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‘’Positivity Unlimited: Hum Jitenge’: Key figures in Bharatiya Society to address the nation to create positivity to meet Corona challenge

WebdeskMay 12, 2021, 05:36 PM IST

‘’Positivity Unlimited: Hum Jitenge’: Key figures in Bharatiya Society to address the nation to create positivity to meet Corona challenge

New Delhi, May 10: Covid Response Team (CRT), an initiative of civil society with multiple stakeholders including religious, spiritual, business, philanthropic and social organizations is organizing a lecture series titled ‘Positivity Unlimited’ to spread positivity in the society amidst the challenge posed by Covid-19 for Bharatiya society. The lecture series would start from May 11 and culminate on May 15. Those who would address the society through this lecture series would include Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev ji, Pujya MuniShri Pramansagar ji,Sri Sri Ravishankarji, Shri Azim Premji,Pujaneeya Shankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati ji, Sonal Mansingh ji ( Padmavibhushan), Acharya Vidyasagar ji, Pujya shri Mahant Sant Gnyan Dev singh ji ( Shri panchaayti Akhada- Nirmal). The lecture series would culminate with the address of Pujaneeya Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Dr Mohan Bhagwat on May 15. The lectures would be broadcast from 4:30 pm to 5 pm every day through ( and media platforms. The schedule for the talks is given below: “Positivity Unlimited “ 11-15 May (daily 4.30-5 pm). Scheduled Telecast 11 May- 4:30-5 pm 1. Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev ji , Yogi 2.Pujya Jain Munishree Pramansagar ji 12 May— 4:30-5 pm 1.Sri Sri Ravishankarji 2. Shri Azim Premji , well known businessman and Philanthropist 13 May- 4:30-5 pm 1.Pujaneeya Shankaracharya Vijayendra Saraswati ji 2.Famous Artist- Sonal Mansingh ji , Padmavibhushan 14 May— 4:30-5 pm 1. Acharya Vidyasagar ji maharaj , highly respected Jain Muni 2. Pujya shri Mahant Sant Gyan Dev singh ji ( Shri panchaayti Akhada- Nirmal) 15 May 4:30 pm .Pujaneeya Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat “This online talk series with tagline, ‘Positivity Unlimited’ for over 30 minutes each day leading to Akshay Tritiya will cover possible responses on different aspects of life ranging from spirituality, dharmic course, mental health to enhancing physical strength,” said Lt Lt Gen Gurmit Singh(retd.), Convenor, Covid Response Team. “Imbibing confidence in the society setting aside fear, hopelessness, helplessness and negativity, motivating people to brace up for a long haul with huge societal changes after Covid 19 is the idea behind ‘Positivity Unlimited’ talk series, he added. These talks would be relayed to people across the country and the world through a string of over 100 news portals as well as many important media platforms to enhance the reach and bring about positivity.


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