Respect for Women
         Date: 05-Apr-2018

Refer a number of articles in Organiser dated March 11, 2018, relating to ‘Women empowerment’ and ‘Gender equality’ etc. Certainly, our culture gives higher status to women as mother, the first Guru/teacher of the child. No one else can give good ‘sanskaras’ like the mother does. She has a very important role in the family to make it a paradise. Earning money is certainly not her basic job, as is being propagated these days.Of course, if some woman finds it convenient to do some job, there should be no restriction. While framing a policy for the benefit of women, some points, based on our culture, and ethics and Hindu literature, are that there must not be co-education. There was no co-education during British rule, which shows that they had more regard for our culture than the followers of Gandhi & Nehru. There should be a code of conduct for teachers also. They must be non-alcoholic, vegetarian, leading a pure virtuous simple life. Widows and women who remain unmarried should get consideration for doing a job and for employment.

Anand Prakash, Panchkula