Time to Uncover the Hidden Facts

Research into the 1857 War of Independence has revealed some startling facts most of which were unknown until recently. It also questions the death of Tatya Tope and Rani Lakshmibairof Kapil Kapur is a renowned thinker and historian. He is presently Professor at IGNOU. His research into the 1857 War of Independence against the British has revealed some startling facts most of which were unknown until recently. The role of common women of the country in this war has seldom been narrated except for ..

The National War for Freedom

Several studies have tried to prove that the 1857 War of Independence was limited only to a few regions. However, a cursory look into the places and regions where the battles were fought reveal it was spread all across Bharat, from Bombay in the West to Calcutta in the East and from Rawalpindi in the North to Kerala in the South Every Indian will feel proud on hearing of the events of the first war of Independence in 1857. This war is the most phenomenal and unparalleled event in the history of ..

Election Commission Under Fire!

The Election Commission of India is being hauled over the coals by political parties and other vested interests for its alleged failure to censure MCC violationsThe Election Commission (EC) is under fire from all quarters: political parties, Supreme Court, voters, media and even former bureaucrats. “Fire and Fury” of political parties against the EC is largely to obtain ‘ban’ on campaigning by rivals are largely cosmetic and temporary.  Election Commission ..

Big victory for farmers as PepsiCo withdraws all cases

Now that PepsiCo has withdrawn its law suit against farmers, it has become clear that the company cannot force the farmers to sell potatoes exclusively to themDr. Ashwani Mahajan The spokesman of PepsiCo Company, on May 2, 2019, made a statement that the company is withdrawing the case against farmers of Gujarat. For the past some time the company was maintaining that the farmers have infringed upon their intellectual property by using FC-5 variety of potato seeds material (tubers) to cultivate ..

Post-ISIS Narrative

There is an urgent need to counter the ISIS indoctrinated kafirophobic radicalisation philosophy on the rational and social grounds such that those inclined towards religious learning do not succumb to develop the suicidal mindscape- Dr Pramod Pathak As long as individual countries do not stop promoting the terrorist cause to promote temporary gains, it is not possible to really bring down the extent of terrorist activities spread in many countriesSerial blasts on Easter Sunday on April 21 in ..

From Charity to Jihadi Terror

From Charity to Jihadi Terror..

Fall of Jet Airways

 The fall of Jet Airways would not only make more than 20,000 employees jobless but also raises question on the sustainability of already struggling aviation sector in India Rajeev Upadhyaya   The way Jet Airways is down, it confirms that history repeats itself. However, it is temporarily down but there is a rare possibility that it would be back in the air again. It seems Jet Airways would have the same fate as of Kingfisher’s. In the similar fashion, Kingfisher was temporarily ..

Zanskar Deserves Justice

The Zanskaris are entitled to dream of better representation in the state assembly and holistic development of their neglected but strategically important region. Zanskar deserves justice and the injustice, done in 1979 and 1988, needs to be undoneanskar is a sub-division of Kargil District in Ladakh Region, the cold desert of India. It is a sparsely populated Buddhist dominated area, which has the distinction of being one of the three oldest tehsils of Ladakh. It is strategically located since it ..

Islamic Terrorism 3.0!

We need not only classic hard-power solutions as we saw in Syria and Iraq, but a combination of other 21st-century tools as well if we have to conquer Terorism 3.0Partha Pratim Mazumder It is wrong that terrorist has no colour, the defiant terrorist has one colour and it is called Islamic terrorist. This is not a lone wolf attack. The quantum of explosives used in Sri Lankan attack and precision of attack indicates the role of experienced hands. This type of attack requires training, which may ..

AFSPA: Why the Tilt towards Separatists?

The promise of amendments and dilution of powers of the armed forces, especially in the states like Jammu & Kashmir under the provisions of AFSPA, have rightly raised questions over Congress intent and the idea behind supporting the separatists Daya Nayak among Mumbai cops is a known name and enjoys celebrity status and there have been many films including ‘Ab Tak Chhappan’ in which Nana Patekar also portrays the role of an encounter specialist cop. In retrospect, Daya Nayak was investigat..

