Preparing For Hybrid Warfare

Forces inimical to our national interests have been using unconventional methods to weaken us politically and economically. Bharat should adopt a multi-domain approach to defeat their nefarious designs..

Pakistan’s Hollow Peace Talks

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s peace talks offer is meaningless as it hasn’t given up terrorism as an instrument of state policy. He has been unusually quiet when our PM Narendra Modi articulated Bharat’s concern for continued support by neighbouring nation to cross-border terror in his congratulatory letter to his Pakistani counterpart..

Wrongs of Right to Education Act

Minority schools are growing much faster than Hindu-run schools. The RTE Act hurts Hindu schools in multiple ways making it virtually impossible for a Hindu to open a school. This Licensing Raj system is the handiwork of the previous UPA Government which opened a can of worms for Hindu schools that are now facing financial distress..

Vaxing in Glory

While tackling 1 lakh cases on a daily basis, India’s impressive progress in mass production of vaccine made the world look up to it. It trounced archrival China in the race of vaccine diplomacy. By supplying “Made in India” vaccine to neighbours and far-off countries, Bharat has demonstrated its potential to lead from the front..

Unlocking Farm Gates

Billed as a historic piece of legislation, the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020 will act as a catalyst in giving the nation a resilient agricultural supply chain. It will supplement the Union Government’s efforts to modernise storage management..

Is Khayal A Dhrupad Form?

Like religious conversions have occurred in various parts of India during the Mughal era, art forms also have fallen prey to the predatory politics of Islamic and Christian misappropriation..

Temples Under Siege

The threat to Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh is multi-pronged, systematic and commenced since the government headed by YS Reddy came into power. Even the grand Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is being targeted in this missionary-driven onslaught that attacks the core belief of Hindus. Unfortunately, the State Government is acting as a silent spectator..

Restraining the Recalcitrant Tech Giants

With Bharat having emerged as a hot destination for global social media platforms and e-commerce companies, time has come for the Narendra Modi Government to create a strong regulatory framework to prevent activities that may be inimical to India’s interests..

Democratising Entrepreneurship

Amendments to One Person Company Act are all set to give a thrust to entrepreneurial skills in the country and democratise start-up movements in small towns..

The Plot Behind Republic Day Riot

Storming the historic Red Fort on Republic Day was a well orchestrated yet diabolic plan by anti-India forces. The intent was to trigger communal mayhem and defame India ..

Decoding The Disengagement

After much dithering, China’s concurrence to unconditional disengagement with India is due to extraordinary courage of our jawans and the Narendra Modi Government’s policy of backing our soldiers during unprovoked aggression and adverse conditions. This landmark agreement on January 24 gives Bharat sufficient time to focus on well-being of its people and conduct future alignments with rest of the world..

Coup in Context

Military takeover over of power in Myanmar is a setback to India’s Act East Policy. However, it is essential for India to continue the engagement with the military leadership, so as not to leave the field open for China, and to expedite pending projects..

Disengagement in Ladakh: A Welcome Development

Chinese side agreeing to the unconditional disengagement may be attributed to the steadfast and unblinking approach of the Indian Armed Forces, courage and grit of the Indian troops on the ground, the impact of the rigours of weather and terrain under which the troops of the two sides were operating and the wholehearted support by the government of India in providing the necessary wherewithals for our troops to operate in such difficult conditions..

Dawn of Dharma-based World Order

US has lost its moral sheen while the Communist China is inherently weak. By building on its age-old wisdom and using societal cohesion as an antidote to the apparent chaos of socio-politico-technological disruptions, India can guide the world to a better place..

US Spanner in China’s Tibetan Works

The Tibetan Policy and Support Act-2020 enacted by the US has made things more difficult for China with regards to selection of the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation..

Farmers’ Agitation: Who Does It Really and Why?

As the middlemen, farmers’ Union leaders and the Opposition are politicising the three new farm laws, the Central Government is adopting a cautious appproch to solve the imbroglio..

#BookReview Because India Comes First: Reflections on Nationalism, Identity and Culture

'Because India Comes First' is a ready reckoner to read and understand the view of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party on various ideological aspects. ..

CAA: A Game-changer in Bengal Polls

Syamaprasad Mookerjee conceptualised West Bengal as Hindu Homeland, refugees here are logically entitled to get Citizenship while infiltrators are not..

Myth Vs Reality

Will the Farm Bills ushered in by the NDA government help farmers? Do they remove MSP or public procurement? The writer answers many such questions and debunks the myths surrounding the new Farm Laws ..

Protests and Way Forward

The government should introduce a regulator for the agriculture sector and farm price index. For this the government should take all stakeholders into confidence..

Saffron Surge in Hyderabad

Hyderabad civic polls gave BJP a chance to test its strategy in a comparatively low-profile election yet with strong similarities to the upcoming electoral battle in West Bengal ..

A Golden Opportunity

In a historic move, the Ministry of Home Affairs has, approved a research study on “status of radicalisation in India.” The study would attempt to legally define “radicalisation” and analyse the process. Instead of criticising it, Muslims who are the biggest victims of this process should grab it as an opportunity for paving the reforms..

Exodus from Trinamool

Several top-rung leaders of Trinamool Congress have deserted the party and a large number of them are waiting for opportune moment to revolt. If that happens, Bengal will be heading for President’s Rule ..

Elections That Offered Much More Than Victories, Losses

Key takeaways from the result of Bihar Polls are, even though NDA has won, the victory is not decisive. BJP will have remote control of the Bihar Government and Modi is still a trusted face..

Is ‘Sunday’ A Colonial Legacy?

If one ponders upon the connectivity of ‘Holyday’ and ‘Holiday’ in context to Sunday than one may also explore its relevance to other cultural geographical zones ..

The Heritage Loot of India:History Must Belong to Geography

The Heritage Loot of India:History Must Belong to Geography ..

Water holds the Key in Himalayas

Water holds the Key in Himalayas, Army of China and India troops, Communist regime in China, Himalayas are source, Water Diplomacy..

Roadmap for a Rising Bihar

“The NDA Government abrogated Article 370, and the opposition parties say they will bring it back if they come to power. After making such statements, they dare to ask for votes from Bihar? Is this not an insult of Bihar and the state which sends its sons and daughters to the borders to protect the country?” — Prime Minister Narendra Modi..

‘Hard Truth’ over GDP

‘Hard Truth’ over GDP ..

Apostate Europe!

France and rest of the world will see more such gruesome incidents in the near future as Europe is on the target with the first stage won by infiltrating six million Muslims into it. The Syria-ISIS game is out to have a final battle to control ageing Europe..

Rashtra Sevika Samiti: An organisation of women, by women, for the Nation

Rashtra Sevika Samiti: An organisation of women, by women, for the Nation..

Good Riddance to Shaheen Baghs

By pronouncing an unequivocal ban on unlimited occupation of public spaces, the Supreme Court has given us relief from such protests that inconvenience the public..

A Boost Self-Reliant Approach through Green Politics

Green Project initiatives will provide huge opportunities for India to build up its self-reliant structures and minimise the damage from discarding China’s economic support..

The NGO Landscape in Bharat has to change; Meaningful partnership with the Govt and transparency is the key

A fruitful NGO-Government partnership in India is a distant goal, but several significant steps have been taken towards it..

Decoding Imran’s RSS Obsession

For RSS, its work among the common people speaks, and that is the foundation of the Sangh functioning. Misquoting the Sangh leadership out of context is going to yield any result. Instead of repeating the same rant and exposing himself, Imran Khan should focus on the internal situation in Pakistan..

Assessing the Impact of Agri Reforms

The three Farm Bills will usher in new culture in Indian farming sector which will eventually make Bharat self sufficient in agriculture with a rapid pace towards a world player’s role..

The Green World Order: India could be a Leader

The world is sitting on the brink on catastrophe. Neither America nor China is keen to safeguard the world through its roadmap of the Green World Order..

Political Callisthenics in Didi’s Poschimbanga

Hollow promises, corruption, misrule, unemployment and appeasement ..

The Great Illusion of Communists

Considered as one of the most idealistic principles to espouse by mankind, Communism today has become the evilest tyranny of the world, while the American Deep State and Chinese Communists have perfected the art of treachery through deceit, perfidy, hegemony to achieve world domination in collusion with the Illuminat..

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

How China destroyed the global economic commons and the importance of the Indian resistance..

Strategic Deadlock-Reality Check!

Indian forces must be deployed on “hill Tops” on the LAC in the Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh borders to pre-empt China’s provocative intrusions..

It’s not ‘Dil Chahta Hai’

The nation needs to bind together on anti-India sentiments and a mere excuse of a courteous visit cannot save Aamir Khan from this blooper..

Bridging the Gap

The sooner we recognise that delays and sub-optimal infrastructure is costing us money, the better. We need to bridge this fundamental gap in our capability to provide better infrastructure. Our response to emergencies will be enhanced..

Modi 2.0 - Ram, Rashtra & Roti

For anyone who understand the essence of Shri Ram and Ramayana would know that Ram Rajya stands for peace, prosperity and power of spirituality. Prime Minister Modi during his speech at the grand and still simple function at Ayodhya Bhoomi Pujan brought all these elements together as per the Bharatiya wisdom and rejected the Western parametres based on binaries..

Hindutva and its Judicial Interpretation: A Chronological Development

Hindutva and its Judicial Interpretation: A Chronological Development..

How Modi outscored Xi

PM Modi is changing the rules of the game like an ace, to India’s advantage. Securing India’s energy security via energy diplomacy, by forging sustainable partnerships in the Central Asian Region, is Modi’s impeccable way of realigning geopolitical equations in the post-COVID era..

The Pathbreaking verdict

The historic verdict by the SC bench has corrected the wrongs set by the Division Bench of Kerala High Court which had failed to notice that the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple and its properties remained vested in the presiding deity..

The Best Under Extremes

The Border Roads Organisation is a unique organisation with a sound tradition of service and honour that has served the nation well, despite the enormous challenges it has faced..

Lessons of 1921

If studied deeply with factual historical documents, it can be understood that Moplah Riot was the anterior form of the modern Jihad..

Go for the Win; Not Play for the Draw

What is wrong with India as a sporting nation? Thanks to the well-embedded nepo-sports mafia holding the Indian Sports to ransom, it is time to crack the whip in a New India..

The Great Game of Soul-Harvesting Through Conversions

The Great Game of Soul-Harvesting Through Conversions..

Why Ban Chinese Apps?

China has been using botnet and AI to target other countries and the Chinese apps are only tools in its nefarious agenda. It is important that the software that we install on our machines & mobiles are from dependable sources and one country which we cannot rely on with our data is China..


His Holiness the Dalai Lama reminded the significance of meditating on the path of TRUTH in his Message on the First Dharma Chakra Celebration at Varanasi, July 4, 2020. No wonder, the entire world is praying for his long-life and salute to his incessant and peaceful struggle to establish the TRUTH about TIBET. For Bharat, he is part of the revered legacy of spiritual Gurus. His relevance to Global Peace is eternal not just due to the emerging turmoil in the world politics, but due to his spiritual ..

Challenging Chinese Imperialism

PM Modi’s recent visit to Leh sent a stern message to China. Don’t mess with Bharat. Beijing realised it had blundered in the Galwan Valley, where it received 43 dead soliders in body bags..

GST at 3 - A Giant Reform

The seamless GST implementation by the Modi government is a glowing tribute to what political conviction of courage can achieve. No country with India’s geographical size, complexity or population, could have reined in inflation amidst a choppy global environment and still effectively executed GST..

Black Lives Matter: A Massive Global Conspiracy

Black Lives Matter is a massive Communist-Marxists-Anarchist conspiracy to overthrow the Trump Administration in the United States. The same anti-national Communist anarchists undertook to destabilise the Modi Government in India through Shaheen Bagh protests. Black Lives Matter is a political propaganda, so was the Shaheen Bagh conspiracy..

Is the Dynasty all set for Implosion?

While Indian troops along the LAC are locked in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with the Chinese Army, Beijing-sponsored Gandhi dynasty and its keyboard warriors of the Congress are waging war on Twitter..

A Paradigm Shift

While the world is still reeling under the devastating impact of the novel Corona virus pandemic, it has taught us a few unforgettable lessons. Do not depend on anyone, anymore. Stand on your own..

Deciphering China’s Belligerence: The fear of losing the Pakistan Card?

Modi government correctly comprehended that India’s China policy could not be seen in isolation to Pakistan, Beijing’s all-weather friend. To tackle the menacing dragon, it was necessary to defang Pakistan which was achieved by scrapping Article 370 and integrating Kashmir fully with India. A weakened Pakistan is not in China’s interests and has rattled the dragon to no end..

The Real War by China is in Cyber-Space

China does not have the courage to fight even a armed proxy war. The only war China is fighting world over is Information war and Bharat has to combat this war with offensive defence..

Deep-Rooted Divisive Plan

The systematically created false narrative about the February 2020 attacks on peaceful citizens of India is the case in point here..

