads, at home with milk and with urine & dung for several other uses in day-to-day life,” said senior Sangh Pracharak Shri Suhasrao Hiremath, while conferring Moropant Pingale Go Sewa Puraskar. ..

CPM resorts to political vendetta against young BJP candidates

he ‘Case Raj’ perpetrated by Pinarayi Vijayan's police during the peak of Sabarimala agitations seems to have returned in Kerala. Pinarayi’s government resorted to such fascist methods to suppress a mass movement. However, many thought that it would be over once the Lok Sabha polls are declared. But now it is evident that it has come back to haunt the state again...

Revival of Hindu Temples: Tracing the History

Despite the monumental atrocities ­­of successive Mughal rulers of the past 800 years to destroy, decimate, and demolish Hindus and their magnificent temples, they have survived the barbaric iconoclasm of the mauraders. The author traces the history and restoration of these great temples to its former gloryFlight of Deities and Rebirth of Temples – Episodes from Indian History, Author: Meenakshi JainPublisher: Aryan Books International, Pages: 405, Price: Rs 690.00Rohit SrivastavaAt ..

Kerala Floods: 'It's a man-made disaster', Amicus curiae exposes CPM Govt, blames bad dam management, demands judicial inquiry

Amicus Curiae's report submitted before the Kerala High Court is matching to what BJP and other opposition parties have been alleging, the killer floods of August 2018 were manmade..

The Apolitical Political Leader

The RSS approach towards politics is different from the conventional understanding and that has been consistent since inception. For Dr Hedgewar, politics was not untouchable, neither was it a complete solution for nation building. He believed man-making project must transcend all this Many years back, a few friends in Rajya Sabha were sitting together. One was a Congress member, the other a Communist and the third one was the founder of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, the country’s #1 labour union, ..

Voters’ Voice

A sustained campaign by Bharatiya Matdata Sangathan for voters’ awareness and Election Reforms in DelhiWith the objective of stirring voters for at least 95 per cent voting, the Bharatiya Matdata Sangathan (BMS) started its journey on January 14, 2015 from New Delhi. Though the major activities of the organisation focused on New Delhi and the national capital region, some individuals and associated organisations have started the activities in other states and major cities also. During the last ..

Voter-ID Day Drive

The teams of the Foundation visit college campuses to educate youth and make their Voter IDsA hum Foundation is a Hyderabad-based young voluntary organisation. It strives and works for a better nation and a better world. It engages in policy advocacy, empowerment talks, awareness campaigns, skill building workshops, funding drives, training programmes, education classes, health camps and vocational training. This election season the Foundation has taken up the task of voters’ awareness and registrati..

Driving Young India to Vote

Democracy Warriors have just one purpose in mind—making sure that eligible youngsters register and vote— Anusuya Suresh  Democracy Warriors (DW) is a team of spirited individuals in Bengaluru who are working to create awareness about voting and helping with the voter registration process both online and offline. The team comprising of working individuals, students and homemakers has been striving to educate people on the importance of voting.  Democracy Warriors at work ..

Know Your Candidate

The channels group discussion on urban voters’ turnout and their low voting percentages compared to rural voters has been well receivedBol Hyderabad 90.4 FM is a campus-based community radio station located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The FM channel is completely managed by the students of the University of Hyderabad. While the FM channel is dedicated to student issues and subjects of the University, this election season the channel has been running daily shows directed at voter awareness. How ..

Strengthening Democracy

Team #DeshKeLiye has reached out to over 1 lakh people and got over 15,000 new registrations. It has also designed an election pledge asking people to verify their names in voter list and avoid last minute disappointments Team #DeshKeLiye is an initiative of a group of IT professionals & Entrepreneurs in Bengaluru with an objective of creating awareness about voting and increasing vote percentage. In this general elections, they have focused on increasing the number of first time voters and ..

“Don’t use Muslim League flags in Rahul’s rallies in Wayanad” Congress presses panic button as alliance with the Muslim communal party in Kerala can damage its prospects in ‘North India’

Congress local leaders have given strict instructions to the workers of its major ally Muslim League not to use the green flag as it could backfire in ‘North India’..

Why should women vote for Modi?

It would not be far-fetched to say that the change has come because of the well-thought-of policies of Modi government to have financial inclusion of women. Moreover, this is one of the biggest reasons why women, irrespective of caste, religion or status, should vote for this government to come to power once again As the whole of Bharat discusses the achievements of the present government right before the elections, there are those who have made up their minds to vote for Modi and of course, there ..

Myth of ‘No Jobs’ debunked, again!

CMIE has erroneously used a fall in investment proposals to project a decline in unemployment. Apart from CMIE, no other report suggests such a bleak picture of jobs in the country and we must take their data with a pinch of salt. Further, other surveys being showcased are hastily constructed conclusions at the best and fake news at the worstKaran BhasinThe last couple of months has seen an extended discussion regarding the situation of jobs in the country. This is not the first article that tries ..

The Stakes of Bharatvanshi

Today, New India’s Gen-Next—the Indian diaspora—is going all over the world with their head held high—a phenomenon that was almost impossible a decade ago. In just less than five years, the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi has ushered in a Naya Bharat which by 2030 will overpower China as the world’s second largest economyAvatans Kumarजननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी As this famous Sanskrit saying goes, mother and motherland are higher than even heaven in Indic ..

Congress’ ‘tukde-tukde’ Manifesto: A Charter to Weaken India

The Manifesto compromises national security and has sham and bluff promises with little detailed understanding of the subjects involved. It is an irresponsible document which has never to be implemented since Congress looks a certain loser...

Church authorities demolish Hindu Temples, steal Idols in Andhra Pradesh

Two old Hindu temples in Suryaraopeta, Kakinada rural mandal of East Godhavari, Andhra Pradesh were demolished by Church authorities using a JCB machine and later took away antique idols of presiding deities..

Jammu and Kashmir: National Conference President’s statement intended to create 'separatist psyche', writes Arun Jaitley

he National Conference President’s statement that we will demand the revival of the post of Wazir-e-Azam and Sadar-e-Riyasat is only intended to create a separatists psyche..

DMK caught red-handed with money in its godown

The IT department has raided the house and godown belonging to the close aides of DMK treasurer Dorai Murugan in Chennai and other places..

Amit Shah announces Thushar Vellappally as NDA candidate from Wayanad to take on Rahul Gandhi

Thushar Vellappally, president of Bharat Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS), the second biggest ally of NDA in Kerala, will contest from Wayanad..

‘Space’al Power

Bharat has now established itself as a space power. It has sent a message to the world in no unclear terms that our space assets are well protected and no one can push us to a corner The announcement of A-SAT’s success was timed appropriately for the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), if not for the election mongers. While addressing the nation on March 27 afternoon, the Prime Minister took his favourite jargon ‘surgical strike’ on this precise destruction of ..

Five years of Narendra Modi: A leadership of conviction, confidence and courage

Along with his ‘clean’ image, hard work, and visionary depth, the confidence and courage of Narendra Modi, obviously stemming from his conviction towards the larger development goals and enabling India to occupy the position of ‘POWER’ in the global politics, is knotty for the opponents and infectious for the rest..

The Article 35A misadventure: How it hurts the people of Jammu & Kashmir? Union Minister Shri Arun Jaitley writes

Article 35A was surreptitiously included by a Presidential Notification in the Constitution in 1954. It was neither a part of the original Constitution framed by the Constituent Assembly, nor did it come as a Constitutional Amendment under Article 368 of the Constitution which requires an approval by two-third majority of both Houses of Parliament...

The existence of Article 370 is against the dictum of “one nation, one law, one constitution, one flag and one anthem”

Article 370 was lapsed with the dissolution of J & K Constituent Assembly on 26.01.1957. Therefore, the existence of Article 370 and the Constitution of J&K is against the supremacy of the Constitution of India and contrary to the basic dictum of “One Nation One Law One Constitution One Anthem and One Flag”..

Islamist professor insults BJP candidate in Malappuram

Bharatiya Mahila Morcha Kerala state president Prof. V T Rema, BJP candidate in Kerala's Ponnani LS constituency, was subjected to insult by Assistant Prof. N.V. Mohammed Rafi of Malayalam University in Tirur, Malappuram district..

Former ISRO chief gets death threat from Jaish-e-Mohammed for supporting Narendra Modi

The letter warns that G Madhavan Nair will be killed unless he stops supporting Narendra Modi. Dr Nair received the letter, in the name of Jaish-e-Mohammed, on the same day he hailed the Prime Minister for successfully carrying out the test of Anti-Satellite missile..

Kerala BJP Lok Sabha candidate KP Prakash Babu remanded to police custody for 14 days in Sabarimala case

Kerala BJP Lok Sabha candidate KP Prakash Babu remanded to police custody for 14 days in Sabarimala case..

Ensuring security beyond borders: How Modi’s anti-satellite test made the fourth & fifth frontiers safe

By shooting down a satellite that was reportedly hurling at a speed of 27,000 km/hour, India has displayed that it can now disrupt a country’s surveillance, navigation and communication capability – the key ingredients of any battlefield scenario..

Readers’ Forum

Delicious Pun Apropos (The Holy Festival of Democracy), Organiser, March 24, 2019, I loved the pun you placed on the word ‘holy’, as you used it very effectively to bring out the ethos of our democracy as well the beauty of Holi. What a delicious pun! On hindsight, it looks both are really fun to have. Every year a Holi and once in five years, Holy Democracy, though we cannot afford to have election every year, unlike Holi. Devdas, Kumbakonam   Incredible RSS! APROPOS ..

No Compromise on National Security

Indore: “Security and service of the country are the prime duty of Indian army and every soldier follows it throughout his life. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the society to keep the morale of the soldiers high. But it is very unfortunate that some people are repeatedly demoralising the security forces by asking for evidence of their valour. It is shame,” said General (retd) GD Bakshi while addressing a gathering of people on March 17, 2019. The function, titled as Chintan Yajna, ..

Kumbh: The Symbol of Time Tested Values

New Delhi: “Samskars have been the unique identity of Bharat. It is basically due to corruption in samskars that the special identity that Bharat enjoyed for centuries world over has declined. We have to restore that glory by curbing the corruption that is damaging our time tested values of life,” said noted economist and RSS Uttar Kshetra Sanghachalak Dr Bajrang Lal Gupt while releasing two books published by Sanskar Bharat on March 18. The first book, ‘Ardhkumbh’ is based ..

Instill the Spirit of Patriotism in Students

Kurukshetra: “Focusing on research and study to generate new knowledge and transferring the ancient wisdom to the younger generation by connecting that knowledge to modern needs should be our objective,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, while addressing the general body meeting of Vidya Bharati on March 17 at Geeta Niketan Residential School campus.  Shri Dattatreya Hosabale addressing the general body meeting of the Vidya Bharati in Kurukshetra  Shri Hosabale ..

Swayamsevaks Regard Self as ‘Sevaks’

Bengaluru: RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat inaugurated the new building of the Rashtrotthana Blood Bank on March 16. The new building of the record-setting blood bank has been named as ‘Srimati Subhadraben Jayantilal Nagar Das Shah Bhavan’. It is located near the famous Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple in the city.Speaking on the occasion Shri Bhagwat said a swayamsevak of RSS regards self as a ‘Sevak’ and involves in transforming the society through selfless service. He ..

The contest is between a decisive government and an indecisive past: PM Narendra Modi at Meerut rally

BJP Government has shown courage to carry out surgical strikes on land, sky and space, says PM Narendra Modi at a mega rally at Meerut today..

Prime Minister interacts with scientists involved with Mission Shakti, via video-conference

Shortly after his address to the nation on March 28, Prime Minister spoke to scientists involved with the successful conduct of Mission Shakti, via video conference..

Postal ballot for exiled Kashmiri Hindus: ‘From inconsequential to consequential,’ a displaced Kashmiri Voter Writes

We have been able to enrol one lakh plus displaced Kashmiris, who can now vote from their original place of habitat in the Valley. No political party can ignore them, now. From inconsequential to consequential; displaced Kashmiri voter has come a long way..

Swastika symbol as broom an insult to Hindu heritage and nation; Pseudo-Secularists must stop their conspiracies for cheap Vote bank politics : VHP

Dr Jain said that the pseudo-secular brigade wants that there should be atrocities on Hindus and this one-sided video shows the anti-Hindu mentality of the seculars..

Defence Scan By Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  1. INDIA-INDONESIA COORDINATED PATROL EXERCISEThe 33rd India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol Exercise (IND-INDO CORPAT) is being held at Port Blair from March 19 to April 4, 2019. The ship and aircraft from both the countries would undertake patrolling on the respective sides of 236 nautical miles long International Maritime Boundary line.These exercises seek to underscore India’s peaceful presence and solidarity with friendly Maritime neighbours’ to ensure good order in the ..

India’s Tourism needs to move beyond the Taj Mahal

Sudarshan Ramabadran An economic impact report (2018) by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has said that India is expected to establish itself as the third largest travel and tourism economy by 2028 in terms of direct and total GDP and that the total number of jobs dependent directly or indirectly on the travel and tourism industry will increase from 42.9 million in 2018 to 52.3 million in 2028. Therefore, tourism has an untapped, huge potential in India. Each city in India has a fascinating ..

India shot down live satellite, ‘Mission Shakti’ makes the Nation space superpower: PM Narendra Modi

The Prime Minister said the A-SAT (Anti-Satellite) missile will give new strength to India's space programme and assured the international community that India's capability won't be used against anyone but is purely India's defence initiative for its security..

Four Communist Terrorists killed in encounter with security forces in Sukma

Four Communist terrorists were killed in an encounter with security forces in Sukma district, Chhattisgarh today..

Whatever Role he Got, he Excelled

Despite losing his wife early, he insulated his sons from falling prey to the world of political gains and instead, they are independent today with their own businesses. Salute to one of best politician India ever produced. Bhai, you will be missed!Giriraj Pai Vernekar As he lay motionless in the refrigerated box, I felt countless emotions rush through my blood. Like for most Goans, he was my strength, idol, saviour and most importantly – My Bhai. For over 25 years, Goa's hopes have revolved ..


Fondly called as BHAI, the legacy of Manohar Parrikar will live on. Hope his life becomes an inspiration for all young and qualified citizens to take a plunge in active Indian politicsG.K. Hegde Desai Every Goan felt a personal loss when Chief Minister Manohar Gopalkrishna Parrikar left for heavenly abode. Why was he so special for the Goans? We Goans have witnessed different personalities as our Chief Ministers in the past. What is then so unique about Parrikar ji? Some swear that it was his ..

Until We Meet Again!

 Manohar Parrikar will always be a man I would want to emulate as I choose to walk in his footsteps and work towards fulfilling his dreams of Better Goa and Better IndiaSavio Rodrigues I was devastated when I heard the news that Manohar Parrikar left us to move on to another; hopefully better destination. I was emotional when I had to speak about him as a mentor in my life on a national television channel.The words to express his impact in my life, in the lives of the people of Goa and India ..

I was lucky to know him!

Manohar Parrikar will remain an inspiration for life. The biggest lesson I draw from his life is to remain humble, no matter what heights one reaches Our first conversation began with a misunderstanding. In January 2015, I was in Baroda when an ‘unknown’ number flashed on my mobile. Thinking it was a friend from abroad whose number normally doesn’t show up, I greeted him exuberantly expecting a similar response. Instead, the voice on the other end said, ‘This is Manohar.’ ..

His Name and Fame Prospered in his Simplicity

Manohar Parrikar will remain a role model for the political workers all over Goa and the country. Both his personal and public life are worth emulatingMridula Sinha I first met Manohar Parrikar ji at Dabolim Airport of Goa, where I, along with the National Leaders of the BJP arrived for the National Executive meeting in 2013. Some BJP leaders and workers were receiving us at the airport. Sitting there for some time and waiting for the arrangement of vehicles for proceeding to the hotel, I was ..

The Principled Fighter

Manohar Parrikar fought hard till the last breath of his life, not just against the fatal illness of Pancreatic Cancer but also for the principles he stood for. His demise on March 17, 2019, has created a huge void in the public life of the nation, especially that of Goa. Taking forward that legacy will be the real tribute to the original ‘Aam Aadmi Chief Minister’. Manohar Parrikar was always known for integrity, simplicity, dedication and sharp intellect. Since the detection of Pancreatic ..

PM Modi is already giving to poor much more than what the Congress promises: Arun Jaitley

If the Congress Party’s announcement is tested on simple arithmetic, Rs.72,000 for five crore families works out to be Rs.3.6 lakh crore, which is less than 2/3rd of what is being given - A bluff announcement..

Government believes in the principle of freedom in research: Not issued any directive to restrict choice of subjects for research: MHRD

Human Resource Development Ministry on Monday clarified that it has not issued any directive to restrict the choice of subjects for research, as reported in a section of media..

Understanding Demonetisation as a redistribution exercise & historic policy decision

Let us deal with it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoked demonetisation and history will judge whether or not he stands among most risk-loving politician in post-liberalisation India. Demonetisation will stay in the political and economic history of India and so will the PM..

Is the Congress Party Now Paying the Cost for its Dynastic Character? Asks Arun Jaitley

If the current generation dynast is lacking in charisma, understanding and popular confidence, the crowd around the family gets increasingly frustrated. Is the Congress Party witnessing that?..

Big boost for national security: Indian Air Force inducts first Chinook helicopters

The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Monday formally inducted the first batch of Chinook CH-47F(I) heavy lift helicopters in Chandigarh..

The Opposition’s ‘Caravan’ Achieves a New Low: From Falsehood to Forgery

Falsehood and forgeries can never influence a poll. Just as voters are wiser than politicians, they are also wiser than those who ride on the ‘caravan’ of falsehood and forgeries..

Scared of losing Amethi, Rahul Gandhi to contest from Wayanad seat in Kerala

A few days ago, a senior Congress leader had commented that even a 'broom' fielded under Congress name can win from Wayanad..

Strong Action against Terrorism in J&K: Yasin Malik's Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Banned

The Union Government in its pursuit of strong action against terrorism, on March 22, declared Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Yasin faction) as an unlawful association under the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967..

450 School Service Commission Candidates on Indefinite Hunger Strike in West Bengal

The candidates are demanding that recruitments be made for vacant posts in schools across the state..

From maternity leave to LPG connections: How Narendra Modi made women partners in the new India story

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has revolutionised, strengthened and transformed women’s position through his policies..

Police attack in Sabarimala: Ayyappa devotee hospitalised with serious injuries

Police unleashed atrocities against the devotees in Sabarimala Sannidhanam, the courtyard of the shrine, on Monday night, March 18. Now, Sabarimala Karma Samithi worker Ganesh has been hospitalised with serious injuries and internal shocks..

Readers’ Forum

Befitting ReplyApropos (The Battle for Sustaining Positivity), Organiser, March 17, 2019, there are some elements in the Indian political system who don’t want anything good to happen in the country. They don’t want the people of the country, who have been deprived of fruits of development during the last over six decades, to live a dignified life. Hence, they oppose anything good happening in the country. They are hell bent upon confusing the voters. But I feel the voters of this country ..

Tribute to a Prolific Writer & Poet

Founder of Odiya weekly ‘Rashtradeep’ Harihara Nanda passed away on March 11 following age-related ailmentsHarihar Da Bhubaneswar: Senior Sangh Pracharak Harihara Nanda passed away on March 11. Popularly known as Harihar Da, he was the founder of Odia weekly ‘Rashtradeep’. He was an eloquent orator, a prolific writer, poet and an organiser par excellence. He was also Prant Pracharak and Prant Karyavah of Odisha. He breathed his last at Sum Hospital following age-related ..

CPM-Congress alliance falls apart: West Bengal sees direct fight between BJP and Trinamool

With the proposed pre-poll alliance between CPM-led leftists and Congress falling apart, the Congress may fight in all 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal, alone..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  1. THIRD TEST-FIRING OF PINAKA MISSILE SUCCESSFULOn March 12, 2019, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully carried out the third successful trial of Pinaka guided missile at the Pokharan range in Rajasthan after two successful trials on March 11, 2019. All the three trials met mission objectives proving the efficacy, reliability and high precision capabilities of the weapon system. The indigenously developed Guided Pinaka by DRDO will significantly boost the ..

Ayodhya Mediations: The Historical Experience

As the honourable Supreme Court has initiated another round of mediation through a panel of three members, Justice (Retd.) Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and leading jurist Sriram Panchu in the Ramjanmabhoomi case, it would be interesting to look at the history of earlier mediations and negotiations on Ayodhya and why they failedSiddheshwar Shukla The Supreme Court on March 8, 2019, appointed a three-member panel for in-camera mediation on Ramjanmabhoomi ..

Ayodhya Mediations: The Historical Experience

As the honourable Supreme Court has initiated another round of mediation through a panel of three members, Justice (Retd.) Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla, spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and leading jurist Sriram Panchu in the Ramjanmabhoomi case, it would be interesting to look at the history of earlier mediations and negotiations on Ayodhya and why they failedSiddheshwar Shukla The Supreme Court on March 8, 2019, appointed a three-member panel for in-camera mediation on Ramjanmabhoomi ..

‘Why I am a Hindu’ boomerangs on Congress: Election Commission takes cognisance of complaint against Shashi Tharoor for using the book cover to woo Hindu votes

Kerala’s Chief Electoral Officer Teeka Ram Meena said that the Election Commission has taken cognisance of the complaint against Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor (Thiruvananthapuram) for using posters of his book ‘Why I am a Hindu’ to woo Hindu votes..

Evolving Shades of Elections

The mammoth exercise of conducting elections in India has evolved over a period of time. New shades were added, some old faded away with times to the entire exercise of ensuring free & fair people-friendly elections SY Quraishi   The he Election Commission of India has gone from strength to strength in the constitutional and legislative history of India. It is an institution which the nation swears by. The reason behind this success is that the institution has been dynamic, always learning ..

Congress-led UDF joins hands with Islamic radicals in Kerala

The recent meeting between the leaders of Congress’ ally Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) and the leaders of Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political arm Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) vindicates this allegation..

Ram Janmabhoomi: History and The Movement

Sri Ram Temple embodies the very ethos of over one billion followers of Sanatana Dharma. The movement for the same is for the restoration of that glorious ethos. Here is the summary of the peoples’ movement...Dr. MOHAN KRISHEN TENG & CHAMAN LAL GADOOSri Ram an incarnation of Bhagwan Vishnu, is the embodiment of the Hindu Dharma. Sri Ram is the absolute and timeless virtue. He is considered the “Maryada Purushottam,” the unified field of cosmic forces within as well as beyond ..

The Deadly Cocktail

The Breaking-Bharat brigade, consisting of Pakistan-sympathisers, Khalistanis and Urban Naxalites, aided by Pakistan’s, ISI is using various means to vitiate the political atmosphere in Bharat; the creation of fake social media handles to spread hatred is their new strategy TS Chandrasekhar   Rulers, dynasties, nations came to rule and break Bharat but ultimately they became part of Bharat or withered in History. But Bharat stands tall with its strong roots in Hinduism for peace and ..

Contrast Colours of Tamil Nadu

DMK and its alliance known for anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi stance for long, sought to make amends for its vituperative through Stalin. However, a issue-less alliance that hopes to thrive only on anti-Centre or anti-Modi narrative may not cut much ice with the voters this time.S.S.Mahadevan   KKamaraj and Muthuramalinga Thevar remained unmarried life-long and so had no issues. EV Ramasamy Naicker too had no issues though he married twice. As if to bring back the memory of those yesteryear celebrities ..

Message from ABPS-2019

The message from ABPS-2019 is that supporting traditional institutions that have stood the test of time and remain relevant today is central to the RSS philosophyThe resolution passed by Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) this year on the institution of family highlights an issue that we have neglected out of fashion or out of tune with the present atmosphere. However, it is not for the first time that the RSS leadership has gone against the tide. If we were to study its resolutions over the ..

75th Anniversary of Azad Hind Sarkar

Seventy five years have been completed after the formation of ‘Azad Hind Sarkar in Exile’ by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose on 21st October 1943. This was an important event in the attainment of freedom for Bharat.  After assuming the leadership of Azad Hind Sena by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, formal establishment of the government in Singapore before declaring war against the British was an important step in view of the international law. The significant rise in the strength of ..

Centenary of the Inspiring Martyrdom at Jalianwala Bagh

The massacre at Jalianwala Bagh on the auspicious day of Baisakhi, 13th April 1919 was a brutal, gruesome and incitive incident that not only aroused, angered and agitated the Bharatiya mind but shook the foundations of the British Government.   The draconian Rowlett Act was passed despite the opposition of the Bharatiyas. This legislation faced all-round opposition. A wave of anger spread among the people with the news of the arrest of Dr. Saifuddin Kichlu and Dr. Satpal, two prominent ..

550th Prakash Parva of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji

Five hundred fifty years ago, in the Samvat 1526, Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji was born in the family of Shri Mehta Kalyan Das ji and Mata Tripta at Rai Bhoy ki Talwandi. RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale speaking to mediapersons during the Pratinidhi Sabha. Shri Narendra Thakur (L) and Shri Arun Kumar (R) are also seen  At that time, the foreign invaders, taking advantage of the country’s social disintegration and its weaknesses, were destroying the religious and cultural ..

Need to Protect the Traditions and Beliefs of Hindu Society

It is the considered opinion of the ABPS that there has been a systematic design to insult and hurt Hindu beliefs and traditions on the basis of non-Bharatiya perspective by vested interests. The case of the Sabarimala Temple is a recent example of this design.  Hindutva is not a monolithic or exclusivist thought but a view of life manifested in diverse and varied ways of cultural expressions, characterised by the uniqueness in the modes of worship, local traditions and festivities. It is ..

A Unique Contribution to Humanity

The family system is the precious contribution of our society to the humanity. Due to its uniqueness, Hindu family functions as the basic unit which connects an individual to the nation taking the journey towards ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Along with being a complete system of social and economic security, the family also is an important medium of inculcating samskars and imparting values in the new generation. The multi-centred character of the Hindu society is the main reason for its eternal ..

Associated Organisations

    Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas: ‘Gyanotsav’ held in New Delhi from April 6 to 8 showcased various out of the box experiments being conducted in the field of education. Also, various activities for character building, promotion of Vedic Mathematics, Indian languages, sensitising people for environment protection, etc were held across the country.    National Medicos Organisation: Formed in 1977, NMO today works with over 4000 doctors and 20,000 medical students. ..

Move Ahead with Courage, Imagination & Enthusiasm

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was held in Gwalior from March 8 to 10. A total of 1,420 workers from various RSS associated organisations attended the meeting. RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi called upon the Sangh karyakartas to have more contact with the various positive social initiatives and activities. The well-intentioned forces working in the national interest should succeed so that their impact grows. We should be confident that we shall be ..

Nation Bids Tearful Adieu to True Patriot, Quintessential Swayamsevak, Exceptional Administrator & Real Aam Admi CM Manohar Parrikar

In a condolence message, RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat and Sarkaryavah Shri Bhaiyyaji Joshi said that the nation has lost a knowledgeable leader, a good administrator, a model citizen and a devoted Swayamsevak with the passing away of the Chief Minister of Goa and former Defence Minister of India Shri Manohar Parrikar. They also prayed for the Sadgati for the departed soul..

President presents Padma awards to 54 personalities

President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday presented the Padma awards to 54 noted personalities. ..

#MainBhiChowkidar After 'Chaiwala Jibe', Congress scores another self-goal: PM Modi, BJP leaders & workers change names on Twitter to Chowkidar

A day after BJP launched 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' campaign for the coming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed his name on Twitter to 'Chowkidar Narendra Modi', with the party president Amit Shah, several Union Ministers and party workers following suit..

'Chowkidar chor hai jibe' insult to security guards: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh seeks apology from Congress

The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh(BMS), the largest labour organisation in the country, demanded an apology from the Congress for its repeated "chowkidar chor hai" jibe..

TDP Accused of Data Theft; Democracy is now really in danger Mr. CB Naidu!

By Dr. Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao  Andhra Pradesh which is going to polls for the state assembly along with Lok Sabha elections is witnessing scandalous subversion of democracy much before the poll process began. This subversion is believed to have begun almost three years back as a preparation to retain power using dubious undemocratic practices using the official machinery, official information and also party sponsored data theft. That a three pronged strategy was adopted by the ruling TDP to ..

Pollachi Sex Racket exposes the hollowness of Dravidian Politics

The Pollachi sex scandal has rankled the entire Tamil society in the way it was executed. The wanton way with which the perpetrators went about tormenting and ravaging their victims, is a sad reminder of the depravity to which our society has sunk. The Dravidian parties and their brand of politics cannot escape the blame of the lack of moral compass brought in the society by their atheistic outlook. Sooner the Tamil society rectifies the lacunae the better for the state and nation.The opposition DMK's ..

President Ram Nath Kovind Confers Gallantry and Distinguished Service Awards to Armed Forces Personnel

The President and Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces Shri Ram Nath Kovind conferred three Kirti Chakras and fifteen Shaurya Chakras to Armed Forces Personnel for displaying conspicuous gallantry, indomitable courage and extreme devotion to duty at a solemn ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan here today..

Disappointed by his party's questioning of integrity of the armed forces, Congress National Spokesperson Joins BJP

“There's no place in it for self-respecting people”, says senior Congress leader and Sonia Gandhi’s close aide Tom Vadakkan..

RSS is All Embracing Organisation

New Delhi: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is as an all-embracing organisation and it has no adversaries. The enemy of the country is an enemy of the RSS. We make no distinction. All wings of the RSS spearheading scores of social services, including educational institutions, admit all without distinctions. Those who want to know about the RSS should experience it. They shouldn't believe what others say about the RSS,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, while launching a book, ..

Defence Scan

MISINFORMATION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA AND FAKE ACCOUNTS OF WING COMMANDER ABHINANDANMinistry of Defence through its press release has intimated the following “Misinformation on the shooting of Pakistan Air Force F-16 by MiG-21 Bison are being spread on various social media sites. IAF during the press statement on February 28, 2019 had clarified that one F-16 of Pakistan Air Force was shot by MiG-21 Bison and it fell across the LoC. Additionally, fake accounts of Wing Commander V Abhinandan have ..

Readers’ Forum

Peace through Fourth Front War Apropos (Peace through Three-Front War), Organiser, March 10, 2019, the editorial is an interesting read. Obviously, there is a Fourth Front too, which you might agree with me. The Fourth Front is more of a holistic approach than real war. It is more to do with waging a kind of jihad – holy war - on pseudo seculars, Lutyen’s Mafia, the urban naxals and the invisible enemy who live amidst us under the veneer of liberalism, and ‘tukde tukde’ ..

Kerala has become Lynching Capital? National Minority Commission seeks Report on Lynching of Christian Youth in Kerala

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) Vice-Chairman Shri George Kurian has sought a report from the Chief Secretary of Kerala, DGP, District Magistrate, Police Commissioner of Ernakulum on the lynching of Jibin Varghese, a resident of Thammanam in Ernakulam on March 10, 2018..

Political Gimmick for Crypto Christians

Our political system is beset with so many flaws that it would be just impossible to clean up the Augean stables or to find solutions in a large democracy such as ours. While we may boast of the sanctity of our ‘higher than thou’ ideals in religion, diversity, et al, we as a nation are not getting anywhere with our time-tested values of tolerance and secularism, with inimical forces ganging up to undermine the secular and religious values of our nationVenkata Seshasai Deevi Today, ..

Mother Tongue has no Parallel

Chennai: Bharat Bharati organised ‘Maatribasha Diwas’ on March 3. Around 170 people from different walks of life participated in the function. The chief guest, retired Brigadier Krishnan Sampath, who served through Army for more than three decades, proudly said he is an Army man and for him nation is important and that is his religion. From the army background, he was born in South India, educated in North India and served at many parts of the country. He appealed to take this concept ..

Air Strikes Real Tribute to Martyred Jawans

Nagpur: “The spirit behind recent air-strikes by the brave hearts of the Indian Air Force reinforces the vision of the great freedom fighter Veer Savarkar,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat on March 5 while paying tribute to the great freedom fighter on his death anniversary. He said the courageous air-strike was befitting tribute to the 40 CRPF jawans martyred in Pulwama. The function was organised by Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Smarak Samiti where Shri Bhagwat also gave away ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy (Retd)

  WING COMMANDER ABHINANDAN VARTHAMAN RETURNS TO INDIAWing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who got shot down and drifted into the Pak Occupied Territory while successfully shooting down a Pak F-16 aircraftreturned to India on March 1, 2019. His planned handing over at around 3 pm at Wagah-Attari border was delayed by several hours to 9.22 pm by Pakistan. Reports indicate that the delay was because the Pak military was shooting a video of him for carrying out false propaganda—which ..

Finally, The Law is King

Jamaat-e-Islami is an unlawful organisation founded by Kashmiri Muslim separatists through deceit and subterfuge, in blatant violation of the Constitution of India. It has no credibility whatsoever in a nation whose secular ideals are enshrined in its Constitution. Justice (Retd) GD Sharma   On February 28, 2019, Union Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government of India issued Notification under Sub-section (1) and (3) of Section 3 of The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 ..

The Fundamentals of Jamaat

The Union Government finally banned the Islamist outfit Jamaat-e-Islami J&K for supporting terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir and ‘elsewhere’. Though, operating as Pakistan, J&K, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Hind units separately, the Maududism that supplied theoretical framework to almost all Islamist terrorist organisations across the world, from Al-Qaeda to ISIS, has been the common factor that foments radicalism among youth in South Asia KN Pandita   The Jammu & Kashmir ..

Full Text/ABPS Resolution: ‘Need to Protect the Traditions and Beliefs of Hindu Society’, ABPS resolution calls upon the people to support the ‘Save Shabarimala Movement’

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh passed a resolution stressing on the need to protect beliefs and traditions of Hindu society, on the last day of the three-day long meet..

Full Text/RSS ABPS 2019: Sarkaryavah’s statement on 75th anniversary of Azad Hind Fauz Government

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarkaryavah Sh. Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi stated during the meet that the 75th anniversary of the Azad Hind Fauz government should be celebrated all over the country..

Full Text/ABPS Resolution— Bharatiya Family System: A Unique Contribution to humanity

Resolution- 1: Bharatiya Family System: A Unique Contribution to Humanity..

Indian Womanhood in the vision of Swami Vivekananda and the Road Ahead

While the West fought for Women’s Suffrage, Swami Vivekananda showcased the greatness of Indian Women..

No Devaswom Model for Christians: Kerala Govt succumbs to protests from Christian groups, puts the Church Bill on back-burner

While the ruling CPM is leaving no stones unturned in tampering with Hindu traditions and temple affairs, Kerala chief Minister Vijayan assured the Church that it will not pursue the Draft Kerala Church (Properties and Institutions) Bill 2019..

When RSS Swayamsevak Helped Pilots during Jet Crash

Bengaluru: In an unfortunate incident in the second week of February two advanced jets associated with the Suryakiran Aerobatic team crashed mid-air while rehearsing for the Aero India 2019. The hawks crashed near Yelahanka Air Force Station and two pilots managed to eject out while one passed away. Wing Commander Vijay Shalke and Squadron Leader Tejeshwar Singh escaped from the clutches of death and landed on the ground with severe injuries.  Uday Kumar An RSS swayamsevak, Uday Kumar, ..

Each Swayamsevak should Associate 25 with the Sangh

RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat speaking at the function in Indore Indore: RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat addressed the gathering of Shakha Gatnayaks from Indore Mahanagar and the Pravasi Sangh workers on February 20. Addressing the gathering he said a Gatnayak is not only the leader of a group of swayamsevaks, but he is also the main part of the whole communication network in the Sangh. He is the medium of not only ensuring the presence of swayamsevaks at Shakha but also ensuring ..

Preserve Heritage through Mother Tongue

Chennai: “Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage,” said Tamil Nadu Governor Shri Banwarilal Purohit while speaking at the International Mother Language Day and the Indian Cultural Festival celebration organised by Desiya Chinthanai Kazhagam, the state unit of the Prajna Pravah, on February 21. Quoting Nelson Mandela, ‘if you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head and if you talk to him ..

Look at women issues from Indian Perspective

“In the Vedic period, the condition of women in Bharatiya society was quite good that it needs to be rediscovered and understood. Unless we conduct academic research on the issue of how the condition of women deteriorated due to external aggression and became horrible during the colonial rule of the British, it would not be possible to find a solution to the problems of women in the contemporary Bharatiya society,” said noted academician, thinker and social activist Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta ..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl (retd) PK Roy

 Map Source: Indian Express Feb 27, 2019  INDIA STRIKES JAISH-E-MOHAMMAD (JEM) TERROR TRAINING CAMP IN PAKISTANIn the early hours of February 26, 2019, 12 Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft of the IAF supported by Su-30s, IL-78M Air to Air Refuellers, ‘Netra’ Airborne Electronic and Control aircraft and the Heron drones, launched a punitive airstrike on JeM terror training camps at Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The camp was headed and controlled by Yusuf ..

The Moment for India’s ‘Rajasic’ Transformation

Has ‘Shishupala’ moment for Pakistan finally arrived? Is Pulwama attack the thousandth and final cut before Bharat can slay the monster, at one fell swoop once and for all? GAUTAM CHIKERMANE   Pakistan has always dreamt to “bleed India with a thousand cuts”. The question is this: Is Pulwama, where over 40 jawans of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were martyred in a fidayeen attack on 14 February, the thousandth cut?   Pulwama Attack: The site where ..

“Indians should not join the Pro-Pakistani propaganda by the Left liberals”

Maj Gen (Retd) GD Bakshi  It was a well executed and very professional strike. It is a matter of pride for every Indian. Personal kudos to the Indian Air Force brave fighter pilots who have carried out this strike at Balakot, which was a training camp for JeM.We have been at war with Pakistan for the last 30 years, because of our peace-oriented lovey of these peaceniks. These have failed to respond. They have failed to protect our citizens. We have suffered 80,000 casualties in this proxy ..

“It was a daring, well-planned, and meticulously delivered air strike”

Col. KD Segan It has been a daring, well-planned and meticulously delivered air strike. The element of surprise was maintained till the end. Kudos to Prime Minister and the IAF. India has multiple options against Pakistan. First option India has is to mobilise world opinion against Pakistan. The world has seen through the eyes of India that Pakistan is the hatchery or haven where the terrorists are sheltered and trained for the activities that the world abhors.   Next option is ..

“The strike at terrorist camps is a paradigm shift in India’s policy on Pak-sponsored Terrorism”

Air Marshal (Retd) PK Roy   The February 26, 2019 air strike is the first time that India has used its air force for a strike on terror camps inside Pakistan-occupied Indian territory and demolished the myth that use of air power would escalate the situation to dangerous levels between the two nuclear states. It also sets a precedent for future action by India. On the negative side, it would also create pressure on the Government to retaliate in a similar way after every terrorist incident.   ..

“India must maintain the pressure but should not lose traction achieved with the international community”

Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain  I see sharp decision making to select an option from the spectrum that was most appropriate. It was a risk, but risk appraisal had been done. The IAF employed the right package of aircraft, weapons and routing besides deception. It was an action couple of notches higher on the escalation ladder and left few choices to Pakistan by ensuring moral ascendancy through only targeting terrorist facilities and not military and civilian infrastructure   The ..

A Paradigm Shift

Narendra Modi’s international stature is paying off well in dealing with Pakistan as a semi-rogue state After Pulwama, the diplomatic ground for a punishing Indian response was well-prepared by India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves applause for changing the matrix of our response to Pakistani sponsored terror attacks against us. That the United States National Security (UNSC) Adviser John Bolton acknowledged India’s right to self-defence was a shot in our diplomatic arm. It sent ..

From ‘Defensive’ to ‘Offensive Defence’: The Doval Doctrine in Action

In a speech delivered in 2014, Ajit Doval, the present National Security Adviser, had stressed the need for a paradigm shift in Indian strategic thinking. The punitive action after the Pulwama Fidayeen Jihadi attack underlines the same shiftWith India’s ‘Modi’fied strategy turning Islamabad excessively defensive yet again after the Uri surgical strike, the unprecedented upper hand we have got in our relentless war on terror underscores a paradigm shift in India’s strategic ..

‘India feels absence of Rafale. Country suffered due to selfish interests and politics over Rafale’ says Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi said during his tenure, 2.3 lakh bullet proof jackets were bought while previous Congress-led government ignored the proposal since 2009...

‘We were attacked by India’, admits Jaish-e-Mohammed

In an audio message, top Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist admitted that the Balakot terror camps were attacked by the Indian Air Force..

Union Cabinet clears amendment of Article 370, approves reservation for SC/ST and general category poor in J&K

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the proposal of Jammu &Kashmir Government to issue "The Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019' by the President of India..

Govt imposes ban on Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir

Islamic fundamentalist group Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir was banned on Thursday under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for alleged anti-national and subversive activities..

NIA Files Chargesheet against 6 in ISIS Coimbatore Case

On 26th February, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed the chargesheet against 6 Islamic militants who had conspired to further the activities of ISIS in India. The chargesheet has been filed at the Special Court for NIA Cases in Chennai. The per..

India summons Pak Deputy High Commissioner, lodges strong protest at the unprovoked act of aggression

India has lodged a strong protest with Pakistan at the unprovoked act of aggression, including violation of air space by the Pakistan Air Force targeting of Indian military posts..

Nation stands united as enemy tries to destabilise India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India's enemy tries to destabilise it and wants to stop its growth by carrying out terror attacks and all citizens will have to stand like a rock to counter their evil designs..

Defence Scan by Air Mshl PK Roy

4. 44 CRPF JAWANS KILLED, MANY INJURED IN PULWAMA TERROR ATTACKOn February 14, 2019, 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed and a large number injured when an explosives-laden car rammed into a bus, which was a part of a convoy of vehicles carrying 2547 CRPF personnel in the Pulwama district of J&K. Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed has claimed responsibility for the attack. After the incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted “Attack on CRPF personnel ..

Readers’ Forum

The Resolute Reformer Apropos (The Law of the Land and not Law of the Mosque should Prevail in the Country), Organiser, February 24, 2019, the candid interview with world famous Imam Tawhidi who has issued fatwa against ISIS is highly educating and particularly an eye-opener for the Indian Muslims who are silently supporting extremism in the name of Islam. What is important for me in the interview is the voice from within for reforms. The Imam perfectly exposes the tragedy and duplicity of Islam. ..

Full Text: India foils Pakistan's attempt to target its military installations; MiG 21 pilot is missing in action, confirms MEA

The spokesperson said, in this engagement, the country has unfortunately lost one MiG 21 and the pilot is missing in action..