Promises and Performance: Comparing the Track Record

How much the manifestos influence voters’ behaviour can be a matter of debate, but what can be surely analysed is the performance of the political parties in actualising their poll promises when they are in powerKaran BhasinAs electioneering gets momentum, political parties release their manifestos presenting their agenda for the next five years. The Congress manifesto is out and so is the BJP manifesto, but voters need not vote on the basis of who promises what—the voting preferences ..

Rahul’s Wayanad

Under the sham of an appeasement policy, Congress harbours a deep-seated radicalisation agenda. Congress is fundamentally grounded on the political philosophy of Hindu hatred; appeasement of so-called minorities is merely a tactical step for its ultimate political goalDuring election season, the much-desired debate on real issues engulfing polity recedes backstage and realpolitik receives priority. Political analysis by the parties and as well as that of the citizenry reduces down to typical election-time ..

Elections 2019: Issues and Aspirations

National Security has overtaken Economy to become the main electoral issue at the moment. The only question is: can this momentum sustain for two long months? Cvoter Tracker after the 1st year of Modi Govt: Modi popularity dented; 63 per cent of the respondents said, Modi government's image presently appears to be anti-poor and anti-farmer.     The air strikes on terrorist camps at Balakot in Pakistan and the safe release of Capt Abhinandan (inset) have proved that ‘Modi Hai ..

Rising Inflation: Faltering Pakistan

   Increasing inflation is going to be a major obstacle in Pakistan in the near future on high real economic development pathways; Bharat’s withdrawl of the MFN status has added to the woes  Santosh Verma  Jaish-e-Mohammed..

Awaiting a New Dawn

People see BJP as the most viable substitute for TMC. ­­­­­The results of last Assembly, panchayat and byelections have proved that in the last few years BJP has gained fast and increasing acceptance and it has become the strongest competitor and substitute of TMC leaving behind Congress and CPMRantidev Sengupta Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that 42 out of 42 seats must be won; whereas BJP president Amit Shah has said that BJP must win 22 seats in West Bengal. ..

The Battle for Sustaining Positivity

Bharat has to decide in May 2019 whether she wishes to march into a future that is her rightful destiny with a clear headed sense of urgency or will she go back to wallowing in self pity and mediocre life, while poor live on doles in a nanny state rather than aspiring to lead a better dignified lifeThere has been a lot of debate in recent weeks on Modi vs Mahagathbandhan, Modi vs Rahul, BJP vs Opposition, etc. Whether it is going to be a triangular or a direct contest, etc before the Pulwama attack ..

Lie as an Instrument

Pakistan has been champion in spreading lies. This happened post Pulwama too. When the terror exporter was getting sidelined in the comity of nations across the world, some opposition Indian political parties and seasoned politicians joined the Pak lie only to give credibility to false Pakistani narrative If ‘lie’ is an instrument, Pakistan has won many battles against India. But at the end of the day, Pakistan remains a country where the truth easily gets countered by 'falsehood' and ..

Revolutionary Five years

The 16th Lok Sabha has proved that the modern Indians, especially the first and second time young voters, do not want to live with the past. Hence, the stress has been on what has Modi delivered. If winning elections is a yardstick, the Modi government has been able to touch the core of people’s heart across the nation The 16th Lok Sabha is all set to come to an end. This would mean litmus test for the first stint of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and in his own words, his has been the first ..

Trend of Talibanisation

Local youths are brainwashed into waging jihadi and choosing between Heaven and Hell.The deadly car bomb suicide attack on a convoy of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) near Awantipora in Pulwama that claimed the lives of more than 40 troopers and leaving scores of them injured is a rude call to the nation to smell the coffee and accept the fact that militancy in Kashmir has been overtaken by the radical jihadists who want “Talibanisation” of Kashmir. The latest attack is severest of ..

Liberating the Nation from the Sins of Partition

The Citizenship Bill 2019 is a bold step that seeks to restore dignity to hundreds of thousands of persecuted religious minorities living as virtual prisoners in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan while also seeking to deal mortal body blow to perpetrators of Muslim vote bank politics of the past six or seven decades   Dr Sudip Kar Purkayastha   The stiff opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 by sections of political parties, even after it went through the scrutiny by ..