Loser Congress leaders
         Date: 05-Apr-2018

Apropos an article titled ‘Proactive Paradigm’, by GB Reddy, in Organiser dated March 11, 2018, Gen. Bipin Rawat’s statement about influx of illegal Rohingya Muslim immigrants, extraordinarily complex security environment, has been discussed in detail. It has been aptly mentioned that ‘Generals win battles; political leaders lose wars’, but it needs some correction. In place of political leaders, it should be substituted by ‘Congress leaders’. Mr. Nehru, prevented our victorious advancing forces to allow Pakistan to retain more than one third of Jammu & Kashmir. It was not less than a treachery. Nehru behaved like an agent of Pakistan. And then went to the UNO, and thus further complicated the issue. In the 1965 war with Pakistan, our forces had captured many areas of Pakistan, and freed some portion of J&K. What treachery Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri did? He also behaved like agent of Pakistan, and returned all that was won by our brave soldiers with their blood. Even a Hindu majority district and the areas freed in J&K, which we have been claiming as part of India. And in the 1971 war with Pakistan, Indira Gandhi sided with butchers of 30 lakh Hindus and returned the entire East Bengal to those very Muslims, who had been slaughtering Hindus in most cruel manner. Those 93,000 criminal Pakistani Muslim soldiers who has slaughtered 30 lakhs Hindus and raped 5 lakhs Hindu girls, were welcomed by offering much better food and facilities and gracefully returned to Pakistan, with copies of Koran, as if they had done some glorious job. Even the huge area of Chittogong Hill Tract (CHT) inhabited by the Buddhist Chakmas was given to the Muslims of East Bengal/Bangladesh, and now they are being made refurees to take shelter in India. It is a historical fact, that the Congress, from Gandhi-Nehru up till now has been acting as an agent of Pakistan.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula