Time Ripe for Simultaneous Polls
         Date: 20-Jul-2018

Apropos cover story (One Nation, One Election: Debate, Don’t Discard), Organiser, July 15, 2018, Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe rightly argued that the idea of simultaneous polls should not be rejected at the initial stage and the matured politicians in a matured democracy should see merits in it. The idea of two rounds of elections can be a good option to start with. It will be far better than having annual rounds of polls. Instead of finding gimmick in it, every citizen should appreciate it. It will curb many ills emerging in our politics. But the way some political parties have shown reluctance during the consultations with the Law Panel, disappoints.
Sanjay Kumar, Kota
Detect and Punish the Jaichands!
Apropos the Editorial (Ghoris can be dealt with, Beware of the Jaichands!), Organiser, July 8, 2018, the survey by TR Foundation claiming that "India is among the most dangerous countries for women to live in", is no surprise. It is only tip of the subversive activities being carried out by the anti-India elements. Just see the audacity; in the country where the women population is more than the total population of many advanced countries, these elements took a sample survey of 548 and reached a conclusion. Probably, TR Foundation might have sampled from convents in Kerala/India. And there are Jaichands in this nation to debate such baseless Report on some Jaichandi channels unashamedly distorting the reality to suit their narrative. We should make the common man see the modern day Jaichands in the form of John Dayals, Iyers, Salmans, Chopdas, Pranoys, Barkhas, Sardesais, Kanhaiyas, Khalids...
Madhu K Nair, Nagpur
We have read from history that Bharat was ruled by Britishers, Mughals and Portuguese. The Britishers did not come all the way from their land to rule us, but to do business. They ruled us for so many years only because they smelled infightings amongst our Kings. One king wanted to remove the other by hook or crook. Taking advantage of it the Britishers with the help of our own people not only ruled us, but also looted and destroyed our property and culture. Prior to the Britishers the Mughals, with the help of our own kings ruled us. They too destroyed our culture, language, heritage, temples. Irony is that we learnt nothing from the history. The action of many leaders of the Congress party today is similar to those who helped the Britishers and Mughals. Also the ‘secular’ media, some journalists and writers have joined hands to tarnish the country’s image. It is time to be cautious from these Jaichands and Sakunis.
VS Lakshminarayana, Bengaluru
The editorial is very apt and exposes the gang of anti-nationals within our society who are bent upon destroying the social fabric of Bharat for their personal gains. Since India becoming a strong economy is not in the interest of the US and the Western powers including China, the international organisations like the UN, etc are used to manufacture reports denigrating India. There are many Jaichands who are at their feet to support them for their selfish interests at the cost of the nation. The opposition gang with no ideology, urban Maoists, naxalites, church, jihadis, etc are at their toes to support them. It is time to be vigilant from the Jaichands destroying the country.
Ban Polygamy to Control Population
The reports that India may cross even China in next six years to create a record of being the most populous country in the world despite having oldest family-planning-programme started in 1951, should ring the alarm bells. The Government of India should concentrate more on 146 districts out of total 640, where Total-Fertility-Rate is 3 against a national average of 2.2. Even Islamic Bangladesh has lower TFR of 2.14. Instead of spending on Family-Planning-Programme, India should rather save by abolishing all types of subsidies, reservation-benefits and other concessions from persons and families having more than three children. Demography should be regularly viewed and corrective measures should be taken to prevent extraordinary population rise in some particular community. India should follow those Islamic countries where there is a ban on polygamy.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi