Editorial: Opiated Marx
         Date: 16-May-2018


To feel unity in diversity, to establish unity amongst variety-This is the underlying Dharma of Bharat. Bharat does not regret difference as hostility; she does not regard other as an enemy. That is why without sacrifice or destruction, she wants to accommodate everybody within one great system. …Because of this virtue in Bharat we shall not be frightened considering any society as our opponent. Each fresh conflict will enable us to expand ourselves. The Hindu, the Buddhist, the Muslim and the Christian will find a meeting point. That meeting point will not be non-Hindu, but very specifically Hindu. However foreign may be her body parts, her life and spirit will be Bharat’s.” ––Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur in his book Swadeshi Samaj
Some people tried to give push to the 200th birth anniversary of the German Philosopher Karl Marx. The context and conditions of Europe in which the Marxism as an ideological spectrum evolved were entirely different from Civilisational States like Bharat. No wonder in many countries where the path of Western Capitalist Development was adopted blindly or forcefully, the ideology of Marxist Revolution got some traction. Now when we see the words and actions of Marx’s followers, they have become synonymous with amassing wealth, exploitation and violence. The manipulated interpretation of Patthalgarhi, the pious tradition of many Scheduled Tribes (STs), is another addition in the same direction.

From Jharkhand to Chhattisgarh, isolating the ST communities from the fruits of development and then exploiting them for the political purpose is the new trait in the Naxal-Land and apparently, the Church is an ally in this plot. Yes, Patthalgarhi is an age-old tradition that was used as a religious custom on various occasions like marriages or deaths and not as an isolationist activity. It is also true that Gram Sabha has been the supreme institution of Bharatiya village system but that was never meant to be separate itself from the organic whole. The Naxal-Church network seems to be hand in glove in this game to ensure unabated execution of their extortion and conversion business. Marx had called religion as the opium of the masses; these neo-Marxists are misusing religious customs, aligning with the organised religions and encouraging the farming of opium.

There are many reports cropping up of Maoist leaders using large sums of extortion funds for their personal leisure and five star education of their children. At the same time, they are ensuring that basic amenities like roads, gas, electricity, telecom connection etc do not reach these deprived sections. Some of the Government schemes are specifically designed to these marginalised sections and creating hurdles in implementing them is against the ST Communities and the spirit of the Constitution.

Though the allegations of receiving funds from the Lutheran Church have been made by many splintered groups of Maoists themselves, this alliance has acquired political connotations for the obvious reasons. Both Maoists and the organised conversion networks are facing the cash crunch with stringent implementation of laws, daring decision of demonetisation and effective involvement of locals in development projects. Resultantly, the class-war envisaged by Marx is not fetching the desired results. The China kind of ruthless revolution is also not possible in Bharat for the Marxists who

project themselves as the champions of democracy and human rights. So create unrest, identify the faultlines, create the fake narrative, use the fraudulent tactics, infuse violent protests and if the issue is addressed by the Government agencies legally, then cry foul, is the new tactics adopted by the followers of Marx.

Marx or Marxists could not understand this land and its civilisational ethos. When Karl Marx said, “Indian society has no history at all, at least no known history. What we call its history is but the history of the successive intruders who founded their empires on the passive basis of that unresisting and unchanging society,” he was actually justifying the colonial rule in Bharat. All variants of Marxism followed the same dictum without connecting with the roots and therefore, losing the political relevance.

From the Congress which they once called the capitalist force to Jihadi or conversion networks, everyone is acceptable to this new breed of Marxists as an ally to stop the nationalist idea of Bharat. Whatever may be the explanation for such tactics, it hasdefinitely nothing to do with the deprived sections of the society or the ideology of Marx. As the claimant of Gandhian legacy killed Gandhi many more times than Godse, the followers of Marx are killing whatever little Marxist ideas had to offer for Bharat.