Ashta-Laxmi rise to the Occassion

All the North-Eastern states seem to be well prepared to take on this challenge and by the standards of their efforts till date, it will not be a surprise if the region remains the most protected in India from the deadly virus. The combination of good governance and community responsibility is a tough collaboration for even COVID-19 to breach..

Untold story of Invasion and Destruction of Tibet by Communist China

No country has stood up and actively opposed the grave and open human rights violations in Tibet by Communist China. Law of jungle still prevails here as the bigger fish goes on eating the smaller fish, with no protest from the world..

Disaster, Another Disaster and Disaster Management

Robust leadership at the NDMA, preparing the healthcare system for new viruses and infectious diseases, and designing a decentralised, intensity based tier structured approach to care delivery can help the country tackle crisis like COVID19 better in the future...

The Pulitzer Line and Fire of Separatism

The Congress party which is increasingly veering to the fringe must also seriously introspect on its future. It risks complete political annihilation if it persists in repeatedly adopting such a clearly negate-India stand and in playing with the fire of separatism..

Challenges and opportunities for MSMEs

Under these exacerbating circumstances, it is essential for the MSMEs and their leadership to face the multiple and unprecendented challenges with a multi-pronged approach..

Disinformation in Times of A Pandemic

Disinformation in Times of A Pandemic..

Is SC Closing the Stable after Horse has Bolted?

Is SC Closing the Stable after Horse has Bolted?..

Time to Bell the Cat

Time to Bell the Cat..

Optics with Substance

The American President Trump and Prime Minister Modi both are committed to promoting and protecting their respective national interests while at the same time moving their nations forward on a common path that promotes the overall prosperity and security of their people..

A New Strategic Horizon

From the ‘Howdy Modi’ in Houston on September 22, 2019 to ‘Namaste Trump’ in Ahmedabad on February 24, 2020, the bonhomie between PM Modi and President Trump has always been on a steep curve..

Intolerant Distorians

What happened at the Indian History Congress on December 29, 2019 when the left-leaning delegates disrupted the speech of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan is not new. Some elements have been trying to misuse the prestigious IHC platform for their vested interests since 1989 when the similar scene was witnessed at Gorakhpur session of IHCRajendra Chadha Recently, the inaugural session of the 80th Indian History Congress (IHC) was held in Kannur University from December 28 to 30, 2019. It was ..

Delhi and its colossal decline

Delhi of 2020 will have to make a choice whether to go with AAP, a party that supports those who want to break India and is involved in relentless minority appeasement or go with a party that will put the focus back to development of the national capitalSumit Bhasin Delhi as a city has always been a perfect blend of art, culture and a modern metropolis. This blend was possible only due to progressive investments in metro, flyovers and other public infrastructure.   Devastating ..

Lies, Damned Lies, and Propaganda

AAP Government designed sophisticated propaganda to bolster their lies on so-called ‘education revolution’ in Delhi. A closer look at facts and statistics busts all the lies and mythsAbhishek Ranjan RTI findings exposed the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) claim that school education in Delhi has been reverberating in the last five year under their Government. An RTI query by a Delhi resident Tejpal Singh on how many new schools have been opened by AAP Government during April 1, 2015 ..

Beware of Project Arab Spring

The sinister agenda to ignite violent unrest and destabilise India from within-Pathikrit Payne Is there an uncanny similarity between how things developed in Arab Spring in West Asia and how things are shaping up in the name of anti-CAA protest in India? Is there a veiled attempt to create a Civil War kind of situation in India in the name of opposition to an act passed by Parliament? Are some trying to create a Syria kind of devastation in India? The answers to these questions are chillingly ..

The Cardinal Need for Legislative Action

Dataism, Cardinal Need for Legislative Action, Citizenship Amendment Act, Sovereignty and Nation..

A Karyakarta on Top

The BJP has once again proved that it is a party with a difference where a simple grassroots karyakarta has the chance to reach the top. There is a place for everyone here and respect for..


Bharat should use global slowdown as a springboard to take the next big leap..

Constitutional Sanctity of CAA

Citizenship Amendment Act is standing the test of the polarisation between divisive and nationalist forces. Nationalist forces have to assert, lest India will find it difficult to survive..

Understanding the CAA

Understanding the CAA ..

The Five Cabal States

Can five states refuse to implement Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019?..

A Case of Poor Messaging

The ‘Resident forces’ in Jharkhand worked overtime to de-stabilise the BJP government in the last five years. However, the state government managed fairly well, though it lost the final battle to personal egos and ineffective messaging..

Ayodhya and the Economic Growth

Ayodhya and the Economic Growth..