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"People panicked over FB, WhatsApp snag for 50 minutes, Bengal suffering for 50 years", says PM Modi

WebdeskMar 21, 2021, 10:47 AM IST

"People panicked over FB, WhatsApp snag for 50 minutes, Bengal suffering for 50 years", says PM Modi

New Delhi/Kharagpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said his party BJP is in effect a genuine 'Bengal-based' political outfit.   Taking the battle to rival Trinamool camp, the Prime Minister linked momentary breakdown in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for about 50 minutes and said while people were unnerved over snag for such a brief period, in West Bengal, there has been a development breakdown for the last 50 years.   Lashing out at the Mamata Banerjee regime for unleashing a reign of terror and tola-baazi (extortion) in West Bengal, he said, there should be no fear among the voters this time and that day is not far to oust such a dispensation.   "Is baar bhoe nei, sirf joe, Paschim Banglar joe (No fear amongst people this time, victory is certain, the victory of people and the state), Modi said at a massive poll rally at Kharagpur.   He also said while the people across India are moving towards a 'single window' system of governance, in West Bengal, what matters is only 'single window called Bhaipo (nephew) window'.   "Paschhim Bangal mein kaun sa single window hae - Bhaipo Window', Prime Minister said amid cheers from the large gathering.   The BJP has made Mamata Banerjee's lawmaker nephew Abhishek Banerjee the target of their attack for his perceived 'extra-constitutional power and authority in the running of affairs in West Bengal and Trinamool Congress. Trying to take away the steam from Mamata's 'bhoiragata (outsiders)' tag against BJP central leaders, the Prime Minister said on the contrary it is the BJP which is genuinely a "Bengal-based party".   "Jana Sangh's janma-data (founder) was a son of Bengal. Therefore, if there is a Bengal party in the true sense, then it is the BJP. The BJP's DNA has the achar-vichar (ethics, thoughts and values) of Ashutosh Mukherjee and Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee," Modi said.   On Friday, March 19 night, many social media users said they were unable to log in or use the apps like Facebook and WhatsApp for about 50 minutes.   The website reported issues with the apps around the world.   Facebook also had issued a statement saying its services were affected by a number of issues.   West Bengal elections to be held in eight phases beginning March 27 has entered quite an exciting stage as the Trinamool Congress has geared up well to face the onslaught from the BJP, which has emerged as a chief challenger to Mamata Banerjee keeping Left and Congress party far behind.   While Mamata Banerjee has coined the slogan 'Khela hobey ...'; the Prime Minister and other BJP leaders have countered this by saying that 'khel is khatam (game is practically over)' for Trinamool leadership, which came to power in 2011.   "This election Mamata Banerjee is extremely under pressure....People have decided to dump Mamata government and therefore, she is busy displaying her injured feet," said BJP president Dilip Ghosh at the rally.   Prime Minister in his speech reminded the voters that while they have faced the misgovernance of Congress and Left parties, the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool has in fact betrayed people.   "aap ne Didi ko viswas kiya....Didi ney aapko dhoka diya (While you reposed faith in Mamata Banerjee, she only returned that gesture with betrayal)," Modi said.   Prime Minister had addressed a rally at Purulia on Thursday.   Home Minister Amit Shah is set to address numerous election rallies and stage roadshows beginning Sunday, March 21.


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